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February 22, 2016

What Pick-to-Light Is and How it Works With Your Industrial Shelves

One of the latest picking methods to hit Chicago industrial shelves is Pick To Light (PTL). This new system uses digital readouts to help the picker locate the items on the shelf and determine how many are in the order. Once the item has been picked for the order, the picker clears the readout by pressing a button on the industrial shelves, indicating to the system that the item has been selected. The PTL system offers several benefits:

  • Lowers error rates. The computerized system indicates which items are on the order, so there is less room for human error by, for instance, incorrectly reading a part number or transposing numbers on the order.
  • High efficient. Pickers won’t have to search their industrial shelves for the correct part; lighted signs will guide the way and speed up the picking process.
  • Easy inventory tracking. As digital readouts are cleared, inventory of that item can automatically be adjusted in your system.

This picking method is great for warehouses that are dealing with a high number of SKUs and could be especially beneficial to e-commerce businesses. The system can be easily integrated into your existing industrial shelves, giving your Chicago business the edge it needs to process orders faster, make more happy customers, and grow your bottom line.

If you are interested in the Pick to Light system and want to find out if it can be integrated into your current shelves, contact DAK Equipment & Engineering. We’ll help you find, install, and start using a system that’s right for you!

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February 21, 2016

Are You Using the Right Picking Method for Your Chicago Industrial Shelves?

What pick method are you using to get items off of your Chicago industrial shelves? There are several methods to choose from, and the best type of pick system for your warehouse will depend on factors such as:

  • inventory type
  • number of employees
  • how your warehouse is set up
  • average order size
  • average order number

Along with many other factors. Choosing the right pick system, though, can help you get more orders out the door as well as minimize injury risk to workers and reduce the number of touches required to get a product off your industrial shelves and out the door.

These are some of the pick systems you’ll have to choose from:

  • Piece picking. One picker, one order. You’ll send your pick team member out with an order and they’ll travel through your warehouse gathering the items on the order list. This isn’t the most efficient method, but it is serviceable for warehouses with low order numbers.
  • Batch picking. One picker, several orders.  A pick team member will go out with several orders, sometimes organized on a tiered cart, and gather items for multiple orders while moving through the warehouse. More efficient than piece picking, but still slow.
  • Zone picking. Multiple pickers, multiple orders at once. Orders will travel through multiple zones, and pickers in each zone will fill the order with products contained in their zone. A relatively efficient process, especially if your industrial shelves are set up correctly.

There are variations of all of these methods, and you can tweak them to create a system that works for you and your team. If you need help maximizing the efficiency of your pick line and the organization of your Chicago industrial shelves, give the DAK Equipment team a call.


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February 20, 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Be Manually Organizing Workflow on Your Green Bay Industrial Storage Racks

If you’ve worked in a warehouse for a long time, chances are you are used to manually organizing your team’s workflow and doing much of the day to day management of your warehouse on hard copies of reports.. In today’s warehouse environment, though, that’s not going to be the most efficient method. Allowing a computer to organize workflow, manage systems, and provide analytics can help your team move among your Green Bay industrial storage racks faster than ever, completing orders and getting them out the door in record times. There are a lot of warehouse software options out there, and they can help you with things like:

  • Inventory management
  • Part detail tracking
  • Billing management
  • Barcode scanning

In addition, the right warehouse management software can provide key analytics that give you feedback on work efficiency and identify areas that can be improved. If you are used to doing everything yourself on hard copies of reports, it’s time to upgrade your warehouse and get more use out of your Green Bay industrial storage racks, your team, and your products. You should see a reduction in costs and loss, too. Don’t do something yourself that a computer can do for you better.

Combine your new workflow management software with equipment from DAK Engineering and you’ll have a warehouse that works flawlessly. If you’d like advice on warehouse setup, materials handling flow, or would like to place an order for new equipment, give us a call today. You can also contact us through our website and we’ll get back with you right away.

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