Our Warehouse Equipment & Engineering Team

Your DAK warehouse equipment and engineering team is a community that is committed to providing the best service to customers each and every day. Whether you need the right piece of warehouse equipment or need help optimizing your space, we can help. We gladly offer expertise in all aspects of material handling equipment in Chicago and beyond, from simply supplying the materials needed to using our state-of-the-art tools and decades of experience to properly plan the most efficient use of your warehouse space. When partnering on a job, our project managers & warehouse design consultants become dedicated to the task of helping your warehouse or distribution center succeed.

Owner and President David Kenealy says, “Once you say you’re going to do something, you’ve given your word. Never break it.” From that first day in 1995, every DAK employee has worked to uphold this conviction, and the loyalty of hundreds of customers is proof that we are succeeding.

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Dave Kenealy, Owner and President

Dave KenealyDave Kenealy went to Lane Tech High School in Chicago where he majored in Engineering. After graduating from Elmhurst College, he started working in material handling as a Teamsters Union dockman at McLean Trucking. Since this wasn’t a whole lot of fun, he returned to school and received a Masters degree from Northwestern University.

He worked in research and development for a manufacturing company, managed several manufacturing plants and distribution centers in Chicago, and then started DAK Equipment & Engineering. The manufacturing plants and distribution center experience gave Dave a “users perspective” when it comes to material handling, which has been very useful in his career.

Dave is married and has two children. His hobbies are hot rodding classic cars, mountain climbing and music.


Tim Owens, Director of Sales and Marketing

Tim OwensTim comes to us with a varied background in sales and technical analysis. After graduating from college with an engineering degree, he worked designing pumps and part cleaning equipment. During his work designing part cleaners, he developed three different methods that eventually earned him patents. This led to an interest in material handling.

Tim ended up at Interlake, where he was promoted from regional engineering to corporate account management. After Interlake his career led him to material handling distribution companies, managing both sales accounts and engineering staff. His primary goal as a member of DAK’s leadership is to take project management and customer service to the next level. Tim says that “The only acceptable result is the best customer service in the industry.”

An avid photographer, Tim is happily married with two daughters who have convinced him to stay in shape by getting him involved in karate over the last decade.


John Jiambalvo, National Sales Manager

John JiambalvoJohn Jiambalvo grew up in Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago. John has had a varied career working in the consumer products industry in sales, marketing, and product development. For seven years he was Executive Director of a division of AHAM (The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). Later he headed his own national sales organization.

During his time working with consumer products, John found that supply chain and logistics concerns began to dominate the industry, which led him to his current career in material handling. The most important thing he has learned is that “Customer service and customer education are the keys to success” in facility planning and storage systems.

He and his wife Jane are the parents of two grown children and live in Naperville. John enjoys writing imaginative literature in his free time.


Dan Vitagliano, Senior Project Manager

Dan VitaglianoDan is Chicago born and raised and has spent 27 years in the storage industry. He has spent time working for Supreme Equipment & Systems as a factory rep for Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. He has also represented Datum Filing in York, PA as an independent agent in the document storage industry. Dan has been a DAK project manager for 8 years.

Dan believes in “providing solutions to customers’ needs and providing whatever it takes.” He is always looking for the best solution at the best price.

Dan enjoys music and the company of his wife and daughter.




Tony Ciampa, Senior Project Manager

Tony CiampaTony was born and raised in Chicagoland and after some time spent living in North Carolina, he’s returned to the area. With 10 years of material handling experience, he’s been a little bit of a jack-of-all-trades, working with lockers, pallet rack solutions, shelving and more. He’s also very experienced in GSA work.

Tony’s approach to projects focuses on listening to the customer and ensuring that the solution he develops ticks every box they have. As far as he’s concerned, the client is his boss for the life of the project and beyond. After a year and half away from material handling he returned to the industry because he missed it and joined DAK to contribute his knowledge and experience to the success of our customers.

At home, Tony is kept very busy by his two young sons who enjoy jumping on and wrestling with dad the moment he gets home from work. He also enjoys fishing and the outdoors. The Boundry Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota is one of his favorite places on earth.


Jim Hathaway, Senior Project Manager

Jim HathawayJim comes with a varied background in sales and customer service. From working in his parents’ restaurant at 10 years old to taking children’s portraits and selling cars, he’s developed a passion for meeting the needs of his customers quickly and completely.

He found his calling in material handling having worked as a Senior Guarding Sales Specialist at Wildeck, Inc. After years of experience, he has developed a consultative approach to his sales process. Making sure his clients know what’s happening during all phases of a project is Jim’s key to customer satisfaction and retention.

Jim is married with three adult children and lives in the greater Milwaukee area. He spends his spare time, officiating amateur hockey, watching two of his kids play college sports and loves camping. If you are ever at Road America between Milwaukee and Green Bay, stop by the Gear Box concession stand to say hi and enjoy his cooking.



Jim Metcalfe, Senior Project Manager

Jim MetcalfeJim joins us with 30+ years of experience in material handling with a focus on automation. He has intimate knowledge of product flow and handling, space saving, and inventory control. His expertise includes shelving and rack solutions, conveyor, vertical lifts, vertical and horizontal carousels, mobile storage and much more than there’s room for here.

When Jim starts a project, he learns from his customer about their needs, partners with them to identify the process flow and then matches the best solution to the requirements. He then asks them to “shoot it down” and uses that information to arrive at the truly best solution to the challenge.

Arriving in Chicagoland from Indiana in 1981, Jim and his wife have raised two daughters and just celebrated the birth of their first grandchild. In his free time, Jim trains dogs and enjoys Chicago sports but reserves most of his cheering for Notre Dame and the University of Evansville Purple Aces.


Zac Kimble, Project Manager

Zac Kimble

Zac joined us straight from graduating from Northern Illinois University. Originally from Central Illinois near Springfield, he’s now migrated to the Chicagoland area and thrown himself into increasing his material handling knowledge with a dedication that’s impressed the rest of the DAK Equipment team. When he first arrived, we tossed him in the deep end and had him working with our wholesale customers. That experience got him off to a fast start and he hasn’t stopped running.

Zac is genuinely a people person who enjoys helping solve problems. He has fun taking projects from start to finish and helping his customers succeed. He wants you to know “When given a project, I become as dedicated to it as my customer is”.

When he’s not working on a project and identifying the best solutions for his customers, Zac enjoys watching and playing sports, usually basketball, football, baseball and soccer. Even though they broke his heart with the move to Los Angeles, he’s still a dedicated fan of the Rams.


Chris Andersen, Project Manager

Chris AndersenChris joins DAK as a recent graduate of Illinois State with an Industrial Engineering Tech degree.  During that time he took a semester off and worked at Interlake Mecalux as an engineering assistant where he was thrown into the fire and designed pick module systems that included pallet flow, carton flow and other related rack applications.

Moving forward at DAK, Chris is looking forward to using his engineering education and experience to create solutions for complicated material handling problems.  While he enjoys a challenge and getting his hands dirty, he emphasizes that “Customer service is number one.”

A born and raised native of the western suburbs of Chicago, Chris has played hockey his entire life including at the collegiate level.  He enjoys watching all sports but both hockey and baseball are his favorites and he roots for the Blackhawks and the Cubbies.


Nick Papanicholas, Project Manager

Nick PapanicholasNick joins us with 7 years of material handling experience after a varied career that includes working with his family at Papanicholas Coffee and being a decorated Marine Corp veteran with experience in electronic warfare. He grew up in Wheaton and has a degree from Western Michigan University in food marketing.

Working with his customers, Nick uses a consultative approach, asking questions about the problem that needs solving, listening to the answers and then working with them to arrive at the best solution possible. His goal is “To make the customer happy and meet their needs”.

Married for 26 years, Nick has been active in the boy scouts with his sons for 15 years and is Wood Badge trained. When he’s not helping customers or busy with the family, he enjoys hunting and fishing. He still completes his Marine Corp physical fitness regimen everyday.


Behind the Scenes

Office Staff

Paige, Irene, Carolyn and Stacey

Every business runs on the people who get the day-to-day work done like filing, paying bills, sending invoices and directing phone and mail traffic. Here at DAK these unsung heroes are Irene Garlanger the office manager and her staff Paige Crawley, Carolyn Burr, and Stacey Prisant.

When you call you’ll almost certainly talk to one of these invaluable ladies who help us all keep the business running smoothly.


Warehouse Staff

Victor, Greg, Martin and Arturo

As with any organization that does distribution, the people who move the material in from the providers then back out to the customers are crucial to the success of the company. Here at DAK, our experts are Martin, Arturo and Victor, led by Greg, our warehouse manager.

Working with the project managers, freight lines and providers, our warehouse team receives, inspects and puts away inbound shipments then turn around and pick, pack and ship systems as large as 25,000 pounds to customers. They make it look easy and often turn an order around in 24 hours.

Both Greg and Martin have been with DAK for over a decade. In fact Greg has been a DAKeteer from the early days of the first warehouse.


Mike NosekMike Nosek started with DAK Equipment about ten years ago as an information technology consultant and it took him most of that decade to talk Dave into a full-time job. Now officially a DAKeteer, Mike is responsible for marketing, recruiting, and anything that has a blinking light on it.

A 30-year veteran in information technology, Mike got started in computers while in the U.S. Navy where he was decorated for his systems work. Since then he’s worked in many different industries and spent seven years teaching high school just prior to joining DAK.

A father to three girls, Mike just married off the oldest after negotiating to receive two goats in exchange for her. He enjoys home-brewing, cooking, and tormenting Irene for printing emails.


Garrett RoweGarrett Rowe joined DAK in 2010 as part of our internship program with York Community High School. As our paid, part-time intern Garrett has been learning about working in a business environment and contributes by assisting our project managers with CAD drawings.

Ordinarily internships last two years, but we like Garrett so much that we’re keeping him while he completes core college courses at College of DuPage. In 2015, he will transfer to University of Illinois to complete his engineering degree.

Among his major accomplishments while at DAK, Garrett has made major contributions to our Air Force Project as well as creating the videos for the 3-D Pallet Rack Identification Guide. He’s also handy for making sure that there aren’t any leftovers at DAKeteer parties.


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