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March 28, 2016

Is It Time to Install a Conveyor System in Your Chicago Warehouse?

As you begin to evaluate the improvements needed in your Chicago warehouse in 2016, it may be time to think about adding a conveyor system. Consider some of the benefits of a conveyor system:

  • Improved efficiency. Conveyor systems can move items through your warehouse faster than your team can on foot.
  • Reduction in errors. Less human handling means less room for errors in the picking and packing areas of your warehouse.
  • Increased safety. Conveyors allow¬†hands-free handling of items, reducing the risk of injury to your team.
  • They can handle a wide variety of items. Some small pieces to large cartons, conveyors easily transport a wide variety of items through your space. One conveyor system does it all, making them incredibly flexible equipment for your warehouse.
  • They are cost-effective. Conveyor systems are relatively inexpensive to install and cheap to operate. Plus, with the right maintenance, they will last for years. Maintenance is minimal, too, so you won’t have to devote your time to making improvements.

DAK Equipment can help you determine the right kind of conveyor system for your Chicago warehouse, whether that’s an automated one or a roller system. We can help you plan the layout of your conveyor system and even get it installed for you. This is the year that you’ll see a huge jump in your warehouses efficiency and safety record, all thanks to your conveyor system. Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call today or contact us through our website and we’ll help you design, purchase, install and use your new conveyor systems.

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March 27, 2016

Why You Should Choose Our Chicago Mezzanines for Your Warehouse

Thinking about getting a mezzanine for your Chicago warehouse? They are the perfect way to add space without an expensive expansion and give you more square footage for storage, offices, packing, assembly and so much more. Take your time and shop around for your mezzanine. We’ll give you three reasons you should get it from DAK Equipment:

  • We precisely engineer your mezzanine. That means the mezzanine that you get from DAK Equipment is built to perfectly suit your space. You won’t have to worry about making a prefabricated mezzanine work in your existing space. We make sure you get just what you need.
  • We meet or exceed your local building codes. We understand the importance of adhering to your local building codes, so we’ll meet or exceed those standards with our Chicago mezzanines.
  • We install them for you. You won’t need to install your mezzanine yourself or find a third party to do it for you. Our team has installed mezzanines all over Chicago and we know how to do it safely and efficiently.
  • You get ongoing support. Have a question about your mezzanine? Need an expansion or a repair? The DAK Equipment team will always be here to help you with your mezzanine systems.

Get in touch with us today and let us get to work on a mezzanine that’s perfect for your Chicago warehouse. We’ll create a mezzanine that’s functional and perfect for your space. You can call us or contact us through our website today for more information or to get your order started.

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March 26, 2016

Why Modulars Offices Should be Part of Your 2016 Goals

What goals are you putting in place for your Chicago warehouse in 2016? We have a suggestion of something that you may want to add to your list: installing modular offices. Modular offices are a terrific way to quickly build in private working space, a clean room, or even a break room for your team in as little as a weekend. There are lots of great reasons you should consider adding a modular office to your Chicago warehouse in 2016:

  • It gives your employees space of their own. Giving them a room where they can store their stuff, eat their lunch, or just take a break from the warehouse floor during their shift can improve both their morale and their productivity.
  • It provides management with room to get their work done. While your warehouse managers need to spend time out on the floor, it’s not a great place to get their paperwork done. A modular office gives them a secluded space for meetings, paperwork, and getting the day-to-day items taken care of.
  • It gives you additional space. Modular offices can provide you with the space you need for an assembly room, clean room, or other space that you need to be away from the warehouse floor.

Modular offices can be built to your warehouse’s needs and installed in as little as a weekend. That means you can get your modular office without disrupting the workflow of the rest of your warehouse! Call the DAK Equipment & Engineering team today for more information about the modular office that’s right for you.

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