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February 28, 2019

Here’s What You Need To Know About Carton Flow Racks

We talk a lot about what pallet racks can do to increase your warehouse efficiency, because we’ve been selling them and assembling them for years in Illinois and surrounding states. In fact, we have even come up with our own line of warehouse and distribution center equipment called K3 Werks, compatible with other teardrop racking that we offer while still saving you quite a bit of money. We knew what we wanted in racks because we deal with it every day.

But it’s not just standard pallet racks that we sell, because we also make carton flow racks under the K3 Werks name. If you’re new to the world of carton flow racks, no matter the manufacturer, that’s fine…we’re about to give you a crash course in the advantages of such a warehouse storage system and how it can deliver advantages over other types of racking systems.

The Purpose of Carton Flow Racks

First questions first…what are carton flow racks? While you might have already run into them somewhere today, such as the grocery store, you might not know what role they play in a warehouse.

Carton flow racks use gravity in order to move inventory. Racks are set up at a slight pitch that is angled down toward the aisle or packing station, and rollers sit underneath every box on the rack. As the frontmost box (or other item) is removed, gravity brings the boxes behind closer so that the next box is within reach the next time that particular SKU is needed. A lip at the edge of the rack prevents the advancing boxes from crashing to the floor.

What Are The Advantages?

Whether you are using carton flow boxes in the back of the warehouse or up front where the pickers and packers are grabbing inventory and putting it directly into boxes, there can be considerable advantages to using carton flow racks.

  1. Carton flow racks can be assembled in just about any size you need, from small to very large.
  2. This type of racking system is an excellent option for first-in first-out if you are loading them from the back. This means that that you’ll always be moving through old inventory instead of having it be pushed to the back every time new stock comes in.
  3. Carton flow racks, and their picking and packing station, can utilize the space under a mezzanine where forklifts aren’t allowed.
  4. Gravity is free! Instead of having a powered system move inventory forward, that new inventory will just slide into place without anyone even thinking about it.
  5. These racks can be attached to and incorporated into any other teardrop racking system. In the end, you can connect carton flow racks to other types of industrial shelving such as pallet racks, drive-in pallet racking, push-back racking, double-deep pallet racking, and even mezzanines.
  6. Carton flow racks help reduce the risk of an employee overreaching and pulling a muscle or, even worse, hurting their spine.
  7. These racks increase visibility of inventory, making sure that everything is front and center instead of being forgotten at the back of the rack.
  8. Loading these racks from the rear keeps your stockers and picker/packers separated, eliminating the chance that they’ll get in each other’s way.
  9. Carton flow racks can actually save you from having to hire another person. Instead of hiring someone to head back into the warehouse (which wastes time) every time a single box is needed, carton flow racks can already be stocked with dozens of boxes that will replace the first. When new inventory comes it, it might never even need to head to the pallet racks deeper in the warehouse. Instead, you can load up the carton flow racks directly and avoid that middle step. It’s simply a more efficient means of keeping inventory at the ready.

Are Carton Flow Racks Always the Answer?

We work with so many different industries as we’re selling and assembling industrial shelving, and we know that carton flow racks won’t work in absolutely every situation. Some warehouses are storing 100-pound feed bags, which are usually lifted by forklifts and not really “picked and packed.” Other warehouses specialize in large, heavy items (take industrial generators, for instance) that are taking up an entire pallet rack space and would not work on a carton flow rack.

Let Us Show You What They Can Do!

As we said, carton flow racks are incredibly versatile. You might not think that the particular inventory you send out the door makes them right for you… and you may be right. But we also bet that you’d be surprised at the types of items of every size that can make use of this unique form of industrial shelving. Click here to learn more about them, then contact DAK equipment to find out exactly how inexpensive this special type of rack system can be. We look forward to hearing from you!



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April 14, 2018

Unexpected Benefits You Might See From Industrial Pallet Storage Racking


When it comes to industrial pallet storage racking, you probably have one big reason to purchase them: to store inventory. That is, after all, the primary reason that any business will purchase pallet racking system for the warehouse, as a means of keeping inventory until it sells. Pretty simple, right?

But while that is the primary reason, there are also a few other advantages you’ll be getting that you might not have thought of. Let’s look at some surprise benefits you might experience when you get the best pallet racks around.

Save Space

There’s a reason that cities go vertical. A couple of hundred years ago, the largest structures weren’t more than three stories tall. Cities would simply keep growing out and out, and it wasn’t until certain materials became widely available and architectural designs vastly improved that buildings could be 10, 20, 50, or even 100 stories tall. Cities grew upward when outward no longer made sense.

Of course, warehouses can’t be a hundred stories tall. But they have grown upward over the years, because at some point outward just gets too expensive. Pallet rack systems have been at the heart of this growth, allowing more and more inventory to be kept in a smaller and smaller space. So whenever you can save space in one warehouse instead of building a second one, you’re not only saving the money associated with building; you’re also saving the real estate costs.

What’s the best way to save space? Have a pallet racking system professionally planned by one of our warehouse layout system experts and you’ll get the optimal storage space. At that point, you’ll be able to make choices that you never dreamed of before: should you leave space empty for emergency inventory acquisitions? Should you leave every space filled on the pallet racks and keep old inventory around longer until it sells? Your options open up when you are making the most of your industrial pallets.

Save Time

If you’ve even not been able to find your car keys in the morning, this next question will be pretty easy to answer: does it save time when you know where something is?

Yeah, we know it’s a loaded question. Of course knowing where the specific item you’re looking for is at any given moment is going to save you time. It certainly holds true when you’re looking for a specific pallet in your warehouse. First of all, you don’t have to go looking for it. Second, if it’s been labeled as an important item and categorized appropriately as such in accordance with your warehouse optimization standards, it will be in the most efficient location possible (i.e. not stored behind ten other pallets). Knowing where something is is simply a time saver. And when that happens, you’ll be able to…

Save On Payroll

When you make the absolute optimal changes to your warehouse so that you’re saving space and saving time, you’re not going to need nearly the same number of employees. Instead of five forklift operators, you might only need four. Instead of three people needed to keep track of inventory, you might only need two. Getting a top-tier pallet racking system and keeping it properly organized means that you’re operating at peak efficiency, which means you can get the same job done with fewer workers. It might sound harsh, but it’s a benefit to the bottom line.

Start Saving Today!

If you’re ready to start saving space, time, and money with the best pallet rack systems out there, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us today for a free quote on any of our excellent industrial racks.




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September 16, 2016

How to Keep Your Industrial Storage Racks Clean

All warehouse managers know the importance of keeping your warehouse clean. From the conveyor belts to the mezzanine floor, keeping the warehouse clean is an important team effort. One of the often overlooked areas in a warehouse is your industrial storage racks. It’s just as important to keep these clean as any other area of the warehouse!


Advantages of Clean Storage Racks

  • Helps recover and prevent lost products.
  • Keeps your shelves organized for faster picking.
  • Creates a safer warehouse environment.
  • Lowers the instances of accidents and injury on the job.
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.


How to Clean Industrial Storage Racks

Fortunately, industrial storage racks don’t require much more than good organizational skills and systems put into place to keep them clean. The primary objective of cleaning your industrial storage racks should be to organize the products on each shelf so they are easy to grab for picking and count for inventory. Inventory is actually a great time for cleaning the shelves; double up on the job by having your counters take a few minutes to organize and wipe down the shelves before they move on with the count. A damp rag and some spray cleaner are perfect for cleaning most shelves. Removing sticky substances can help prevent damage, too.


Call DAK Equipment for More Industrial Storage Rack Tips

Whether you need new racks, want to make sure your current racks are laid out efficiently, or need repair work done, DAK Equipment & Engineering can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about all of our industrial storage rack services and learn how we can help your warehouse run better than ever.

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