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May 15, 2017

Getting to the Bottom of Employee Theft

Our warehouse consultants recently wrote about how to reduce theft in your warehouse. It’s a huge problem for a lot of warehouses and distribution centers and ends up costing American businesses billions of dollars every year. One strategy that we didn’t cover in our previous blog involves taking a more personal approach to theft reduction. It involves getting to know more about why your employees are stealing and the motivation behind their actions. In many cases, understanding why the theft is happening will help you put a stop to the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the primary motivators for employee theft in the warehouse setting.

Why Employees Steal From Your Warehouse

They feel underappreciated.

A lot of theft happens because the employee feels that they aren’t getting the financial compensation or recognition that they deserve at work. They consider it a little bonus to themselves and justify it by feeling they deserve it. Make sure you are doing enough to recognize the hard work of your employees. Sure, some people are never going to be satisfied with their pay or other efforts to reward them, but if you are really lacking in this area you are likely to experience more theft.

They feel they have been wronged.

Employee theft can be used as a way to pay back the company for a perceived wrong or slight. Maybe the employee was passed over for a promotion or they are angry about having to work over a weekend. They justify the theft by rationalizing that you did something to hurt them, so they are going to do something to hurt you back. There is no way to prevent hurt feelings in the warehouse–it’s just going to happen no matter how careful you are–so you’ll need to rely on extra precautions like bag checks and secure storage to reduce it.

The opportunity is there.

It’s tough for even the most morally upstanding person to walk away from a theft when they know it’s going to be easy and undetected. When the opportunity presents itself, you’d be surprised at how many of your employees would take it. The only way to prevent opportunity thefts is to take away the opportunity. You can do this by making sure employees know about security measures like cameras, bag checks, metal detectors, and random audits so they know it’s going to be tough to walk out with the goods.

They are experiencing financial distress.

This is actually less common than you might initially think, but it does happen. Some theft in warehouses and distribuation centers occurs because employees are trying to overcome some kind of financial distress. Maybe they have a gambling or drug problem or there is some other reason they need to increase their income in a hurry. In these cases, employees are more likely to steal things that have a high resale value on the street, primarily electronics. You can combat this kind of theft by locking up tempting items in secure storage and limiting access to them. You can also do thorough background checks on employees before you hire them to ensure they don’t have a criminal history of this kind of behavior.

They don’t think they’ll be caught or punished.

If employees don’t think you’ll be able to detect the theft they are more likely to steal. They are also more likely to steal if they think you’ll shrug off the theft or give them the proverbial slap on the wrist. You’ll need to make it clear to employees in training and in employee meetings that you take theft very seriously, safeguard against it, and if an employee is caught that they will be immediately terminated. If it does happen, make sure you follow through with it.

What Issues Are Plaguing Your Warehouse?

Need more advice on preventing employee theft in your warehouse? Facing another warehouse issue that needs your attention? Our warehouse consultants can help. Get in touch with our team to learn more about theft prevention and solutions to other warehouse issues. We can help you find the right equipment and solutions to make your warehouse a safer, more efficient, and more profitable business. Give us a call or contact us through our website to speak with an experienced consultant about all of your warehouse needs today.

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May 10, 2017

How to Reduce Theft in Your Warehouse


Is theft an issue in your warehouse? It is for many warehouses across the United States. It isn’t organized crime or local heists that are the main contributor to the theft issue, either; employee theft is actually the most common. It’s estimated that cargo theft costs U.S. businesses more than $30 billion each year. That’s a lot of product walking out your warehouse door. It’s costing your business money and eroding the trust that you have in your team. It’s bad for the reputation of your company, bad for employee morale, and bad for your bottom line. If theft has become a problem in your warehouse, you need to take steps to stop it.

There are a number of simple things you can do in order to prevent theft in your warehouse. Our warehouse consultants offer these suggestions.

Tips for Reducing Warehouse Theft

Do your due diligence.

You can prevent a lot of theft before it happens by doing your due diligence during the hiring process. While it’s good to trust your gut when it comes to dealing with people, it’s even better to do a background check and actually check their references. Find out why they left their last job and be very wary of hiring anyone with previous theft or embezzlement issues on their record.

Limit access.

Most workers aren’t going to need access to the entire warehouse all the time. Be suspicious of workers who are wondering into other areas that aren’t necessary for their job. You should also be suspicious of workers who show up early or stay late when they haven’t been asked to do so. Limiting their access to only the areas that are imperative to their job can prevent collusion between areas and prevent them from stashing items to grab later.

Implement cyclical counting.

Keeping an eye on inventory is imperative if you want to prevent theft. That means doing physical counting once a year just isn’t enough. Instead, implement cyclical counting. You can keep the schedule private so employees don’t know what areas are going to be counted until it’s happening. This can keep potential thieves unsure about the best time to grab something and make them less likely to take the chance.

Set up cameras.

It used to be that setting up a camera security system in a warehouse was so expensive it was cost prohibitive. That’s not the case anymore. Now you can get Internet-connected cameras that can be set up and running in a matter of minutes. You can view these cameras anywhere, too, so you can even check up on the warehouse from your smartphone when you are at home or on vacation. Most thieves aren’t going to be brazen enough to take something when the cameras are in action.

Lock up inventory.

Create secure storage for high-theft items. These might be items with a high resale value or simply a popular high-ticket item. There are numerous ways to add secured storage to your warehouse, whether you choose steel cages or locking cabinets. This will help limit access to these items and make it much, much harder to pick up and walk out the door with them. Plus, when these items are locked up, you’ll know exactly who had access to them.

Is your warehouse being plagued by theft? Our warehouse consultants can help you find solutions to help prevent loss. Simply give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call or contact us through our website. We’ll help you find solutions to all of your warehouse issues, whether you are worried about theft, need a new warehouse layout, or just need to order some new warehouse equipment. Get in touch with us today to get started!


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May 05, 2017

5 Items That Make Your Warehouse More Comfortable for Workers

Making your warehouse more comfortable for your workers is an investment into the productivity of your warehouse. That’s because the happier and more comfortable a worker is on the job, the harder they are going to work and the more productive they are going to be. If you’ve ever been on the job with a headache, sore back, or aching knees, you know how those seemingly minor conditions can hugely affect your ability to produce on the job. Making the working environment as pleasant as possible can cut down on the number of worker’s compensation claims you process as well as the sick time that your workers take to recover from injuries.

Here are five items of warehouse equipment we think are must-haves to make your warehouse space a more comfortable place to work.

Pick Up These Five Items to Make Your Warehouse More Comfortable

Better Floor Matting

Floor matting decreases the impact of stepping down on a hard cement floor all day long. The padding of the matting cushions the impact, absorbing some of the force so it doesn’t affect the knees and other joints. Your workers will feel a huge improvement in how their back, hips, knees and feet feel after they’ve spent a day on the hard cement versus the cushioned floor matting. Put matting in traffic areas such as your packing areas and under workstations.

We recommend: Comfort­ King™ Matting

Ergonomic Work Stations

If your team has to spend time at a desk throughout their day, they need an ergonomic workstation to keep them comfortable. A workstation that’s made for the demands of the warehouse will help eliminate unnecessary stretching or movement, keeping your workers safer from repetitive injuries or muscle pulls. Workstations that have everything within easy reach are best, so they can quickly get tasks done whether they are logging returns, processing arrivals, or working on customer service issues. Look for workstations made for a warehouse, with bin storage and extra power outlets.

We recommend: LMT Workstations with Accessories

Back Supports

Giving your team the right equipment to protect their body as they work is a win/win for both of you. They’ll have fewer injuries and sick days and you’ll have a team that can put in extra effort to get the job done. Back supports are a must-have item in any warehouse because they support your workers as they bend, stretch, lift and move items throughout the space. Look for back supports that are adjustable and fit comfortably over clothing. Make sure you have a variety of sizes on hand for your team, too.

We recommend: Back Elastic Supports

Safety Ladders

Your team is going to need to climb up to get to storage that’s above their reach from the ground. They can do it with rickety ladders or they can do it safely with safety ladders. Safety ladders allow your workers to climb up what is essentially a rolling set of stairs. It’s much safer than climbing up traditional ladders, thanks to the inclined angle and safety rails that prevent falls. Safety ladders can be easily rolled out of the way when they aren’t needed, too, making them easy to use when needed and stored when they are not.

We recommend: M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders

Comfortable Chairs

When your team needs to sit, they should do it in a chair that supports them. Whether they are on the assembly line or processing paperwork, a comfortable and supportive chair is a must-have. Look for chairs that offer adjustability to suit the different needs of different workers. Ones that are easily cleaned are a bonus, too.

We recommend: Ergonomic High-Tech Series

If you’d like help placing an order for these or any of our other warehouse equipment, just get in touch with our team! Give us a call or contact us through our website today.

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