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January 20, 2016

Why the New Year is a Great Time to Think About Your Chicago Industrial Shelves

Right now you are focused on getting through the holiday season. This is crunch time, and for many businesses it’s the time they do the majority of their business. When the dust settles and the holiday season is over, though, is the perfect time to think about your Chicago industrial shelves and the layout of your warehouse. When the New Year arrives, sit down and consider the following:

  • What worked well in your warehouse during the busy holiday season?
  • What issues will need attention in your warehouse before the next busy season?
  • Did your team have enough industrial shelves to handle merchandise and inventory?
  • How did your accidents and injury numbers compare to previous years?

Thinking about the performance of your warehouse during the holiday season will help you identify potentially problematic areas that will require your attention before the next holiday season arrives. If you’ve identified those problem areas, DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you solve them.

Our team offers a huge selection of warehouse and materials handling equipment such as industrial shelves, conveyor belts, mezzanine deck and more that can help your Chicago warehouse work better than ever. Our warehouse design team can help you create a layout that maximizes the use of your space, too, so you are getting more use out of every square foot.

Let’s work together to make your warehouse better than it’s ever been. Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call and connect with one of our project managers. They’ll get to work on finding you the solutions that you need for your Chicago industrial shelves and warehouse locations!

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January 19, 2016

Helpful Guidelines for Safe Storage On Your Chicago Pallet Rack Shelving

We’ve talked before about the importance of forklift safety and regular inspections when it comes to the pallet rack shelving in your Chicago warehouse. One other area you should focus on when it comes to safety in your warehouse is how you use your pallet rack shelving. Following best practices can keep your shelves in good shape and keep both your staff and your inventory safe.

When working with pallet rack shelving, follow these helpful guidelines for use:

  • Stack the heaviest items on the bottom. While it might be more convenient to store less-frequently-accessed items up above, if they weight more, you could be putting your racks and your team in danger. Store heavy items on the bottom or the middle shelves to keep the weight from buckling your pallet rack shelving.
  • Load your shelves as neatly as possible. It might seem like it doesn’t matter, but haphazardly stacked items are more in danger of toppling over. Encourage your team to make shelves neat and organized; not only will it make your shelves safer, it will make items easier to find, too.
  • Keep aisles free from debris. Teach your team that if something is in the aisle, it needs to be moved. This is important for your forklift drivers as well.
  • Take items off of the pallet rack shelving slowly and one at a time. Don’t get in a hurry and try to remove  several items at once; this can be an invitation to disaster.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to making your pallet rack shelving safe in your Chicago warehouse. Be sure to check in with DAK Equipment regularly for more great tips!

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January 18, 2016

Three Reasons to Coose Our Milwaukee Modular Offices

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to add some office space to your warehouse, we have three great reasons you should be choosing our Milwaukee modular offices instead of traditional construction:

  • Less time. We can have our Milwaukee modular offices set up and ready to go in your facility in a fraction of the time of a brick and mortar design. In about a weekend, our team can get your new office space set up and ready to go.
  • Less expense. Because we’re using our prefabricated pieces to construct you office, there is less expense than a traditional build. That means you can get the office space you need while still leaving something in the budget.
  • Less disruption to your team. Because it takes us less time and we require virtually no demolition to complete your office, having the DAK equipment team install your modular office means less disruption of the rest of your workflow.

So many of our customers love their prefabricated office, and we’re confident that you will, too. Talk to one of the DAK Equipment & Engineering team members today about the modular office you need for your space. Whether you need something for a foreman, your office team, or even a break room for the whole staff, we can help you configure an office space that’s attractive and functional. Our team can even install it for you! Give us a call today and let’s find the modular office that your Milwaukee warehouse needs. Call us our contact us through our website today.

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