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December 15, 2017

The Best Pallet Racks When You Don’t Need Access 100% of the Time

We recently wrote about the pallet racks you’ll want to use if you want the densest storage capacity in your warehouse. While dense storage is good, it’s not right for every warehouse and should only be used when it can actually benefit your operation. To find the right pallet racking, you need to take into consideration a number of factors such as what you are storing and how often you need to access it. For most warehouses, the answer to their storage needs is the standard selective pallet rack. This is the most common storage solution in warehouses in Illinois as well as the rest of the world. These pallet racks are great for warehouses that handle a high number of SKUs and need nearly constant access to all of their inventory, most likely to fulfill orders rapidly. But that’s not the only kind of warehouse that exists, and a lot of warehouses store inventory that they don’t need access to 100% of the time. If that’s the case for your facility, then you might want to consider installing double deep pallet racks.

Discover the Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racks

What are double deep pallet racks?

Double deep pallet racks place two pallet racks together. This increases your storage capacity by eliminating an aisle space, giving you more storage density in the same square footage. It’s an easy way to increase your storage capacity without the expense of expanding your facility; most warehouses can move to a double deep pallet racking system by simply rearranging their facility, doubling up pallet racks, and ordering a few pieces of additional racking. Double deep pallet racks can be built in virtually any size to meet almost any storage demands, so a facility can get the customized storage that they need. Plus, as your inventory changes, it’s easy to convert your double deep pallet racks back to single row pallet racks, giving you some flexibility when it comes to your storage needs.

How do they work in a warehouse?

The idea behind double deep pallet racks is that you’ll be able to store seldom needed items at the back of the rack with high-demand items in the front. When your pickers need to access the items in the back, they’ll be able to access them by moving the front product out of the way (most likely with a pallet jack or forklift) and getting the items out of the back. This is also a useful way to manage duplicate inventory without taking up too much of your storage space. Keep in mind that when you use double deep pallet racks, you’ll only have access to about 50% of your inventory at any given time because have of it is stored behind the other half. That’s why this system is ideal for warehouses that have a large amount of inventory that they don’t need to access all of the time.

Use Double Deep Racking With Your Current Racking System

You can use the double deep racking method with a number of pallet racking systems. Make your drive-thru pallet racks double deep or eliminate aisles by making your selective pallet racking double deep. You’ll be able to increase the density of your storage and keep seldom-needed items out of the way. Just make sure it’s the method that’s going to work for your warehouse; if you need constant access to all of your inventory, moving to a double deep system could actually slow down your productivity because your team will need to move items out of the way more often. It may be ideal to add to an aisle or two of your warehouse, though, especially when you need to store a large number of items long term.

The Pros and Cons


  • It can increase your pallet storage capacity by 10% or more
  • Makes 50% of your SKUs easily available for pick and pack
  • Uses more of your floor space for efficient storage instead of aisle space
  • You can convert between single row and double deep as needed


  • 50% of your inventory will be harder to access
  • You may need specialized equipment to reach pallets that are further back
  • Can slow productivity when you need to access back pallets
  • It can be difficult to see pallets in the back

Looking For the Ultimate Warehouse Storage Solutions?

We have them. There is an infinite number of ways that you can set up your warehouse, but our warehouse design experts and warehouse consultants can help you find the setup that’s optimized to the needs of your warehouse operation. Our team can help you find the right configuration of equipment to improve warehouse productivity and lower your costs. Get in touch with us today to purchase your double deep, selective pallet racks or other warehouse equipment. Call us at 855-863-0340 or use the form on our website and one of our project managers will be in touch with you right away!

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December 07, 2017

These Guys Make Success Happen for You

Our 24 Hour Quick-Ship Program can Solve Your RIGHT NOW  Problems

It’s coming up on the end of the year and you’ve been busy for the entire previous eleven months. This might mean that you’ve put off projects to improve your facility and you may have left-over budget that was intended for those enhancements.

These guys can help.


Warehouse Staff

Juan, Greg, Martin and Arturo

These four gentlemen are the superstars that manage the warehouse at DAK Equipment that contains over 50,000 square feet of material handling supplies. They not only receive, store, and manage our inventory, they make our 24 hour quick ship program work and get you what you need when you need it. That means they get in-stock orders out the door the very next day.

Many manufacturers currently have ship dates out into next year. In fact, I just heard today that one of them is pushed out to March! That sort of timing could throw a wrench in your plans, especially if you encounter other delays. Fortunately, both the DAK project managers and the warehouse team are ready and willing to help.


Partial Warehouse View

Partial Warehouse View

If you have a RIGHT NOW project in mind or even something less urgent that you’re planning for next year, please feel free to get in touch.

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December 05, 2017

The Highest Density Configuration for Pallet Shelves

The biggest issue your warehouse is going to face is how to maximize your storage space. It’s a problem that constantly plagues warehouses around the country and it’s something that our warehouse design team has a lot of experience with. Some warehouses go to extreme measures to create more space in their facility, which can sometimes lead to an unsafe work environment and could even slow down their productivity, negating any benefits they may have had from the increase in storage capacity.

We’ve worked with warehouses in every industry to help them increase their storage capacity without having to move their facility or undergo expensive and time-consuming construction. How you maximize your storage capacity is going to depend on the kind of space you have, what you are storing, and how often you need to get to it. But if you are simply looking for the most storage in the least amount of space, then drive-in pallet shelves are the answer. Learn more about this warehouse storage method and whether or not it could be the one that you need in your facility!

All About Drive-In Pallet Shelves

The Advantages

The main advantage of drive-in pallet racking is the high-density storage opportunities. The shelving is made to be close together, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing too much of your floor space to aisles. If you have a lot of the same product to store, it’s especially good. That’s because you can not only go double deep with your rows, you can go virtually as deep as you like. We’ve seen warehouses that go ten rows or deeper. Plus, drive-through pallet racking can be customized for the needs of your warehouse and your equipment. That means if you need racking that’s a little wider, narrower, shorter, or taller than normal, that’s no problem. This system also makes it very easy to load and unload items quickly, meaning you’ll spend less time moving product in and out of your warehouse. That’s a big boost to productivity.

  • Drive-in pallet shelving is made to be close together.
  • It’s extremely cost-effective for the amount of storage you get.
  • They can be double deep, or even stacked ten or more deep!
  • Limits the number of aisles you need to get more storage space.
  • Can be customized to meet the needs of your warehouse.
  • Easy to move product in and out of the warehouse.

The Disadvantages

While there are a lot of great things about drive-through pallet racking, it’s not a perfect system. It’s really ideally suited to certain warehouses, but for others, it could end up slowing down productivity more than helping with their storage issues. First of all, you need to be operating forklifts within your warehouse to make them work. If you aren’t already, this could mean a sizable investment to your company. Secondly, this system is ideally suited for a warehouse that’s storage a large number of palletized items. If you are dealing with a lot of cartons or small items, then it’s not going to be a good system for you. And finally, this pallet racking system uses the Last-In-First-Out method, so if you have items that are time sensitive, you could end up with a lot of spoiled product.

  • It allows an entry and exit for your forklift, but not much else.
  • Pulling items off of the shelves can be a slow process if items are further back.
  • Not good for cartons or small items.
  • Not good for items that can spoil as it uses a Last-In-First-Out system.

Who Should Use Drive-In Pallet Racking?

So who should use a drive-in or drive-thru pallet shelves system? This can be a great method for anything who has a lot of the same product to store, and products are on relatively the same size of pallets. While drive-in pallet shelves can be made in virtually any size that you need, for them to be an effective use of your space you’ll want to be storing items that are about the same size. If this sounds like your materials handling facility and the items you are working with, drive-thru pallet shelves can maximize the space you have in a very affordable way. It might be worth exploring whether or not this storage method is going to be the right one for your warehouse, as it could mean giving you a lot of extra space that you might desperately need.

  • Warehouses with a small number of products
  • Warehouse with products that are not time sensitive
  • Warehouses with products that need to be stored for a long period of time


DAK Can Help You Find the Right Storage Solutions for Your Warehouse

Drive-in pallet racking isn’t right for every warehouse, but it is right for a lot of them. If this isn’t the right system for you, we can help you find the one that is. If you are looking for ways to increase your storage capacity, then there are other methods available including:

  • Mezzanine levels. This can increase your square footage without expanding your building.
  • Cantilever racking systems. Great for long item storage without taking up a big footprint.
  • Modular offices. Frees up space on the warehouse floor by moving admin and management into their own space.
  • Expanding storage upwards. Many warehouses aren’t utilizing the space they have overhead!
  • Reconfiguring the warehouse floor. Sometimes it’s just a matter of rearranging the warehouse to maximize the space you have. Working with an experienced warehouse designer can bring you even better results.

Want to learn more about all the storage solutions available for your facility? Visit the DAK Equipment & Engineering website then get in contact with our project managers. Our team can help you discover the solutions that you need in order to overcome any challenges your warehouse is currently facing. They’ll make sure this is the right fit for your facility and help you get the right products ordered. We can even help with your installation! Give us a call or use the form on our website. We’d love to get to work on maximizing your warehouse space today!

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