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December 13, 2014

Commonly Asked Questions About Selective Pallet Racks

If you’re looking to maximize your warehouse space while having immediate access to every load or pallet stored, a selective pallet rack may be just the solution you’ve been searching for. DAK Equipment & Engineering offers several materials handling systems to you so that you can maximize your warehouse distribution efficiency no matter what you’re specifically looking for. We’ve been highlighting some commonly asked questions on our most popular solutions lately and today we’re offering up more of that for our selective pallet rack.

1. How do I know if the selective pallet rack is right for me? 
Do you need the freedom to access all of your products all of the time? Do you have a wide variety products/SKUs? Are you looking for added flexibility in expanding or reconfiguring the storage within your warehouse? Are you looking for an economical solution that fits within your budget? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to seriously consider a selective pallet rack from DAK Equipment & Engineering. Because our pallet flow racks provide the best ratio of storage capacity to product selectivity, it is an effective solution for almost every storage need, from basic pallet storage to the most complex order picking operations

2. What sizes do the pallet flow racks come in? 
Our pallet flow racks are available in a variety of heights, depths, bay lengths and capacities. A selective pallet rack is the definition of flexibility in warehouse and distribution center storage.

Are you looking for a flexible storage option? Call DAK Equipment & Engineering today for selective pallet rack options!

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December 10, 2014

More Frequently Asked Questions About Carton Flow Racks

In our last blog, we talked about and answered some commonly asked questions about carton flow racks. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering in Chicago, we’re passionate about educating our customers and helping them find the right materials handling solution for their warehouse and business. Today we’re answering some more questions about this highly efficient materials handling solution that has boosted productivity and output for so many businesses.

1. What beams do I need in my warehouse to suit the carton flow racks?
Our carton flow rack systems are designed to suit whatever beams you already use in your warehouse: box beams, step beams, angle beams, and channel beams.

2. What are the benefits of your carton flow rack solution?
Ask any of our clients, our carton flow racks are manufactured with superior weld and quality. Each rack comes has a structural bed frame and steel shafts that provide you with a highly abuse resistant, durable, and virtually impossible to damage product. Our wide bed frame design also allows for maximum box size flexibility while eliminating the need to re-profile.

3. How do I know if the carton flow rack solution can add value to my warehouse distribution efforts?
If you need to quickly pick and ship individual cartons, if you have high SKU traffic, if you want rapid order picking, or if you need to reduce labor costs, then it’s highly possible that our carton flow rack system will benefit your warehouse distribution efforts.

Have more questions or ready to get your carton flow rack? Call us today!


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December 07, 2014

Carton Flow Rack: Common Questions From You

Carton flow racks are similar to pallet flow racks in the sense that they’re a first in, first out picking solution that’s controlled by gravity. However, unlike pallet flow racks, carton flow racks are designed for loose cartons or split cases. When compared to static materials handling systems, the carton flow racks can save up to 75% in labor costs. Much like with pallet flow racks, we get a lot of questions from interested customers about carton flow racks. It’s understandable – when trying to decide if a materials handling solution is right for you, you have a lot of questions. Today, we answer some of those commonly asked questions.

What type of wheels are used for carton flow racks?
We offer you both a steel and plastic wheel on the carton flow racks. Plastic wheels are beneficial because they have a wider service, allowing for better transport of boxes and totes under 25 lbs per square foot. However, steel wheels are beneficial for warehouses that carry heavier boxes or have rougher warehouse environments.

Will I need an internal support beam for the carton rack flow?
This is entirely dependent on the width of your bed and the weight of your boxes/totes. However, as a rule of thumb, at 25 lbs per square foot our welded structural beds can span 8 feet without the need of any internal support beams in your warehouse.

We’ll talk more about carton flow racks and answer more of your questions in our next blog. In the meantime, if you think carton flow racks are the right option for your warehouse, call today!

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