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May 05, 2016

Using Robots to Work in Your Industrial Shelves

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency in your warehouse is to automate as much as possible within your industrial shelves. This does several things for your warehouse:

  • It eliminates the chances of human error in processing an order
  • It allows you to focus your team’s skills on more complex tasks
  • It speeds up your warehouse processes

Not only are there efficiency benefits, but there are monetary benefits as well. With automation, you’ll be able to invest once and depend on that machine to continue doing that task until you stop it (with the right maintenance and occasional repairs, of course). That lowers the amount of money you are paying human labor for menial tasks and use that talent elsewhere. The money saved is a direct increase to your bottom line.

Warehouses are always looking for new and better ways to automate and many are using robotics more and more within the warehouse walls. That’s the case for DHL. They are currently testing the idea of pairing their picking team members with robot carts. The carts following the pickers through the industrial shelves as they gather items for the order, putting them into the cart. When the order is complete, the robot cart heads out to the packing area while another cart joins the picker to start the next order.

So what are the advantages to using a robot cart?

  • It’s faster. Instead of wasting human effort in transporting items to the packing area, they can focus on picking the next order while their cart travels across to the packing area.
  • It’s safer for products. Employees aren’t trying to balance items in their hands while picking the next item, avoiding human error when it comes to handling products and reducing loss from damage.
  • It’s safer for employees. Less handling of items and not moving heavy carts themselves helps reduce the instance of injury and accidents on the warehouse floor. In turn, this can help a warehouse’s bottom line by reducing the used of sick time and worker’s compensation claims.

Are robot carts something you’d like to use in your warehouse? They aren’t an item currently available in the DAK Equipment & Engineering catalog, but it may be only a few years before they make an appearance.

Robot carts aren’t the only way to automate moving products off of your industrial shelves, though. You are likely already using these kind of improvements in your warehouse without realizing it; after all, even the use of computers in our warehouse is a form of automation. They track our inventory, alert us to reorder status, and even help automate the process of scheduling our teams. There are other automation ideas you can put in place without making the jump to robotics, too, including light-up item location for picking or even just installing conveyor belts to move product around.

Whatever you choose to do for your warehouse, DAK Equipment & Engineering is here to help. Contact our team to talk about how we can help automate your warehouse today!

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April 20, 2016

Make Industrial Storage Racks More Versatile with Wire Decking

If you don’t have wire decking on your pallet racks and industrial storage racks already, it’s an investment worth considering. This simple addition to the shelves in your warehouse offers a tremendous number of benefits, from safety to versatility in storage. It’s also relatively inexpensive, making it a small investment for your warehouse that can offer a big pay off. Here is why we recommend this addition to so many of our customers:

  • It’s safer for your employees. Adding wire mesh to your pallet racks and industrial storage shelves minimizes the risk of objects falling onto them from above when they are working in and around your shelves. If a worker is opening a carton above, the wire mesh will catch any merchandise or tools that may be inadvertently knocked aside.
  • It creates more storage options. Wire decking allows you to add shelf accessories such as plastic cartons and bins to hold smaller items. You won’t have to purchase additional storage for these smaller items; you can simply modify your existing shelves to work for all of your needs once you have the sturdy wire mesh platform to build on.
  • It can help with fire safety. Wire decking allows sprinklers and hoses to reach any fire within the shelves with it’s open mesh design. Other solutions, such as plywood, can actually fuel a fire while wire decking will not.

Interested in adding wire decking to the industrial shelves in your warehouse? Give the DAK Equipment and Engineering team a call today and we’ll help you place an order.

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April 15, 2016

Avoid This Major Mistake with Your Industrial Shelves

DAK Equipment & Engineering has worked with thousands of businesses across the country on their material handling and warehouse equipment needs. When it comes to their industrial shelves, though, we’ve seen businesses make one major mistake over and over again. This mistake can cost their business money, customers, and even put their employees at serious risk. So what is it?

Not fixing their industrial shelving after it’s been damaged.

It’s easy to write off damage to an industrial shelf or pallet rack as minor. After all, paying for the cost of the repairs can add up and you need to pay close attention to every dollar spent because it affects your bottom line. That’s understandable; the problem is that by not fixing your industrial shelves as soon as possible, you are leaving them vulnerable to collapse. That can injure your employees, damage your merchandise, and bring your warehouse to a grinding halt for days. It’s a very big deal, and the potential issues far outweigh the costs of repair.

The repairs to most industrial shelves are nominal and shouldn’t take very long. Don’t write any damage off as insignificant until an experienced engineer has examined the structure. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not you should fix or replace the shelf. In either case, the DAK Equipment & Engineering team can help.

We offer inspection services on industrial shelves, pallet racks, warehouses and more. We can help identify problem areas and get them fixed or replaced with our great selection of industrial shelving. Give us a call today to arrange for an appointment with one of our engineers!

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