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March 19, 2016

Turn Your Chicago Mezzanine Into Powerful Work Stations

Now that you’ve installed a mezzanine level in your Chicago warehouse, how are you planning on using it? Many of our customers decide to use this upper level as a workspace for picking, packing, or assembly. It’s a great way to use your additional square footage and can be ideal for spreading out a cramped team so they can get more done, faster. Make sure that you outfit your mezzanine level with everything they need, including the right workbenches that fit the needs of your warehouse.

Workbenches give your employees the room they need to work on all of their projects, from assembly to packing. DAK Equipment sells seven different types of workbenches to meet you needs:

  • All Welded
  • Cabinet Work Benches
  • Electronic
  • Ergonomic
  • Heavy Duty
  • Hydraulic
  • Modular

If you need a good all-purpose workbenches for a rotating team, you will want to check out the ergonomic benches. These benches quickly adjust to meet the ergonomic needs of various workers. This can reduce the number of strain or repetitive injuries your team experiences and keep everyone comfortable and happy.

Of course, you’ll need more than workbenches on your new mezzanine level. Make sure you have the conveyor belts, comfortable mats for standing, and the carts and dollies you need to keep your warehouse working smoothly. it’s all available from DAK Equipment! Give us a call, contact us through our website, or place your order through our online catalog to find everything you need for your mezzanine along with the rest of your warehouse today.

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March 18, 2016

What’s Holding You Back From Installing Our Milwaukee Mezzanines?

Mezzanine levels are one of the fastest & easiest ways to give your warehouse more square footage without moving your setup or paying for an expensive expansion. Despite this, there are still many Milwaukee warehouses that are holding out on making the purchase. If you are one of them, DAK Equipment wants to know what’s holding you back so we can help you overcome your concerns about installing a mezzanine. Here are some of the common concerns we hear from customers:

  • It’s too expensive.
    When compared to the cost of purchasing a new building, moving your equipment and inventory to a new site, or an expansion to your current building, the cost of a mezzanine is much more affordable. For the amount of square footage you can gain, it’s the most bang for your buck.
  • It’s too complicated.
    The DAK Equipment & Engineering team can take care of everything. We can measure your space, help you place the order, and even do the installation for you. You won’t have to worry about anything except how to fill up all your new space.
  • It’s too time-consuming.
    Mezzanines can be set up by our experienced crew in a very short amount of time. We’ll coordinate with you to ensure the least amount of disruption to your workflow, too, so you don’t have to stop production any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Ready to purchase a mezzanine level for your Milwaukee warehouse? Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call today or contact us through our website. We’ll help you get the process started!

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March 17, 2016

Get Accessories For Your Integra Modular Offices in Chicago

Once you’ve decided to purchase modular offices from DAK Equipment for your Chicago warehouse, you’ll want to decide what accessories you want to finish out the design. If you are using the Integra 400 series of modular offices, you can shop for the accessories in our online catalog. You’ll be able to find accessories such as:

  • Fixed and sliding windows. Windows are a great way to provide visibility to the rest of your warehouse floor. Sliding windows give the option to ventilate the modular office.
  • Outlets. You’ll probably want to stock up on plenty of these! Use them for computers, desk lighting, and other equipment needs.
  • Phone and data outlets. Especially important if you’ll be using the modular office for desk space.
  • Heating and cooling units. Some warehouses may not need these while others will find it a must, especially if you are placing the modular office in a space that isn’t already temperature controlled.
  • Doors. Choose from wood or steel doors to meet the needs of your space.
  • Powder coat framing. This is a nice upgrade for your modular office which helps it not only look nicer but last longer.

You can place an order for your modular office accessories on the same order as your modular office, or you can order many of these items after your initial order. Talk to a DAK Equipment representative if you have any questions by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’re always happy to help you get the information you need!

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