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March 14, 2016

Make a Resolution to Organize Your Industrial Shelves

How are the industrial shelves in your Chicago-area warehouse looking? If you are trying not to look too closely at your industrial shelves because of the mess they’ve become, it’s time to set a resolution for the new year to get them organized. Organization can help your warehouse perform better, meeting and exceeding the goals you have for the coming year. While some messy shelves can seem like an overwhelming task to get organized, DAK Equipment & Engineering has everything you need to get organized, and more importantly, stay organized. We have a few tips along with some products that can help you get started on achieving your organizational goals for your warehouse.

  • A place for everything, and everything in its place. One of the major hurdles that warehouses encounter when it comes to organization is when no one knows what to do with something. Many warehouses have a “catch all” corner or shelf that everyone piles things when they don’t know what else to do. By creating specific areas of your warehouse for items, labeling them, and making them accessible to everyone, you’ll be overcome major organization issues from the start.
  • Invest in containers and bins for small pieces. Small items are the bane of the warehouse environment. Not only are they harder to pick and pack, they are harder to manage for inventory and keep organized. Get them out of flimsy cardboard boxes and into cartons, bins, and containers. This makes it easier to get to them items when you need them and keep them organized when you don’t.
  • Make organization a priority for the entire team. It can’t just be up to you to keep your entire warehouse organized. Set goals for your team when it comes to organization and put people in charge of specific areas. Have them do organization checks before they leave for the day, and correct any issues you might find. Making this a consistent part of everyone’s day will transform organization into a natural habit in your warehouse.
  • Get help. If the problem in your warehouse is simply too much for you to take on, talk to a warehouse organization expert. DAK Equipment project managers can help you find and implement the solutions that you need to create a warehouse that is clean, organized, and functioning at peak performance. You’ll love what they can do to help you transform your warehouse.

Don’t put off organizing your industrial shelves any longer. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem is going to get. We can help not only make it more manageable but eliminate the issue entirely by creating a warehouse that has the storage you need and a space for everything. Start making your resolution for more organized industrial shelves a reality by getting in touch with the project manager at DAK Equipment & Engineering today. You can reach out to us over the phone or through our website. Our project managers will partner with you in creating a warehouse space that you’ll be proud to show off!


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March 12, 2016

How Our Chicago Industrial Shelves Can be Customized to Meet Your Needs

While we carry a huge variety of industrial shelves in stock and ready to ship, we know that our in-stock items might not be right for every warehouse. That’s why our Chicago material handling engineers work with companies to find them the customized industrial shelves that they need for their warehouse. That’s what we did for a distribution company that needed to match their current shelves to their new expansion.

The company wanted the industrial shelving in their addition to match the size and shape of their existing two-tier shelving system in order to facilitate movement on the catwalk for their workers. Our team designed an industrial shelving system, installed it, and even worked to add wall cut-outs that help make movement even easier between the two facilities. It was the perfect solution to help the company use the expansion to it’s full potential and help workers get their work done with maximum efficiency.

You can check out the details of this case along with other case studies about our work on our website. If your warehouse is in need of industrial shelving or you think you may need a customized solution, give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We’ve worked with companies from coast to coast, across the United States and Canada, and we’d love to help you find the solutions that you need as well. Get in touch with our project managers by giving us a call or contacting us through our website and get your project started today.

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March 01, 2016

How Your Industrial Shelves Help You Keep Up With Customer Demand

Today’s shopping environment is a lot different than it was a decade ago. Today, customers are doing more of their shopping online. The benefits to online shopping have increased as companies are figuring out ways to ship those online orders to their customers’ doors faster than ever before. Customers, in turn, have become used to this idea of getting their packages as soon as possible and want it from all of their online shopping experiences. If your company isn’t keeping up, it’s likely that your profits are falling behind.

The solution to speeding up your production could be in your industrial shelves and the other equipment you are using in the layout of your warehouse. Efficiency in processing orders can be increased when you properly lay out your space and utilize it to its maximum potential. Critically looking at your warehouse and identifying problem areas is a good first step, but it is one that is often to do on your own. Working with an experienced professional can help.

Don’t allow anything to be a “sacred cow” that you wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice in order to speed up production. Don’t hang on to ineffective industrial shelving if it isn’t working for you. Don’t allow an old, rusty conveyor belt to stay just because you don’t want to replace it. Updating, upgrading, and streamlining your warehouse is key to keeping up with the demands of today’s customers. Need help doing it? Contact DAK Equipment today and we’ll work with you and your team.

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