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January 18, 2017

How to Save Money on Your Warehouse Equipment

The warehouse can be an expensive part of your business if you aren’t careful. Warehouse managers and business owners keep a close eye on the expenses of a warehouse and are always eager to find ways to cut costs. It’s a smart idea, too, because the more you control you warehouse expenses the more profits you’ll see in the bottom line. You can’t be too cheap with your warehouse, though, or else you could end up doing more harm than good. There are a lot of ways that you can save on your warehouse equipment without putting your team or your inventory in harm’s way.

Smart Ways to Save on Warehouse Equipment

Buy warehouse equipment second hand.

A lot of warehouses will eventually upgrade or change out their existing equipment for a newer model. Often times, this older equipment is still in perfectly serviceable condition. DAK Equipment & Engineering works with many warehouses across the United States on their equipment upgrades and helps them sell their pre-owned warehouse equipment to others. We make sure that this equipment is safe, in working order and ready for its new home in your warehouse. Optimize what you have already.

Optimize what you have already.

You might only think you need new equipment when instead what you really need is to optimize what you already have. You may just need to rearrange your gravity flow racks to give you better picking access or reconfigure your pallet rack shelving in order to give you more room for inventory. Working with experienced warehouse optimizing consultants can help you optimize your existing equipment and give you the space or efficiency you were looking for.

Invest in quality equipment.

More expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better equipment, but the cheapest option probably isn’t the best option, either. Invest in quality warehouse equipment that has a good reputation within the industry for durability and reliability. Talk to other warehouse managers about what they recommend or talk to our experienced project managers. You might end up paying a little more upfront, but you won’t have to deal with the cost of repairing or replacing your equipment nearly as often.

We have the affordable warehouse equipment that you need! Talk to our team today about how you can place an order.

Beware Some Cost-Saving Measures

If it seems to good to be true…

…It probably is. You’ve heard the saying before and it applies to warehouse equipment as well. Don’t fall for money-saving schemes that seem too good to be true. You’ll likely end up with warehouse equipment that’s faulty, worthless, and could even potentially be a risk for the health and safety of your team.

Prioritize safety over savings.

Safety should come first in your warehouse. While you want to save money, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of safety. Make sure your team has the equipment and training they need to make their jobs as safe as possible. The warehouse environment can be a dangerous one without it, and that could end up costing you way more than just money.

Listen to your team’s needs.

Talk to your team about what equipment they feel they need. While you aren’t under any obligation to take their advice, they often know best about what’s needed out on the floor. Listening to them will make them feel more invested in the warehouse and the equipment that you do purchase, too.

Looking for great warehouse equipment that’s not going to cost you a fortune? DAK Equipment & Engineering can help. Get in touch with our project managers to discuss the needs of your warehouse and discover the right solution.

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January 15, 2017

What New Warehouse Equipment Will You Be Investing in This Year?

It’s the beginning of a new year and time to decide how you’ll be spending this year’s warehouse equipment budget. Chances are there are several areas in your warehouse that could use improvement, but you’ll have to prioritize every dollar to make sure you are using it wisely. So what comes first and what can wait? DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you determine the best places to spend your money.

How to Decide Where Your Money is Going in Your Warehouse

Identify problem areas.

What are the pain points in your warehouse? Knowing what they are and clearly defining them can help you determine the best methods to rectifying them and what equipment will do the job. If you are running out of storage for pallets, new pallet racking might be the answer. If you are running behind on orders, look at automation or improving the pick line with better storage solutions.

Talk to your team.

Your team knows better than anyone what needs to be improved in your warehouse. Talk to them and ask them where they would invest the money if it were their own money. You might discover that your shelving is in worse shape than you thought and they are struggling to keep it patched together. Or you might find that storage isn’t an issue, but walking boxes back and forth to the docks is eating up their time. It’s a good idea to find out what they think are the pain points.

Find long-term benefits.

Investing your money in areas where it can provide the most long-term benefits is key to smart spending. Think about what warehouse equipment is going to do this for you. In many cases, warehouse equipment that allows you to automate your process is going to pay off more in the long run. That might not always be true depending on your warehouse’s specific needs. If you anticipate that your storage needs are going to continue to expand due to increased sales or expanded inventory lines, then storage might be the better option.

Work with an expert.

If you are torn between a variety of warehouse equipment options in which to invest your money, it might be time to talk to an expert. Warehouse consultants at DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you find the right place to put your money and help you create a long-term plan so you also know where to invest next time, too. You can get a comprehensive plan for expansion, upkeep, and maintainence to keep your warehouse going long into the future.

Our Recommendations for Warehouse Equipment Investment

  • Automation. This is a good place to put your money. That’s because automation is going to become more and more of a requirement in busy warehouses. Eventually, many warehouse managers are going to find that automation isn’t so much an option as it is a requirement. Putting money here slowly over time can help prevent a huge investment of capital down the road.
  • Conveyor systems. Part of your automation, this is a good place to start. If you aren’t already using conveyor systems in your warehouse, you probably should be. Conveyors are the most efficient way to cut down on the number of steps and touches it takes to get your products out the door. Look at common traffic patterns within your warehouse and eliminate trips with the introduction of a conveyor.
  • Pallet rack shelving. Pallets are big, bulky, and they need to be out of the way. If your warehouse has found that storing pallet racks has become an issue, you have two options: either increase your storage capacity for pallets or optimize your current shelving to make more room. DAK Equipment can help with both.

Talk to a Warehouse Equipment Expert Today

DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you determine where your warehouses needs to invest your money next and get you the warehouse equipment that you need to do it. Talk to our team. We’re located in the Chicago area but work with warehouses across the United States and even in international locations. Make sure your budget is going to the right places. Give us a call or contact us through our website and speak with one of our warehouse equipment experts today.

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January 14, 2017

Why You Should Be Working With an Outside Consultant to Optimize Your Warehouse

Even if you’ve been managing warehouses for the better part of your lifetime doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from some outside help. Our warehouse consultants work with warehouse managers across the country to optimize their warehouse. We do this through a variety of services, including:

  • Layout optimization. Are you using the space and the equipment that you have to the best of its abilities? We can evaluate your space and offer practical suggestions.
  • Warehouse design. Whether you are building a new warehouse or remodeling your old one, we can help make sure it’s perfect.
  • Warehouse automation. Are there things you are using human labor for when it could be automated? Our team can plan and implement automation that works for your warehouse.

Even if you have experience in these areas, you can benefit from getting an outside opinion on your strategies and ideas. There are so many other benefits to bringing in an outside warehouse consultant, too. Here are some that you should consider.

The Benefits of Bringing In a Warehouse Consultant

An outside opinion can bring new ideas.

Sometimes when you’ve been working in warehouses for years, you’ve been doing the same thing for years. That’s not always a bad thing, but bringing in another person can help inspire new ideas that could help your business even more. Don’t view this as competition, view it as collaboration. This can help make your warehouse better than ever.

You get an impartial evaluation.

When you work with a third-party consultant, you get someone who has no personal investment in your warehouse other than seeing you succeed. That means they aren’t going to be attached to a process for nostalgia’s sake and they will offer fair, impartial evaluations of your current setup. This is something that’s hard for many warehouse managers to provide for themselves because they may be too close to the situation to see it fairly.

You free up internal resources.

When you have an external warehouse consultant come in and do some of the heavy lifting your team won’t have to do it themselves. This can help free up your internal resources to focus on other areas. Those other areas are likely more in their wheelhouse so they can provide more benefit to your warehouse. It’s tempting to use your internal team to do some of these things because it’s “free labor” (they are already there, after all!) but it could actually hurt your business by pulling their focus away from other things that matter.

A Warehouse Consultant Doesn’t Have to Drain Your Budget

One of the primary concerns that many warehouse managers have about using a warehouse consultant for their automation, design, layout and other optimization duties is that it’s going to cost too much. This is often not the case. The warehouse consultants at DAK Equipment & Engineering do their work for a very reasonable fee. Because you can have the team do as much or as little of the work as you want, you can tailor their efforts to your budget. For instance, they can provide you with an optimized layout but your team will handle the actual execution of the project.

Additionally, a warehouse consultant can make your warehouse more profitable. Many consultants can find ways to lower your costs while increasing your bottom line, practically paying for themselves and offering suggestions that can improve your warehouse even more over time. That alone should be reason enough to hire a warehouse consultant to help you optimize your space!

Call DAK Equipment to Speak With Warehouse Consultants Today

Are you convinced that a warehouse consultant is worth your investment or are at least ready to learn more? Then it’s time to talk to the DAK Equipment & Engineering team. We’ve been consulting for warehouses across the United States and we can help you, too. Talk to our team by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’ll get back with you to develop a plan that can help increase the profitability and productivity of your warehouse. You’ll be amazed at what we can do to help your warehouse in a short amount of time and for less money than you might think. Get in touch with us today!

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