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September 16, 2016

How to Keep Your Industrial Storage Racks Clean

All warehouse managers know the importance of keeping your warehouse clean. From the conveyor belts to the mezzanine floor, keeping the warehouse clean is an important team effort. One of the often overlooked areas in a warehouse is your industrial storage racks. It’s just as important to keep these clean as any other area of the warehouse!


Advantages of Clean Storage Racks

  • Helps recover and prevent lost products.
  • Keeps your shelves organized for faster picking.
  • Creates a safer warehouse environment.
  • Lowers the instances of accidents and injury on the job.
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.


How to Clean Industrial Storage Racks

Fortunately, industrial storage racks don’t require much more than good organizational skills and systems put into place to keep them clean. The primary objective of cleaning your industrial storage racks should be to organize the products on each shelf so they are easy to grab for picking and count for inventory. Inventory is actually a great time for cleaning the shelves; double up on the job by having your counters take a few minutes to organize and wipe down the shelves before they move on with the count. A damp rag and some spray cleaner are perfect for cleaning most shelves. Removing sticky substances can help prevent damage, too.


Call DAK Equipment for More Industrial Storage Rack Tips

Whether you need new racks, want to make sure your current racks are laid out efficiently, or need repair work done, DAK Equipment & Engineering can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about all of our industrial storage rack services and learn how we can help your warehouse run better than ever.

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August 15, 2016

How Often Should You Count Small Inventory on Your Shelves

pallet rack systemInventory management is a key part of running a warehouse. It helps you keep control over the goods in your warehouse, which have a direct affect on your bottom line. If too many of those items go missing, you can’t fulfill a customer order, keep up with ordering new supplies, and have to write off a good chunk of your profit to loss. Keeping track of the inventory on your industrial shelves has become easier over the years thanks to automatic systems, barcoding, and consistent inventory counts. But with all of these advances in the warehouse, how often should you be counting your inventory?


The Yearly Option

Many businesses choose to do an annual inventory at the beginning or end of the year to make adjustments in their computer system and start with a fresh inventory count. This can be good for a smaller warehouse that doesn’t have a great deal of merchandise on their industrial shelves.


Periodic Counts

Some businesses may choose to do inventory counts on a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis. This is a good option if you have a number of expensive products that need to be accounted for or if you have variable inventory that might need correction based on use throughout the day. Keep in mind that counting inventory more often takes manpower away from other jobs, making it expensive, so make sure it’s worth the cost.


Perpetual Systems

These systems are the computerized systems used by many warehouses that track sales and order fulfillment to automatically deduct inventory from the system. You’ll still want to do an occasional inventory count, though, in order to ensure that your computerised records are accurate. Don’t take them for granted and instead use them as a guide for what should be on your industrial shelves.

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August 05, 2016

The Most Flexible Warehouse Storage Solution

If your warehouse doesn’t deal in pallets much at all and instead handles more cartons, one-off items, and a number of smaller SKUs, then pallet racks are going to be a waste of your warehouse space. Luckily, though, there is an even better solution for your business: the classic industrial shelf. Industrial shelves from DAK Equipment & Engineering are designed to be tough, versatile, and affordable.


Why We Love Industrial Shelves


Built to be Tough

The industrial shelves that we sell come in two materials: steel and plastic. Both are made to be incredibly tough and built to withstand all of the demands of the typical warehouse environment.


Built to be Versatile

Industrial shelves are some of the most versatile storage you can have in your warehouse. They are easily expanded, can be outfitted with accessories to customize them to your needs, and you can even get them in a variety of colors to meet aesthetic demands.


Built to be Affordable

Industrial shelves are a very affordable storage solution. This is especially true because you can purchase exactly the amount you need and add on for more storage when you have the demand and the money in your budget.


Get Industrial Shelves For Your Warehouse Today

If you need a tough, versatile and affordable storage solution for your warehouse, contact DAK Equipment & Engineering about our industrial shelves. We’ll find the shelves you need in the color, design and quantity that you want. Fill out the form below to contact our team today!


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