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February 14, 2016

3 ways to Use Our Chicago Modular Offices to Build a Stronger Team

There are so many great uses for our Chicago modular offices in your warehouse! We’ve installed these modular offices for many businesses in the Chicago area, and one thing we see over and over is how this small addition to the workplace can make a huge difference in employee morale when it’s used properly. Here are three ways we’ve seen our Chicago modular offices used in ways that help build stronger teams:

  1. As a breakroom. Your modular office by still be on the warehouse floor, but it’s like a whole other world when you walk through the doors. A modular office offers a great place for employees to get away from work to take their breaks, rest, and refresh before getting back to work.
  2. As an office for admin staff. No one likes to have their desk out in the middle of everyone. Giving your warehouse admin staff their own space can help increase their morale as well as their productivity.
  3. As a meeting room. Instead of moving meetings away from your warehouse, have them right there! Regular meetings are a great way to build your team’s relationship with each as well as address issues and concerns.

Installing one of our modular offices in your Chicago warehouse can be a great thing for your entire team. Think of all the ways you can put it to use! The benefits far outweigh the cost of the unit, and you’ll be thrilled with how it gives a space for your employees to use and enjoy at an affordable price.

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February 13, 2016

Create the Perfect Workspace on Your Milwaukee Warehouse Mezzanine Deck

If your warehouse ramps up production during the holiday season, you are probably getting ready to hire additional holiday help. While more hands can mean more work gets down, it can also quickly become an issue of space. You’ll need assembly teams, order pickers, packers, and other positions filled with great people who can move quickly to serve your customers. If they don’t have the space that they need to get the job done, what good will more people do for you? Our Milwaukee warehouse mezzanine deck could be the perfect solution.
Our mezzanine deck gives you a new floor of workspace, adding a new level that can be used to build workspaces that allow employees to complete orders efficiently. Move your assembly team to the upper level, give them space to spread out their supplies and tools so they can quickly assemble products. Or more management and administrative staff to the upper level, giving them a bird’s eye view of the work below and freeing up valuable space on the warehouse floor.
However you decide to use it, our Milwaukee mezzanine deck can be an incredible useful addition to your warehouse. The time to order one is right now! We can have it in place for your holiday ramp-up so you can put it to good use. If you are interested in placing your order or getting more information on the mezzanine levels we can provide, give DAK Equipment a call or contact us through our website today. We’ll help you find the space you need so you can put your crew to work!

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February 12, 2016

Our Chicago Industrial Storage Racks Could be Right for Your Retail Space

Our Chicago company supplies many local warehouses with the industrial storage racks that they need to maintain the capacity required for their daily operations. Warehouses aren’t the only ones who can use our industrial shelves, though; these racks could be just what you need for your retail store, both in the front of house and back of house environments. Discover how you might put our shelves to work in your store:

Back of House Storage
Whether you have a storeroom that is the size of a large closet or a small town, we have the industrial storage racks you need. Our racks come in all shapes and sizes and we can help you configure your space so you are maximizing your storage opportunities.

Front of House Displays
Customers want to see racks overflowing with merchandise! Our industrial storage racks can give your space modern, industrial feel while providing storage solutions so you can get more merchandise out on the sales floor. You’ll be able to easily adjust shelves, too, so you can get more versatility out of your shelving units.

Interested in learning more about our Chicago industrial shelves? Just give us a call. We can show you the different options we have for shelving that might work for you, then give you a quote on the items that you want. You might be surprised at how affordable our shelving can be and how it can help you get more storage out of your retail space. Call us or contact us through the form on our website today!

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