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December 04, 2014

Common Customer Questions About Our Pallet Flow Racks

A pallet flow rack is a materials handling solution that can totally change your Chicago warehouse for the better. Who doesn’t want to boost output, productivity, and maximize their space usage? It’s likely that if you’re looking for a first in, first out high density storage system, the pallet flow rack solution may be right for you. Today we’re answering more commonly asked questions to shed some light on the pallet flow rack system and hopefully make the decision easier for you!

If I install a pallet flow rack system, do I need to purchase special forklifts, too?
No! Pallet flow racks can be installed reach, deep reach, swing reach, counterbalance, and even clamp trucks.

Do pallet flow racks come with temperature restrictions? 
Our pallet flow racks can handle temperatures from -30 to +50 degrees and this includes blast freezers! Our pallet flow racks do not limit you, they give you freedom!

What maintenance is required for pallet flow racks? 
This greatly depends on a few things, namely how often you’re loading and unloading the system. Consider it like a car – the more you use it, the more maintenance you need to perform on it to keep it running its best. Generally we recommend that you inspect your pallet flow rack system a few times a year.

Is it difficult to load and unload the pallet flow racks? 
Normally, most operations are completely efficient within a half day to a full day after installation. Most people actually state that pallet flow racks are easier to operate than their previous materials handling setup.


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December 02, 2014

Selective Wholesale Pallet Rack Provides Efficient Use of Space and Immediate Access to Every Load

Selective wholesale pallet rack provides efficient use of space and immediate access to every load. Pallet racking is a storage system for pallets used in manufacturing facilities and warehouses. These racks extend high into the air to better utilize space. Forklifts and pallet jacks are used to load and unload pallets onto the structures. Pallet racking is an important part of any manufacturer and warehouse environment and provides many added benefits.

One of the bigger benefits of pallet racking is that is it a great way to save space. The design of racks enables a business to use the vertical space of their warehouse or other environment, this leaves more room for that ever valuable floor space. Forklifts are then utilized to add pallets or remove pallets from the racking whether it be down low or way up high. Saving space is also a great way to save money as you can store more in less area.

Another benefit of pallet racking is in safety. Racks are constructed from high quality materials that are tested extensively to ensure stability. High quality racking systems are also durable and will give you many years of useful and productive service.

A pallet racking system is a convenient system. They are set up and utilized for efficiency.

Pallet racking is an effective solution for almost every storage need, enabling the storage of everything from small cartons to large wire wheels. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.




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December 01, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Flow Racks

If you’re looking for a first in, first out high density storage system in Chicago, the pallet flow rack system is an ideal solution if you – especially if you need to increase the number of pallet positions in your warehouse while having the ability to rotate stock, too. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we know that if you’re new to warehouse management or you’ve just not updated your warehouse storage system in a while, understanding pallet flow rack systems can be a little confusing. Today we answer your commonly asked questions to help you understand a bit better. 

How does a pallet flow rack work?
Pallet flow racks work similarly to a conveyer belt in a way. Pallets are loaded at one end at the charge or input end and then flow down inclined rollers to the pick faces. You can get pallet flow rack systems that are as deep as 20 pallet positions and oftentimes even more than that.

How much slope do the inclined rollers have?
The slopes generally depend on lane depth, track configuration, and pallet type. However, most systems will range from 3/8″ to 1/2″ per foot, with the majority being 7/16″ per foot.

Should I have double wide or single wide bays? 
Unless you have two or three-deep picking systems, we recommend single wide bays for your pallet flow rack system. Why? The main reason is to avoid beam deflection which result in pallets drifting to the center of the bay.

Are you ready to take charge of your warehouse storage with a pallet flow rack solution? Call us today!

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