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February 24, 2016

Alternatives to a Mezzanine Level in Your Chicago Warehouse

For many warehouses in the Chicago area, installing a mezzanine level is an ideal way to create more square footage inside your warehouse with an expensive addition. Unfortunately, though, it’s not the perfect solution for every warehouse. Some spaces don’t have high enough ceilings or local building codes don’t allow them to put in a mezzanine level. Whatever the reason, you aren’t stuck in a cramped space; there are alternative ways to make more room inside your warehouse:

  • Look up. Even if you can’t install a mezzanine floor, you may be able to add more shelving to your current setup. Consider adding another level of industrial shelves for more storage space.
  • Rethink your current setup. Are you using the space as efficiently as possible? Maybe instead of selective pallet shelves, you’d be better off with drive-through pallet shelving. Consider alternative shelving types, as the investment may be less expensive than moving.
  • Use each space as efficiently as possible. Invest in bins, cabinets, and other organizational equipment to help you maximize the storage space of every shelf in your warehouse.

Stumped about where to find more space? Talk to the DAK Equipment & Engineering team. We’ve been helping Chicago warehouses find the space that they need to process orders faster and get items out the door quickly. You can reach one of our experienced project managers by calling us or contacting us through our website. We work with clients all over the country find space within their existing warehouse! Trust the experts and call us today.

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February 16, 2016

Choose the Chicago Mezzanine Deck That’s Right for You

Not all mezzanines are alike! If you’ve decided that a Chicago mezzanine deck is right for your warehouse, give the DAK Equipment team a call. We can help you choose the system that’s right for you. Two of the most popular options for mezzanine decks include:

  • Shelving-supported mezzanines. These decks have shelving units underneath holding them up. Great when you need extra floor space without losing your storage capacity.
  • Structural mezzanines. These systems have their own support and are the most popular mezzanine choice. The space under the mezzanine is open, so it offers plenty of flexibility when deciding how to utilize it best.

Which type you choose will depend on factors such as what you want to use the mezzanine for, the layout of your warehouse, and the size and weight of the products you are working with in your Chicago warehouse. Our DAK Equipment project manager can help you determine which system is right for you, then make sure you are getting the proper size and set up for your space. Our installation team can even come and install the mezzanine deck for you!

This is a great way to bring more space to your warehouse without an expensive addition. If you have questions about our Chicago mezzanine decking or would like to learn more about the space-saving options available for your warehouse, get in touch with us today. Call the DAK Equipment team or contact us through our website and we’ll get you the information you need on top-quality Chicago mezzanine decks.

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February 07, 2016

Save Money With Our Chicago Warehouse Mezzanine Levels

We often recommend a mezzanine level to Chicago warehouses who are looking for more space. A mezzanine is a fast way to gain a lot of floor space that you can use for production, storage, and even offices. Initially, many of our warehouse customers doubt that a mezzanine level is worth the investment, but it could actually end up saving you thousands. Here is how:

  • The installation cost of a mezzanine level in your Chicago warehouse is up to 80% less than the cost of an addition. That’s a huge savings amount while still getting the additional square footage that you need.
  • You won’t have to worry about down time. Our team can work with your schedule to install your mezzanine level with as little disturbance as possible to your work flow. There should be minimal downtime so you can keep your warehouse moving along.
  • You’ll avoid the expenses of moving. If the options are either add more square footage to your current space or move your warehouse, the mezzanine is the cheapest option. Moving your warehouse involves a great deal of expense, not to mention a lot of downtime on production.
  • Mezzanines can qualify for accelerated depreciation. Ask your accountant about how to take advantage of this to save money.

If you are interested in adding a mezzanine level to your Chicago warehouse, give our project managers a call today. They can give you an estimate on the cost of a mezzanine for your space and get the installation process started as quickly as possible. You can reach us by calling our number of contacting us through our website and we’ll get back to you right away.

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