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January 23, 2016

How to Properly Maintain Your Conveyor Systems

You know the importance of properly maintaining the equipment in your warehouse to ensure that it is all working perfectly. The same thing goes for the conveyor systems in your Chicago warehouse. Your conveyors need maintenance just like the rest of your warehouse equipment. However, many people seem to get stuck on how to maintain this machinery correctly. DAK Equipment has a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your conveyor system and keep it working smoothly for years to come:

  • Keep your conveyor systems clean. This important step will keep your conveyor free from debris that could end up jamming it. It will also allow you to easily spot an issue with the conveyor system.
  • Listen for strange noises. You’ll often hear an issue with your conveyor belt before you see it. Listen for issues and encourage your operators to keep their ears open as well.
  • Test the control equipment often. Make sure that emergency stop buttons and other control equipment is in proper working order. This is a test that should happen daily for maximum user protection.
  • Check all parts of the conveyor system for damage or wear and replace pieces as necessary.
  • Watch for misalignment in the system, either with the belts or the rollers and take action to correct it. These minor misalignments can end up causing huge problems for the conveyor systems down the road.

Don’t take the conveyor systems in your Chicago warehouse for granted. Do daily inspections to ensure your system is working correctly and take corrective actions when needed to ensure that minor issues with your conveyor systems don’t become huge, work-stopping-problems in the future. A little preventative maintenance will go a long way with your conveyor systems. Oil and lubricate moving pieces regularly to ensure smooth movements and keep a standard repair schedule for your conveyor systems.

No matter how big or small your conveyor systems are, they will benefit from regular inspections and consistent preventative maintenance. The system will end up costing less over its lifetime and you’ll experience fewer errors. If you are like most warehouses in the Chicago area, you depend on your conveyor systems a great deal to keep your warehouse moving. Sure, you might be able to live without this piece of equipment, but you’ll need a lot more employees and you’ll be shipping your products a lot slower. Give your conveyor systems the love they need and keep them rolling along.

Need help maintaining your conveyor system, need a new one installed or need an old one repaired? DAK Equipment can help. Our knowledgeable team can provide you with the services that you need. Just give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with an experienced warehouse professional who can help. We love working with Chicago-area warehouses to help them get the service they need for their conveyor systems. You can give us a call or contact us online and we’ll help you keep your conveyor systems rolling along smoothly.

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January 22, 2016

Are There Chicago Warehouses Operating Without Pallet Racks?

It may come as a surprise, but not every Chicago warehouse is using pallet racks. If you are a warehouse owner or manager that uses pallet racks on a daily basis to run your business, you might be surprised by this fact. Pallet racks probably feel like an integral part of your daily operations, and the truth is, they are important! So why would some warehouses be operating without them? There are a few reasons–some good and some bad.

  • The warehouse handles only a small amount of merchandise, so industrial shelves are enough storage. Not all businesses are bringing in pallets of items at a time. If you own or operate a warehouse that handles small quantities or specialty items, pallet racks may be overkill for your storage needs.
  • They are scared of the investment. In the grand scheme of things, pallet racks are an affordable investment in a warehouse that helps it stay organized and run efficiently. If you are trying to “make do” because you don’t want to pay for the investment of pallet racks, chances are you are costing your business more money in the long run.
  • They’ve grown quickly. Some warehouses start out as a small business that doesn’t have enough inventory to worry about pallet racks. When those businesses suddenly grow, though, they are taking on a lot more inventory with nowhere to put it. Calling the DAK Equipment team when it comes to this point is vital to the continued success of your business!
  • They think pallet racks are only for palleted items. It’s true, pallet racks are designed to hold pallets. But that’s certainly not all they can do! Pallet racks are a great way to sort and organize cartons, too, and even smaller items can be divided into bins. DAK Equipment has all the equipment and supplies that you need to create the perfect storage solutions on your pallet racks.

Even if your warehouse simply doesn’t need pallet racks to organize your products, industrial shelves, carton shelves, and sorting bins can all be useful additional to your warehouse infrastructure to help keep you organized. DAK Equipment sells a huge selection of pallet racks, but we also have items that are perfect for smaller warehouse operations to set up in the most organized, efficient method possible. You can shop in our online store or work with one of our warehouse project managers to design a system that’s right for you.

If you are putting off purchasing pallet racks for your Chicago warehouse because you are nervous about the investment or you’ve just grown too big too fast to keep up, we can help. DAK Equipment offers affordable pallet rack options, and we often have used equipment from businesses in the area that would be perfect for you. Talk to one of our project managers today and they will work with you to find solutions that meet your needs and stay within your budget.

Whatever you need when it comes to your warehouse set up, DAK Equipment is here to help. Contact our team today to get started!

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January 21, 2016

Implement the 5s System In Your Warehouse

There are plenty of theories out there about the best way to run your warehouse. Often, the method that works best for one Wisconsin warehouse isn’t going to work for their neighbor. That’s because your layout is different, you are using different equipment and pallet racks, and the needs of your warehouse is going to be different. It may take some time to find the system that’s right for you and your team. If you are looking for a new way to bring more organization, efficiency, and employee ownership to your pallet racks and warehouse facility, consider using the 5s system.

The 5s System looks like this:

  • Sort. Another name for this step might be “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Your warehouse should be sorted neatly, with thought given to your materials handling process. Getting rid of the things you don’t need will help you create a more efficient work environment and keep clutter off of your Wisconsin pallet racks.
  • Streamline. This is a good one to do in conjunction with the Sort stage. Here, you’ll want to set up your warehouse in the most efficient way possible. Take a step back and think about how your teams work and how they can move materials through your warehouse more efficiently. Throw out any ideas of “this is how it’s done because this is always how it’s been done.” To get a fresh perspective, you might want to bring in a warehouse consultant (DAK Equipment & Engineering has one in your area that would love to help!).
  • Shine. Clean, clean, clean. A clean warehouse is a well-run warehouse! Take time to clean your equipment, pallet racks, bins, and all the surrounding areas. This is a great way to get your team to take ownership of their space as well. Don’t underestimate the power of a clean work environment on morale.
  • Standardize. Set up systems that make sense. When we standardize our warehouse process and do the same thing again and again, it not only becomes ingrained on our team, we become faster at it. By standardizing systems we’re taking the guesswork out of the job for our employees, so they can move confidently through their job. While they should be empowered to make decisions when something out-of-the-norm comes up, giving them a standardized system to based their judgments on will help them make better choices in those instances as well.
  • Sustain. If it’s working, keep doing it. Don’t change a working system once a week. Let your team get used to a system and give their feedback on it. You want to refine the systems that you have in place–and never get stuck in a rut of doing something because that’s how it’s always been done–but if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Consistency empowers employees and creates a more efficient work environment when no one is standing around guessing what happens next.

The 5s system came out of Asia a few years ago, and it’s been a great system for many Wisconsin warehouses. If you’d like to learn more about the 5s system, order pallet racks for your warehouse, or ask one of our warehouse consultants to come to your location to help implement the 5s system, give us a call. Our team would love to work with you!

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