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January 14, 2016

How to Keep the People Working Around Your Pallet Racks Safe

Warehouse safety should be a big deal to your company. Even if you don’t work in the warehouse, the safety of the employees working around the pallet racks in your Wisconsin warehouse matters a lot. Not only are their physical health and safety at risk, but you run the risk of facing legal action and a huge loss to your bottom line when warehouse safety isn’t a top concern. Racking strategies should be under constant evaluation; racks and forklifts are two of the most common citations from OSHA officials in the warehouse environment.

Training is the first step to ensuring a safe warehouse environment. Making sure your forklift drivers and other employees understand and are following safety rules will help you keep everyone safe. The second step is to perform your own inspections regularly. Check the pallet racks in your Wisconsin warehouse for damage; something that seems like cosmetic damage could end up causing pallet racks to collapse. Make a note of damaged areas and seek to repair them properly. Finally, make sure your team has access to good, secure, and sturdy equipment to do their job. From forklifts to ladders, giving them the proper tools can help you avoid accidents in the workplace.

DAK Equipment can help you make your Wisconsin warehouse as safe as possible. We offer pallet rack inspections, replacement products, repair services, and equipment sales. As a full-service warehouse team, you can depend on us to be your partners in worker safety and created a more efficient warehouse that doesn’t sacrifice safety for speed; you’ll get them both. Give us a call today and let’s talk about what DAK Equipment & Engineering can do for your warehouse environment!

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January 13, 2016

For All of Your Wholesale Pallet Rack Needs, Trust Chicago Based DAK Equipment and Engineering

The majority of pallet rack structural failures result from three distinctive sources that include impacts from the lift truck, overloading the racks and a lack of a safety-orientated mindset. Focusing on these three sources, especially the third one, will go a long way in reducing safety issues that bog down your warehouse.

One main safety point that needs to be made is know how your rack will be used before it is even installed. Proper design of the structure and proper training of personnel is critical for efficient and safe operation. If you are inheriting a rack system already in place, find out the details of the system and its design before use. File this information in a place accessible to the entire staff for future reference.

The ends and corners of your rack system are most susceptible to being hit by a fork lift, so it is wise to defend them. It is recommended you utilize steel guardrails and post protectors or other means to shield them from accidents.

Many rack accidents occur because the system was improperly installed or poorly maintained. If the uprights are not properly bolted to the floor or have come loose over the years, accidents are seemingly unavoidable. All rack components need to be checked with regularity to avoid these issues.

Staff should be trained how to correctly deposit racks onto the system. Teach them how to place the load squarely on the system in a uniform manner. Not only will this reduce accidents, it will go a long way in maximizing your capacity.

We hope this will benefit your warehouse. For all of your wholesale pallet rack needs, you can trust Chicago based DAK Equipment and Engineering.

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January 12, 2016

Materials Handling Systems: Facility Design & Layout

For nearly two decades, our dedication to our customers and their satisfaction has been our number one priority. Every step we take is a step forward for our clients so that we can help them achieve their goals while we’re achieving ours. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we supply quality pallet racks, carton flow racks, selective pallet racks, and many other value-added solutions to each and every one of our customers while focusing on building ongoing and long-lasting customer relationships. We never sell our materials handling systems based on price, but rather we sell them based on value.

Once we gain complete understanding of your facility by surveying your current space, taking an evaluation of your inventory, business goals, and performing a slotting analysis, our special DAK project managers go to work once again on designing the ideal material handling system for your current and future warehouse distribution needs. We take a deep understanding of the facility space and combine it with a deep technical knowledge of the material handling components that will be needed to solve your material handling problems and then we build you a layout and design that finds the balance between budget, benefit, flexibility and risk. It’s everything you want and we do it all for you.

We know that moving forward on such a large project that’s going to effect your business for years to come can be overwhelming and daunting. Because we understand this, we provide you with a complete vision of the proposed project with AutoCAD drawings. This allows you to be able to see our vision for your distribution center while providing you with the trust and faith needed to move forward on your project. Ready to get going? Call us today!

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