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August 03, 2016

The Pros of Pallet Flow Racks

When it comes to pallet racks, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from for your warehouse. Depending on your inventory, warehouse size, and operations you may find that selective pallet racking, double deep pallet racks, drive-in pallet racks or pallet flow racks are the right choice. The key is to find something that helps your team work safely and efficiently to fulfill customer orders and increase your bottom line.


Discover the Benefits of Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks are a unique pallet rack shelving solution that houses entire pallets instead of cartons or one-off items. If your warehouse deals entirely or even primarily in palleted items, these flow racks might be ideal. The system works by loading the inventory in on one end and picking it off of the other, creating a first in, first out pick system that’s already in use in many warehouses. It can also reduce the number of “touches” a product has to have in order to get it out the door since the pallets will move down the rack with the use of gravity and keep your order fulfillment line fully stocked.


So Are Pallet Flow Racks Right for You?

If you have a high inventory rotation that primarily comes through on pallets, pallet flow racks from DAK Equipment & Engineering might be the perfect solution for your space. They can greatly increase your storage capacity while improving productivity. Our team can help you determine if these racks are right for you or if another warehouse storage solution would be more suitable. Fill out the form below to get in touch with us today to learn more!


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August 01, 2016

How to Determine if Modular Offices Are Right for You

DAK Equipment & Engineering offers a number of solutions for warehouses that are searching for ways to maximize their space. From optimizing your warehouse layout to installing mezzanine levels, we have solutions for all budgets and spaces. One solution that we often recommend to our customers is modular offices. These are cost-effective ways to optimize your warehouse space, but they may not be the right choice for everyone. If you are wondering about the use of modular offices in your warehouse, ask yourself these questions to help determine if they are right for your warehouse.


Are Modular Offices the Right Solution?


Do you need space for separate activities?

Warehouses aren’t exclusively for storage, picking orders, and shipping. There are a number of other processes that need to happen to help a warehouse run smoothly, including returns processing, assembly lines, and the daily paperwork that comes with running a warehouse. Having some of these activities happen in their own area can be a benefit to both worker safety and a higher rate of production, making a modular office the perfect place to house these various activities.


Are you running out of storage space?

A modular office is going to take up space on your warehouse floor…unless you use it in conjunction with a mezzanine level. Modular offices can be placed on top of mezzanines, moving assembly lines or administrative staff off of the warehouse floor and into their own space. The area underneath the mezzanine and modular office can be safely used for storage once again.


Do you want to avoid the cost of moving your warehouse?

When you are running out of space, your options are often to either move your warehouse or lease additional offsite space for your team, both incredibly expensive options. Modular offices can help you avoid choosing either option, keeping your warehouse and your team in the same location.


Talk to the DAK Team Today About Modular Offices

Modular offices can be the cost-saving solution you’ve been searching for when it comes to optimizing your warehouse space. They can help you increase your productivity and create a warehouse environment that’s more conducive to all of the tasks at hand. If you are interested in modular offices and would like to learn more about this option and whether or not it’s right for your warehouse, get in touch with the DAK Equipment & Engineering team by filling out the contact form below.


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