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December 22, 2015

Why More Material Handling Pros Trust Our Wholesale Pallet Rack in Wisconsin

We know that when it comes to wholesale pallet racks, Wisconsin businesses have plenty of places they can buy. But during the last 20 years, DAK Equipment in Wisconsin has established itself as the premier company to work with when you need wholesale pallet rack and other material handling supplies. Here is why more professional material handlers are turning to us for their warehouse needs:

  • Great prices. When you shop with DAK Equipment, you can be assured that you are getting top-quality products at rock bottom prices. We do out best to keep our overhead costs low and then pass those savings on to you.
  • A network of suppliers. Because we’ve been in the business for so long, we have gotten to know the suppliers and work with them to give us great prices along with access to their supplies. Plus, we work with warehouses around the country to resell their old materials handling equipment, too.
  • One-stop shop for everything you need. It isn’t just wholesale pallet racks! DAK Equipment in Wisconsin also offers conveyor belts, warehouse mezzanines, carton flow racks and more. You won’t need to hunt all over the internet for the items you need; it’s all right here at DAK.

Give us a call today and discover why DAK Equipment is Wisconsin’s preferred wholesale pallet rack supplier. We’ll ensure you get the materials you need at a price you’ll love. Give us a call or visit our website to find everything you need for your materials handling team!

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December 21, 2015

Peak Season is Here–Are Your Wisconsin Pallet Racks Ready?

Peak season is just getting started for many retail warehouses. If you are anticipating an increase in both your inbound and outbound inventory, you’ll want to make sure that the pallet racks you use in your Wisconsin warehouse are ready for those extra loads. Here are three things you’ll want to do as your inventory starts to roll in:

  • Perform a thorough inspection on your pallet racks. Check for damage that may have occurred and been missed over the slower summer season and make repairs right away. The DAK Equipment team can come out and do your inspection for you as well as performing any necessary repairs.
  • Make sure you have room for inventory increases. This may mean reconfiguring your warehouse floor plan to maximize space or investing in new infrastructure such as pallet racks or even a warehouse mezzanine to increase your space.
  •  Keep things organized. Nothing can throw your warehouse into chaos like disorganization during the peak season. Make sure each member of your warehouse team is up-to-date on best practices and isn’t trying to cut corners in busy times. Stay organized from beginning to end and the peak season will be much smoother.

If you aren’t sure that your warehouse is prepared to handle the peak season, give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We can help you with inspections, warehouse floor plan designs, and ordering new pallet racks from our extensive new and used supply. Get in touch with us today and make sure you are ready for peak season inventory and shipping to begin!

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December 20, 2015

Start Incremental Change in Your Chicago Warehouse with Our Carton Flow Rack

Feeling overwhelmed by all the improvements that need to be made in your warehouse? Maybe you need to install a carton flow rack, update your selective pallet racks, create a second level with a mezzanine, and automate with a conveyor belt system. Take a deep breath and relax, because it doesn’t have to all happen at once. We’ve helped hundreds of Chicago warehouses optimize their equipment, floor plans, and materials handling systems in order to make a happier, safer, and more efficient workplace. One thing that we’ve learned is that sometimes when these changes happen incrementally, little by little, they can have an even bigger impact.

Something like a carton flow rack can make a big difference in how your warehouse works, and you’ll want to give your team time to adjust to these changes. Throwing everything at your team at once can be overwhelming and actually create more issues than it solves because it causes chaos in the workplace. By introducing items one by one, giving teams time to adjust and adapt, and then moving on to the next improvement, can be a great way to help your warehouse improve. It’s great for morale, too, to see a constant improvement in the workplace instead of doing it all at once. Plus, it’s easier on your budget to spread out the investment over time.

Have your warehouse improvement list but aren’t sure where to start? Give DAK Equipment a call. We’ll help you prioritize your Chicago warehouse’s improvement list and help you get the supplies and equipment that you need. We can even install it for you! Get in touch a let’s talk about what changes you can start with today.

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