July 06, 2016

A Guide to Maintenance on Your Mezzanine

Mezzanine decks are incredibly useful in a warehouse environment. They can be used to increase your square footage without requiring expensive construction projects and months of your time. Most mezzanine decks can be fit in a matter of a few days and are ready to be used immediately. The DAK Equipment & Engineering team has seen mezzanine levels used for storage, assembly stations, and even paired with our prefabricated offices for great space for decks and break rooms. Mezzanines levels are largely a “set it and forget it” solution to your storage needs, but they will on occasion need some attention. We’ve put together a guide to maintenance for your mezzanine deck to help make it easier.

Making Mezzanine Maintenance Easy

Why Maintenance Matters for Your Mezzanine

Like your other warehouse equipment, proper maintenance can help extend the life of your mezzanine level. Quickly making the necessary repairs and catching issues early not only makes your mezzanine last longer but can actually prevent accidents and help you save money in the long run. Maintenance is typically fast and inexpensive, too, so there is no reason to avoid this warehouse-related task.


Necessary Maintenance for Your Mezzanine Level

warehouse mezzanineYou’ll find that many of the maintenance items for your warehouse mezzanine are similar to those you’ll be performing for your pallet rack systems; thus, for peak efficiency, you can combine many of these tasks and inspections with your pallet rack work. Here are some of the inspection items and maintenance work you’ll want to perform regularly for your mezzanine:

  • Inspect mezzanine columns for damage from forklifts. What seems like a small bump can actually do structural damage to your mezzanine. Addressing these issues immediately and getting them repaired as soon as possible can prevent a major disaster in your warehouse.
  • If forklifts are operating on top of the mezzanine level, you’ll want to inspect all of the structural components up top for damage as well. Be sure to give the flooring of your mezzanine a proper inspection as well.
  • Clean the aisles and floor space of your mezzanine regularly. Don’t allow items to pile up or clutter walkways. Mezzanines are generally pretty safe, but accidents can happen when trip hazards are left around.
  • Inspect handrails, guardrails and safety gates for damage or weakness. Mezzanines should utilize guardrails, safety gates, and other precautionary equipment not only because it’s a good idea, but because it’s required by OSHA. Be sure these items are secure and in working order.
  • Check that total weight on racks on the mezzanine are at or below the total weight limit for the shelf. Overloading shelves is a major issue in any warehouse, but especially on a mezzanine level. Allowing the improper loading of shelves can cause trouble later on.

DAK Equipment Can Help with Inspections

If the mezzanine level in your warehouse is in need of an inspection, give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call. We offer inspection services that can help you identify potential issues with your mezzanine deck and even help you arrange for repairs. Give us a call today for more information!


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June 15, 2016

The Benefits of a Shelf-Supported Warehouse Mezzanine

Mezzanines are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to most warehouse settings. However, some adaptations may be necessary for certain settings. For instance, what if your warehouse can’t make room for the necessary support structure required for a mezzanine? Are you out of luck when it comes to this great space-making solution? Not at all, and DAK Equipment & Engineering can help you find the right solution in a shelf-supported mezzanine.

Why You Might Want a Shelf-Supported Mezzanine

When it comes to a traditional mezzanine, warehouses occasionally lose some of their floor space to supportive structures such as columns and braces. With a shelf-supported mezzanine, though, you won’t lose any of your floor space. In fact, you may gain some storage space with the addition of shelves to properly support the structure above. This solution could also be more cost effective since you’ll be able to avoid many of the construction costs associated with traditional mezzanines and their support structures.

DAK Equipment & Engineering Can Help You Find the Right Mezzanine

So should you go with a traditional warehouse mezzanine or one supported by shelving underneath? It’s going to depend on the layout of your warehouse, your needs, and your budget. The best thing to do is contact DAK Equipment & Engineering and speak with one of our warehouse experts. They’ll help you determine which option is the right one for you based on your budget and needs, then help you place an order for your mezzanine and get it installed. You can call us or contact us through our website to get started!

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June 06, 2016

How to Make a Mezzanine Work in Your Oddly-Shaped Area

Not all warehouses are perfectly square boxes. That’s especially true in crowded urban areas where you need to use whatever space is available for your warehouse, even if that means the shape is a little odd. When it comes to these oddly-shaped warehouse spaces, is there a mezzanine that will fit them? What options do you have for a mezzanine deck if you don’t have a nice square? Fortunately, mezzanines are incredibly versatile and there is a solution for every warehouse.

Have a Custom Mezzanine Made

Most mezzanines are custom fitted to the needs of the customer. That means that no matter what size or shape you need, most manufacturers are happy to accommodate your space. While this level of customization may cost you a little bit more, you’ll still be saving when compared to the expense of a construction project. Plus, the manufacturer will handle any adjustments that need to happen for sprinkler systems and guardrails.

Don’t Fill Up the Entire Available Space

You might not need to use all of the available space for a mezzanine. Instead, consider using only part of the space. You may be able to save on customization and manufacturing costs and still get the extra space that you need. You can talk to the experienced warehouse design team at DAK Equipment & Engineering to determine if a partial mezzanine is going to be enough to fulfill your space requirements. They may be able to provide you with other solutions for your warehouse to maximize your space.

Give the DAK Equipment & Engineering team a call today to learn more about your mezzanine options!

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