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March 25, 2018

3 Mistakes You Might Make Without A Warehouse Optimization Expert

At Dak Equipment and Engineering, we sell a lot of industrial shelving for warehouses. But we’re also experts at warehouse layout design, and we’d be more than happy to help you set up your space for maximum efficiency.

Sometimes we sell pallet racks and offer our services at warehouse optimization, but the buyers don’t take us up on it. We won’t tell you who they are, but we’ve had people come back to us later asking us to help make the most of their space. Here are the most common mistakes that warehouse managers make when they try to handle their warehouse layout optimization themselves.


Putting Storage Racks Up Against the Walls

It’s perfectly natural to think that pushing a row of shelving up against the walks. After all, if that space isn’t used, then it’s completely wasted…right?

As counterintuitive as it might seem, putting storage racks up against the walls isn’t always the most efficient use of space. Sometimes it is, but other times it depends on the size of the warehouse, the access needed to each side of the shelving, and the entrance/exit points on the walls. The walls can be part of the aisles instead of the shelving. Don’t believe us? We’d be happy to show you some examples from our warehouse optimization experts!


Don’t Forget About Traffic

Most people who are buying industrial storage racks want to cram as many of them as possible into their warehouse, and that’s understandable. After all, who wouldn’t want to get the most storage possible so that another warehouse doesn’t have to be built.

Of course, squeezing as many pallet rack shelving units as possible into a warehouse can cause big problems when it comes to traffic. Forklifts and other machinery might not be able to clear corners cleanly, leading to dropped merchandise and damaged racks. They might have to back up and pull forward multiple times just to get around corners, and trust us, you’ll hear about it if they do!

Instead of cramming everything in, contact us about warehouse layout optimization. We can get the best racks into any space in order to create the most efficient warehouse possible.


Think Like a Typewriter

Well that was certainly the strangest heading we’ve typed in a while…

What does it mean to think like a typewriter? Early typewriters were created so that the letters on the swinging arms would be most likely to come from different directions. Keys coming from the same direction were more likely to jam, so the letters were placed on the keyboard to have the arms swinging in from different directions as often as possible. How does this apply to warehouse optimization? Sometimes the most obvious placement of particular pallets isn’t the most efficient placement. You might at first thing that it’s a good idea to place your #1 seller and your #2 seller in the first and second racks. But then you might have two forklifts vying for side by side spaces at the same time. Maybe it’s better to place those products on opposites ends so that the forklifts can access them more efficiently. Our warehouse layout design experts can help.


Our Warehouse Consultants Can Help

The fact is, warehouse optimization is a lot more complex than most people realize, but working with a professional can get you a lot more out of the space you have. We’re more than happy to design an efficient pallet rack system, sell it, and install it so that you get the longest life from it and the safest use. Let’s get the process started! Click here.

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April 03, 2016

Keep Workers Safe on Your Tall Industrial Shelves

One of the newest trends in materials handling and warehouse management is to expand your industrial shelves up, not out. Milwaukee warehouses are using the space between their existing shelves and their ceiling to expand the available storage capacity of their warehouse. This is a trend that DAK Equipment recommends often to our customers who don’t have room within their current square footage to add more shelves, but can still build up. Of course, going higher can put employees at risk if they aren’t following proper safety guidelines when working in and around these higher shelves.

Higher industrial shelves mean you won’t be able to simply use a step ladder to reach items on the upper shelves. Along with the industrial shelves themselves, you’ll need to invest in the equipment that gets your merchandise and your people up and down. That might include an automatic lift, a forklift, extra-tall ladders, or other equipment. You’ll need to keep the safety of your team at the forefront of your mind when making these changes to your warehouse and when purchasing this equipment.

Be sure to follow OSHA and other guidelines when it comes to worker safety. If you aren’t sure about the safety implications of your extra-tall industrial shelves, work with a professional who can help you get the right shelves as well as get the right safety equipment. DAK Equipment & Engineering is ready to help! You can give us a call and get connected with a project manager who can help you with every aspect of your warehouse expansion. Talk to us today!

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March 22, 2016

Our Mobile Industrial Shelves Can Help Your Milwaukee Warehouse Move

While stationary industrial shelving can be a great solution for your warehouse, some Milwaukee warehouses will benefit from mobile shelving. Mobile industry shelving is the perfect solution for your warehouse if:

  • You are frequently moving large amounts of small items across your warehouse
  • Need a mobile assembly space to increase the rate of production
  • Often rearrange the SKUs in your warehouse to meet seasonal or even monthly inventory changes

There are so many reasons that mobile industrial shelves could be right for your warehouse. Whether you need one rack or a hundred, DAK Equipment has what you need. You can shop our online catalog to find items such as:

  • 3 sided trucks
  • 4 shelf mobile units
  • Akro-Tub wire systems
  • Bin divider trucks
  • Dunnage-Rack bulk storage racks
  • Durham mobile storage bins
  • High-Density Storage bins
  • Mobile chrome wire shelving
  • Mobile kit for double sided pick rack systems

Racks come in all sizes, shapes, and configurations to meet the needs of your warehouse. Now you’ll have the freedom to rearrange your Milwaukee warehouse on a whim and create the ideal set up for whatever you are working on that day. These racks are built to provide easy movement even when carrying heavy or bulky loads; just be sure to adhere to the safety suggestions of each item.

You can place an order for our mobile industrial shelving through our website or give our team a call. We’re happy to help you find the mobile shelving that’s right for your warehouse as well as any other material handling solutions that you might need.

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