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April 09, 2016

Why Mezzanines Aren’t Just for Huge Warehouses

DAK Equipment & Engineering works with warehouses of all shapes and sizes. One of the things that we hear from smaller warehouses is that they’d like to make more use of the space that they have, but think their warehouse is too small for something like a mezzanine level. Our team is here to tell you that it’s not. Mezzanine levels are an awesome option for warehouses big and small who are looking to expand their square footage without an expensive relocation or construction project.

The reason mezzanines work so well is that they can be customized to fit your space. Even in small warehouses, the DAK Equipment team can set you up with a mezzanine that perfectly fits into the area above your shelves, giving you more room for storage, desks, assembly, and more. Someone from our team can come out to your location and help you draw up plans for your mezzanine, putting the stairways, ladders, and safety guards in the right places to give you the access and the safety that you need.

Still not convinced that a mezzanine can fit into your small warehouse space? Let our team take a look. We offer CAD services that can show you what kind of mezzanine would fit and how and the best way to utilize your new space. Expand your warehouse in less time and for less money with a mezzanine! Give us a call today or contact us through our website to get started with a mezzanine design that’s right for your warehouse.

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April 08, 2016

Use Conveyor Systems to Cut Down on Touches

Just like travel time can cut into the profits in your warehouse, so can the number of touches a product experienced before it goes out the door. The more your team has to handle an object, the greater the chance there is for human error in processing and damage to the product. Not only that, a high number of touches indicates an inefficiently run warehouse, and that means you are losing money. Conveyor systems could be the solution that you need.

We recommended automation through conveyor systems as one of the ways you can cut down on travel time within your warehouse. Likewise, they are a great way to cut down on the number of touches on each order. The right conveyor system can move products through the warehouse or along an assembly line and get them where they need to go without being handled by staff, who can then, in turn, focus their energies on other projects. Conveyor systems do automatically what you would normally otherwise depend on skilled labor to handle, losing you money in the process.

When it comes to the right conveyor systems, you’ll have plenty to choose from when you work with DAK Equipment & Engineering. Our project managers can gather information from you about what and how you’d like to automate your materials handling and then they’ll get to work finding you the best options. If you’d like to learn more about using conveyor systems in your warehouse, you can get in touch with a project manager from DAK Equipment through our website today.

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April 07, 2016

How the Right Industrial Shelves Cut Down Walk Time

How much walking is your warehouse team doing from one industrial shelf to the next? While the exercise might be good for them, it’s not good for your profits. The more time your team spends walking product around your warehouse, the more it costs you to send out each item. Time employees spend walking across the warehouse is time they aren’t able to focus on the next task, which is probably something that needs to get done in order to make money.

It’s also wasting human energy. There are some things that people can do in a warehouse setting that machines cannot; moving product from industrial shelves isn’t one of them. Automation and conveyor systems can be used to move product around and you won’t have to pay them a wage to do it. Putting your human labor to work on other projects that require a human touch is a better use of your workforce. Plus, the more time you have your team handling product, whether they are moving it across the warehouse or putting it into a box, the more room there is for error. That hurts your profits in returns and damaged merchandise.

So what can you do? There are plenty of options to help your warehouse cut down on travel time across the warehouse floor. Here are some tips from DAK Equipment:

  • Reconfigure your industrial shelves. If your shelving is a long way from your packing area and doesn’t have to be, move it. Move shelves around to maximize your space and make the least amount of travel time possible for your team.
  • Move products on your shelves. If there are items that are commonly picked together, move them closer together on the shelves. This speeds up pick time and gets products out the door faster, too.
  • Use a different system for picking. If you have a large warehouse, consider breaking it up into zones and having different teams stick to one zone. That way they don’t have to walk clear across the warehouse to fulfill an order; instead, they’ll send the box into the next zone for the team to pick.
  • Automate your warehouse. Have a conveyor system move products instead of having your labor force do it! It may be a bigger investment upfront, but in the long run, it will pay off in a big way.
  • Ask for employee input. They are the ones out on the warehouse floor every day, so ask their opinions! They may have suggestions you’d never thought about that can help speed up your pick and pack lines and cut down on travel time within the warehouse.

DAK Equipment is here to help, too! We’ll make sure you have the right configuration for your industrial shelves and other warehouse and materials handling equipment. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how to help your warehouse become more efficient. Get in touch with us over the phone or by contacting us through our website. We’ll connect you with a project manager who can help!

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