June 05, 2014

Every Step We Take…

J.K. Williams Distilling needed materials handling solutions from DAK

In 2012 the Williams family opened the doors and the first barrel of their craft whiskey business and they’ve been growing ever since.

Two years later, barrel storage became an issue and Master Distiller Jesse Williams reached out to DAK Equipment senior project manager Will Tooker for help.

As a company focused on craftsmanship rather than volume, J.K. Williams Distilling doesn’t (and won’t ever) need a large complicated storage solution.  Remembering DAK’s mission statement of “Every step we take must bring a customer closer to his business goals”, Will provided what Jesse needed–a single section of rack.

Jesse and his family put the rack up themselves and customized it to hold the barrels, effectively quadrupling their storage.  “The current foot print was reduced to under 25% of what it was. One section of rack will hold 24 barrels. Without the rack that foot print would only hold 6 barrels.  Thank you for everything.” Jesse told Will.


J.K. Williams Before

J.K. Williams Before

Some project managers at some companies might have ignored such a simple “boring” sale or tried to up-sell to include drum cradles or more racking.  Will chose to solve the problem simply and easily and move J.K. Williams closer to their business goals.


J.K. Williams After

J.K. Williams After

In the words of Tom Brokaw, “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”



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