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May 03, 2019

What Affects The Price of Pallet Rack Systems?

When it comes time to outfit a warehouse with pallet racks, whether it’s a brand new warehouse or one in which you’re replacing the racks, you have a lot of options to consider. While you’re weighing those options, we know there’s something else that will play a large part in which warehouse racking you choose: price.

There are many variables that will determine exactly how much you’ll be paying for the pallet racks and the extras that go along with them. Let’s take a look at the most common costs associated with pallet racking systems.


The Space Your Filling

Of course, how big your pallet rack system needs to be will be the primary determiner of cost. Some of our clients simply need a new row of racks to go along one wall, while another might be completely filling a 250,000 square-foot warehouse. The type of warehouse racking you need — simple pallet racks, drive-in pallet racking, push-back rankings, or double-deep pallet racking — will also play a part because of the amount of steel each uses. And speaking of steel…


The Price of Steel

Since pallet racks are made entirely from steel, it’s not a surprise that the price of steel would affect how much they cost. Because of the constant fluctuation in steel prices, it’s impossible for racking manufacturers and sales firms to keep their prices at one point for too long.

Steel prices are always changing, and trade wars and mine closures in the last year haven’t helped calm things down. Don’t be surprised if the current price of steel affects the quotes you’re getting for your pallet rack systems.


The Brand You Choose

Once you start researching pallet racks systems, you might be surprised at how many different options there are. Pallet racks are big business and play an important part in the economy, and there are dozens of manufacturers from which to choose. Different brands are more reliable than others, and any that aren’t R-Mark certified probably shouldn’t be considered.

Why do some brands cost more? Like any product, there are levels of quality and various options that come with them. Reputation also plays a role in how much particular companies charge for their pallet systems. At DAK Equipment and Engineering, we have combined our decades of pallet rack knowledge to create our own line of racking system called K3 Werks. These high-quality racks are built for us to our exacting specifications and work with every teardrop system we carry.


The Weight Capacity You Need

Not every business needs its warehouse to carry the heaviest loads. A warehouse specializing in pillows isn’t going to need the rack capacity of one that’s storing lead ingots. (Yes, we know those are extremes, but you get the idea.) Racks that need to support more weight are going to need more steel and the latest in design research in order to perform properly.


The Complexity of the System

Having regular pallet racks installed is one of the least complex tasks that we perform here at DAK Equipment and Engineering. But most warehouses need something more than standard pallet racks to make their space as efficient as possible. Some have us install mezzanine decks, while others are looking for prefabricated modular offices that can work as warehouse office space, break rooms, or testing stations. Other warehouses need industrial conveyor systems to keep the merchandise rolling out the door.

Will such additions cause the price to go up on the final bill? Sure, but they’re also wonderful additions to warehouses that can maximize space and increase the efficiency of the entire system.



Even before an order for your pallet rack system is placed, it’s important to ensure you’re making the absolute most of your space. We don’t have to tell you that building a new warehouse is expensive, even if you already own the land. When you choose warehouse layout optimization consultation with DAK Equipment and Engineering, you can ensure you’re getting off to a great start with your current warehouse and delay building a new one for quite a long time.


The Dealer You Choose

DAK gets discounted prices on pallet racking thanks to the relationships we have with manufacturers and the bulk inventory we purchase. Different dealers have their own concerns when it comes to making money, so make sure you get quotes for whatever you need. We bet you’ll end up right back here at DAK.


The Safeguards

When the pallet racks are in, it’s very important that you don’t ignore the safety products that are designed to go with them. Pallet racks are steel structures that are holding heavy items high above the ground, and that all adds up to danger…danger you want to mitigate as much as possible with the proper safety precautions.

DAK Equipment and Engineering carries a wide array of safety products to make your warehouse a much safer place, especially from forklifts. These include end-of-aisle protectors, in-aisle column protectors, pallet stops (such as netting or wire mesh), and sprinkler guards to protect against flooding if hit by a forklift reaching a little too high.


What’s Your Pallet Rack System Going To Cost?

Honestly, we have no idea until you contact us. It could be tens of thousands of dollars, it could be millions…and it all depends on the space you need to fill and the extras you need. We look forward to talking with you and helping you make the best decisions for your warehouse.




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April 18, 2019

How Is Spending Money Saving Money On Pallet Racks?

“You have to spend money to make money,” as the old saying goes. But there’s a similar sentiment that we’re all about here at DAK Equipment and Engineering: “You have to spend money to save money.”

Sometimes warehouse managers take a look at the price of new pallet racks and balk at the cost, or they don’t think that hiring a warehouse optimization consultant is worth the cost. We’re here to tell you that it’s simply not true, because taking time to make sure that your warehouse is up-to-date — and as efficient as possible — is an investment in your company that can pay off in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Today we’re going to take a look at the most common ways that working with our warehouse product company can save you money, and why you probably shouldn’t put it off much longer.


An Optimized Warehouse Can Prevent Expansions

Getting a brand new warehouse is exciting for most warehouse managers, but they’re also tasked with putting off construction of one for as long as possible. Not only are new buildings expensive, but they also have to be loaded with brand new pallet racks.

By hiring a professional warehouse consultant, you might be surprised at how much space you can save. If you’re completely out of space, it’s time to build a new warehouse. If you simply have your warehouse redesigned —  DAK can handle the disassembly and reassembly — you might be able to save 20% or more space, which could delay the need for another warehouse for years to come.

A Smoothly Working Warehouse Can Reduce Your Workforce

Once a warehouse starts working more efficiently, you should be able to reduce the number of workers you have. A better-organized warehouse means fewer people looking for particular items, and a warehouse that sends boxes directly to carton flow racks skips the step of putting it on pallets.

New Pallet Racks Can Prevent Collapse

Because pallet racks are huge pieces of steel, it can be hard to think of them as ever having problems. But they bend under the thousands of pounds over time, and that can cause big problems. Not only are you losing inventory, but you also have the cost of replacing them.

By replacing your pallet racks periodically, you can stop catastrophic collapse from happening. This will protect everyone on the racks, the racks themselves, the forklifts underneath, and, of course, the employees. And speaking of which…

Preventing Accidents Saves Money

It might sound callous, but preventing accidents in a warehouse can save a whole lot of money. Yes, the most important aspect of it is that it’s stopping you and your co-workers — and friends — from getting injured. But there’s no denying that accidents in a warehouse have quite a few negative consequences. First of all, you’ve lost a trained employee for a time, and might have to temporarily replace them with someone who isn’t as efficient. Second, the employee might sue you, and that could end tanking the entire company. Finally, an employee accident is going to bring OSHA to your door, and while they’re levying fines for the employee accident they might just find more violations as well.

DAK carries an excellent line of warehouse safety products. Rack protection prevents racks from getting hit directly, which can prevent rack collapse. Dock area defense protects your employees every day they’re loading and unloading, and might just save a forklift from going over the side as well. Elevated work platform safety rails and ladders protect employees from falls, and guard rails delineate the spaces that employees can walks and materials handling systems should avoid.

Again, protecting your employees is paramount, and in doing so you’ll also be avoiding many money-losing situations.

Wire Partitions Prevent Theft

Sometimes wire partitions are for the safety of the warehouse workers. Many warehouse designers decide to put these cages up in order to keep workers away from electrical boxes, high-speed (and highly dangerous) machinery, and even robots that are working behind the mesh.

But another reason to have wire partitions installed is to prevent theft. After all, small and high-dollar pieces of merchandise are pretty easy for employees to walk off with, so it’s best to keep them locked up. (That cage in every Sam’s Club that holds the video games and consoles are certainly a testament to that, protecting these items from both shoppers and employees.) And sometimes it’s not merchandise; items such as electric drills, drill bits, and electronic measuring equipment should also be locked up so that no one walks off with them.

Ready To Save Some Money?

Like we said, investing money in your warehouse is just that: an investment. If you’re not making your warehouse as efficient and safe as possible, you could be wasting money every day. Instead, call the experts at DAK and we’ll give you an excellent idea of how to make your warehouse as efficient as possible. Contact us today!

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April 15, 2019

Why You Should Get Professional Installation With Your Pallet Rack System

Once you decide on which pallet rack system you need — whether it’s our proprietary K3 Werks racks or one of the many fine pallet rack manufacturers we offer — there’s another very important step that you can’t forget about: installation. After all, pallet racks that arrive at your doorstep aren’t at all useful until they’re erected, so it’s very important that you choose the right pallet rack installation experts.

At DAK Equipment & Engineering, we’re not just about selling you the industrial shelving that you need. In fact, we’re there for you both before and after the sale, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your warehouse. Whether you have standard pallet racks, push-back racking, pallet flow racks, or some combination, we’re here to help.

So, why trust DAK when it comes to pallet rack installation?

We Know the Racking Hardware

First of all, there’s no one in the Midwest who knows industrial shelving and racking better than us. For over twenty years we have been serving the midwest by providing pallet rack systems that endure. We’ve seen a lot happen in that time — especially around steel prices — and have seen shelving systems come and go.

When you choose DAK, you’ll be working with a company that has seen it all. We’ve worked with small warehouses in the middle of the city and huge warehouses at the edge of small towns. DAK has provided simple pallet racks and complex industrial conveyor systems to companies of every size. Because we’ve provided such a variety of equipment, we’re sure to be able to work with you to determine exactly what you need. In fact, we might be able to come up with solutions you’ve never heard of, racking that might save you money and space.

Equipment Is Only As Good As the Installation

When you’re spending so much money on industrial pallet racks, you want them to last. Unfortunately, even the best pallet racking can cause problems if it’s not installed properly. Racking that is put up wrong can twist and bend in ways it shouldn’t, potentially causing collapse. Here’s what you need to protect:

  • The Racks Themselves – DAK might have good prices on storage racking systems, but they’re still not cheap! If a pallet rack twists and bends, it might not be repairable you and could be out the cost of new racking.
  • Your Inventory – You’re purchasing industrial storage racks for a reason, and the most common reason is to store inventory. If a rack collapses, you could lose many thousands of dollars in inventory.
  • Your Warehouse Equipment – It’s not just the racks and the inventory you have to worry about, but any equipment that’s under them at the time. This includes conveyor systems, material handling systems, forklifts, and any modular offices or mezzanines that might be connected or standing nearby.
  • Employee Dangers – Of course, the cost of racking and inventory is nothing compared to the dangers employees are put in. When you invest in proper pallet rack installation, you’ll be doing the right thing by ensuring your employees have a safe place to work.

Find the best pallet rack systems available

Include A Warehouse Strategy Plan

When you work with DAK Equipment & Engineering, you’re not just buying pallet racks from a wholesale supplier. You’re getting experts in the field who can help your company with every step of your industrial shelving situation.

“Every step” includes helping you with your warehouse strategy planning. While warehouses might seem like simple parts of the supply chain, they’re much more complex and have more options than most people realize. When you work with our warehouse strategy planners, you’ll be introduced to the latest and greatest options in warehouse organization and optimization. We can help you make the most of your space, no matter how big or how small. Read more about strategic planning for your warehouse right here.

Moving Is Just As Important

It’s not just new pallet racks that we install. Sometimes we will take care of the dismantlement and relocation of industrial racking systems. As we discussed in this blog, there are a few reasons why a company might decide to move their storage racking.

  • Redesign – Having a warehouse strategy plan is incredibly important when it comes to improving the efficiency of your space. Getting a more efficient warehouse layout design can prevent the need to build additional warehouses.
  • Moving – Sometimes the pallet racks are fine but the warehouse is falling down around it. Perhaps the building is old or flooded, and the racks have to be moved to a new location.
  • Getting a New Floor – Whether the floor is cracked and crumbling or it just needs a new coat of epoxy in order to make spills easier to clean up, we can dismantle the pallet racks, store them, and then reassemble them as needed.
  • Replacement – Of course, sometimes the moving being done is “out the door.” If your old racks are still in good working order as you replace them, we can help you sell them and install the new ones as well.

Don’t Forget the Pallet Rack Inspections

Once you have us install your pallet racks in your warehouse, it’s important to have them inspected often. This can help prevent them from suffering catastrophic collapse.

Why do industrial pallet racks need to be inspected? Sometimes it’s due to earthquakes, and other times because the pallet rack itself had a flaw. But the most common reason that pallet racks fail is due to forklifts hitting them. Unfortunately, not every forklift hit gets reported, and if the damage is left unreported it can get worse and worse under the weight of the inventory. Our expert preventive maintenance inspectors can make sure that any problems with the racking is addressed and repaired — or replaced — quickly.

Ready To Get Professional Pallet Rack Installation?

DAK Equipment & Engineering is here for you every step of the way when you’re looking for any type of warehouse racking. We can offer you options you may never have considered, help you plan your warehouse around them, install them, and inspect them after the fact. If you’re ready for one-stop rack system shopping, contact us today!




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