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January 13, 2017

How to Prepare for New Pallet Shelving In Your Warehouse

There probably isn’t a warehouse in the world that won’t have to eventually face the prospect of installing new pallet rack shelving. Even with the best warehouse optimization from our warehouse consultants, you may simply need to install new shelves to handle your inventory. As your warehouse grows and changes, you’ll be forced to evaluate your warehouse’s needs on a regular basis. When your shelving capacity no longer meets the demand, it’s time to add on. The installation of new pallet rack shelving shouldn’t be a stressful event, though, and with the right preparation, you can get your warehouse ready for a smooth installation process. The DAK Equipment & Engineering team has helped countless customers across the United States find and install the right pallet racking for their warehouse. Thanks to our experience, we have some tips that can help make it easier on you!

Steps to Get Your Warehouse Ready for New Shelving

Know what kind of shelving you need.

Not all pallet rack shelving is made equal. There are a variety of different brands and models, not to mention a world of different attachment systems. If you can, it’s nice to get pallet racking that uses the same system as your old racking. This way you can join the two systems up to create more cohesive systems and prevent wasted space between shelves. This will help you properly optimize your layout.

If you already know what kind of system you are using, just contact the DAK Equipment team. We’ll help you find a system that matches yours or works together with it. If you don’t know what system you are using, no problem! Just take a look at your shelving and take a couple pictures of the joints on your phone. You can email those photos to your DAK warehouse consultant so they can help you find a system that will easily integrate.

Make a plan about what’s moving and where it’s going.

Once you’ve found the right pallet racking, decide how you are going to fill it. You’ll want to keep in mind safety precautions like properly loading your racking to prevent accidents. New shelving often creates a major reorganization project in your warehouse, but that isn’t necessarily something you should avoid. If it’s time to expand your shelving, it’s probably time to rethink how you are using your shelving in the first place. Create a diagram of where inventory is going and lay out each shelf. Think about what’s going to work best for your workflow, placing items that are frequently ordered closer to the pick and pack teams. Move seldom-used items or seasonal inventory to the back of the warehouse or up to higher shelves. Taking these extra steps to sort your inventory before you get your new shelving can help you delegate a lot of the moving tasks to your team so you can get the job done faster. Plus, you’ll have a detailed diagram of where everything should be, which is handy for inventory counting as well.

Clean up and prep for installation day.

Once you’ve ordered your new pallet racking from DAK Equipment & Engineering, make time to prepare for the installation. Make sure the area where your new racking is being installed is clean and clear of debris. This will help the installation team work more quickly to get your new racking in place. If you decide to install the pallet shelving yourself, this prep work can help your team get back to work sooner. If you have a professional team handle the installation, such as the DAK team, then they will be able to work more efficiently and the installation may end up costing you less money.

We Can Handle Your Pallet Racking Installation Work For You

Dak Equipment & Engineering offers installation services that can help get your pallet racking installed safely and quickly. You won’t have to drain your internal resources to do it for you and your team can continue to focus on their work. If you are in need of new pallet rack shelving, talk to a warehouse consultant at DAK Equipment & Engineering today. We’ll help you find the shelving you need and get it installed in no time. Call us or contact us through our website today.

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January 12, 2017

How to Prep for Annual Inventory

If you are getting ready for your warehouse’s annual physical inventory count, your blood pressure probably just went up. It’s no one’s favorite thing to do in a warehouse, but it’s a necessary evil. Fortunately, our warehouse consultants have some great tips to make the process less stressful.

Count in your off hours.

Don’t try to count your inventory during working hours. You’ll just be inviting problems. Count after normal operating hours or on the weekend. That way your inventory won’t be changed while you are counting and you can update numbers before you start business again.

Try cycle counting.

Instead of doing one giant physical inventory once a year, try doing smaller physical counts more often. Set up a rotation of areas which are counted on a regular basis. For instance, you can do one set of shelves each month. This can help you catch issues much sooner and reduce the resource drain that an annual physical count can create.

Use count tags.

Count tags help you track what areas need to be counted and what should be there. This is a great way to track your inventory count and ensure that each one has been accounted for in the count. You can either order count tags or make your own. Simply create a tag for each shelf that needs to be counted and number then in sequence so it’s obvious if one is missing.

Assign areas.

Once you have your inventory team assembled, assign them specific areas to count and give them the corresponding count tags. Even if there is nothing in an area or on a shelf to count, there should still be a tag and it should still be returned to you to enter into your inventory system. This can help eliminate overlooked areas.

Investigate discrepancies.

If you notice a major discrepancy, don’t just take it for granted. While some mistakes are to be expected, it’s a good idea to investigate large discrepancies immediately. For instance, if you should have 30 of something on the shelves and your inventory team only counts 3, have them go back and look for an overlooked box. Or check other team’s sheets for unexpected boxes that could be in the wrong place with your missing inventory.

The biggest lesson that you’ll learn from your physical count is where your warehouse’s weaknesses are at. This is valuable information and not something that you should take lightly. Learn from your annual count and discover how you can make your warehouse a more efficient place that experiences less lost and damaged items.

Have questions about how to handle your annual physical count? Our warehouse consultants can help. We understand the struggles that warehouses go through because we’ve been working with them for more than 30 years. Get in touch with our team today and let us help you overcome your warehouse’s weaknesses so you can become stronger and more profitable. You can call us or contact us through our website to speak to one of our warehouse consultants as soon as possible.

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January 08, 2017

Making Inventory Easier With Better Warehouse Equipment

It’s that time of year again: annual inventory time. It’s something that a lot of warehouses dread. It’s time-consuming, costly, and it brings to light a lot of the weaknesses that exist within our warehouse¬†processes. But does it really have to be so painful? Inventory can go much more smoothly when you have the right warehouse equipment. So what is it that your warehouse needs?

More pallet rack shelving.

If you are trying to cram too much onto one shelf, it’s not only hard to count, it’s dangerous. Spreading out your pallet loads can help you make your inventory easier to find and also reduce the risk of damaging items on over-crowding pallet racks. If you have the room, it’s a great way to spread out.

Better carton flow racks.

When you are dealing with cartons instead of pallets, you need to keep these boxes organized. It’s much easier to lose smaller boxes of items than it is to misplace an entire rack. Carton flow racks keep items organized and pushed forward where they can be easily viewed and counted.

Warehouse mezzanine for storage.

If you are running out of space, sometimes the best option is to go up. A warehouse mezzanine is just what you need. You’ll gain valuable storage space without an expensive expansion to your existing warehouse space. Use it for pallets, cartons, or even a dedicated inventory count space during your annual inventory.

More bins for smaller items.

As easy as it is to misplace cartons, smaller individual SKUs are even worse. It’s easy for these items to literally slip through the cracks and throw off your inventory count. You can prevent this with bins and other warehouse equipment build for smaller storage. This helps keep your shelves organized and prevents objects from going astray.

So where can you find all of the warehouse equipment that you need to make your space more organized and efficient? All you need to do is call DAK Equipment & Engineering. Our team has all of the pallet racking systems, carton flow racks, warehouse mezzanine and other items that you need. We can even install them for you. But all the equipment in the world isn’t going to help you if your warehouse isn’t set up right. That’s why we also offer warehouse layout optimization services.

This service will take your existing warehouse equipment and create a floor plan that optimizes your layout. We’ll take into account your business, your needs, and any challenges your warehouse is facing to help you optimize the layout so you increase efficiency and your bottom line. We can even recommend new warehouse equipment that might help.

Take the dread out of your annual inventory count with the help of DAK Equipment & Engineering. Between our warehouse equipment and consulting service, we have everything you need to make sure your inventory counting is a smooth and painless process. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’ll get to work on the solutions that you need today!



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