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April 18, 2016

Tips on Making Your Modular Offices More Welcoming

Many warehouses utilize modular offices as space for administrative and management teams, but few warehouses spend time fixing up their modular offices to become a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Most modular offices, especially the ones that we sell, look great inside and are ready to be set up with all of your office gear as soon as they are installed. But you don’t have to stop there! Here are some other ideas for improving your modular office:

  • Bring the outside in. Bringing plants into your office space can create a more welcoming environment. You’ll love seeing something green growing near you, and some studies show that the presence of plants can be soothing. Try easy to care for plants like a cactus¬†or fern.
  • Put some color on the walls. Warmer colors like red and yellow can boost worker productivity while cool blues and grays can be more soothing. If paint is out of the question, try fabric panels, curtains, or even decorative objects in your preferred tones.
  • Set up informal gathering spaces. No one wants to hang out in a meeting room. If you have the space, though, set up a small informal gathering area with comfy chairs, a sofa, and a soft glowing lamp. Your team will enjoy gathering there and it can be a great place for one-on-ones or to get take a five minute break.

Put these ideas into action and see how they transform your modular offices. Looking for other great ideas? Talk to a DAK Equipment & Engineering team member today. We’ll help you find the right solutions for your modular offices!

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April 17, 2016

Structural Components That Can Get in the Way of Your Mezzanine

If you know about all the benefits of a mezzanine level in your warehouse, then you are probably pretty sold on the idea already. They are quickly installed, affordable, and can give you more usable square footage within your warehouse without having to undergo an expensive construction project. Before you start your mezzanine installation, though, there are a number of structural items that you’ll need to take into consideration first:

  • Fire protection. Will the mezzanine interfere with your current fire protection? Will you need to install additional fire protection once the mezzanine is installed?
  • Lighting. Will the space underneath your mezzanine still have proper lighting once it’s installed? What about emergency lighting needs?
  • Safety signage. Are safety signs still visible after the mezzanine is in place? Will you need more safety signage for your mezzanine level?
  • Safety gear. Does your mezzanine come with guardrails or will you need to install those? Do you need protection equipment under the mezzanine anywhere?

These are all important questions that will need to be answered before you start installing a mezzanine in your warehouse space. Fortunately, DAK Equipment & Engineering has all the answers that you need. We’ve installed mezzanines for businesses across the United States and know what it takes to get your mezzanine installed while meeting and exceeding OSHA requirements and local laws. Give us a call today to speak with one of our project managers who can help you get answers to your mezzanine installation questions and get you on your way to having a useful, well designed mezzanine in your warehouse.

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April 16, 2016

How Long Conveyor Systems Can Last

When you invest in conveyor systems for your warehouse, you want to make sure that the system that you purchase does the following things:

  • Meets the immediate needs of your warehouse
  • Can be expanded to meet the future needs of your warehouse
  • Will last as long as possible

Most conveyor systems are made to fulfill all three of these goals, especially if you work with a knowledgeable materials handling expert on your purchase. They can help you identify the problem areas, find the conveyor system that works for your space, and will ensure you can add onto the system in the future if you need to.

But it will be an investment for your warehouse, so how do you make sure your conveyor systems last as long as possible? With the right maintenance. Maintaining your conveyor system will actually help extend it’s life so you get more use out of it. With the right maintenance, you should be able to use your conveyor systems for years and years, only making minor repairs and upgrades along the way. Maintenance should include:

  • Daily reporting of any issues found with the system
  • Weekly inspections
  • Replacement of worn or old parts before they break
  • Keeping the system free from dirt and debris

These simply steps should help keep your conveyor running smoothly. Have questions about how to install, maintain, repair or replace a conveyor system in your warehouse? Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We’ll help you get the system that you need and make sure it continues to run perfectly for years to come.

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