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April 15, 2016

Avoid This Major Mistake with Your Industrial Shelves

DAK Equipment & Engineering has worked with thousands of businesses across the country on their material handling and warehouse equipment needs. When it comes to their industrial shelves, though, we’ve seen businesses make one major mistake over and over again. This mistake can cost their business money, customers, and even put their employees at serious risk. So what is it?

Not fixing their industrial shelving after it’s been damaged.

It’s easy to write off damage to an industrial shelf or pallet rack as minor. After all, paying for the cost of the repairs can add up and you need to pay close attention to every dollar spent because it affects your bottom line. That’s understandable; the problem is that by not fixing your industrial shelves as soon as possible, you are leaving them vulnerable to collapse. That can injure your employees, damage your merchandise, and bring your warehouse to a grinding halt for days. It’s a very big deal, and the potential issues far outweigh the costs of repair.

The repairs to most industrial shelves are nominal and shouldn’t take very long. Don’t write any damage off as insignificant until an experienced engineer has examined the structure. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not you should fix or replace the shelf. In either case, the DAK Equipment & Engineering team can help.

We offer inspection services on industrial shelves, pallet racks, warehouses and more. We can help identify problem areas and get them fixed or replaced with our great selection of industrial shelving. Give us a call today to arrange for an appointment with one of our engineers!

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April 14, 2016

3 Ways to Get More into Your Warehouse Without Buying More Pallet Racks

Every warehouse eventually grapples with the problem about how to get more items onto their already packed shelves. If you need more storage but don’t have the square footage for any more pallet racks, you still have plenty of great options that can help you increase your storage capacity. DAK Equipment & Engineering offers these three great ideas:

  1. Go up. Many warehouses aren’t utilizing their overhead space. By either expanding their pallet racks upwards or adding a mezzanine level, they can increase their storage capacity without taking up more of their floor space. A DAK engineer can help you determine how high your pallet racks can go and whether or not a mezzanine deck is the right choice.
  2. Reinforce your shelves. A lot of times your existing pallet racks can be reinforced so they can take on more weight. This means you can safely pack them full of your merchandise without worrying about a pallet rack collapse. Our team can help you do this or recommend different pallet racks that can bear more weight.
  3. Revise your layout. Warehouses often just stick shelves wherever they can, but over time this can lead to an inefficient layout. Our CAD team can create a mock up of an optimized warehouse layout using your existing shelving. This can show you how exactly to rearrange you current equipment to give you more room and more storage options.

Want to learn more about these pallet rack ideas for your warehouse? Get in touch with the DAK Equipment team today.


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April 13, 2016

Conveyor Systems for Multi Level Warehouses

Conveyor systems don’t just move products across a horizontal path! Conveyor systems can also be configured to move product from one level to the next, going up or down. This can be a huge boost to the productivity of your warehouse as well as lower your overall expenses. Here is how:

  • Conveyors allow workers to send products on their way to the next phase of production without taking them there personally. This keeps the worker focused on the task at hand and doesn’t needlessly use their energy to move products around.
  • It can eliminate your need for expensive machinery such as pallet movers and forklifts to move products from one level to the next. This saves you on the expense of purchasing and maintaining this equipment as well as paying people to run it.
  • Use of this system can lower accident rates, since you won’t have workers handling and moving equipment and putting themselves at risk for strain injuries.
  • Conveyors can lower the rate of damage to products, too, since there is less room for human error. That means less damaged out losses effecting your bottom line.

There are a variety of conveyor systems for vertical movement, either spiraling down on rollers or using rubberized belt conveyors to move things up. No matter where you need to move product, up, down, or sideways, DAK Equipment & Engineering will find the system that’s right for you and get it installed right away. Give us a call or contact us through our website for the conveyor system that you need.

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