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April 16, 2019

K3 Werks: DAK’s Own Line of Warehouse Products

We’d like to officially introduce K3 Werks, DAK Equipment and Engineering’s homegrown warehouse system. While the K3 Werks system of industrial racks has been around for some time, we’re happy to report that the trademark recently came through and will become one of our primary options in warehouse products.

We at DAK saw a need for a warehouse system of our own, one that was compatible with so many existing systems while still giving our customers a better price on products. After all, with the price of steel being what it is, you need all the savings you can get!

Worried about going with a brand you haven’t heard much about? We understand completely. (We also know that K3 Werks will grow, and you’ll be hearing a lot about it in the near future). Here are a few good reasons why you have no need to worry about going with K3 Werks warehouse shelving.


DAK Knows Quality

Every time DAK recommends a product, we’re putting our reputation on the line as the premier warehouse product suppliers throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. When we recommend a product, we know from our 20+ years of experience that the product is the right one for a particular warehouse need.

As we get into the storage rack business, we’re not just putting our reputation on the line for our recommendations. We’re also putting our reputation on the line for our products. And trust us, that’s not something we do lightly.

Our time in the warehouse products industry lets us know quality warehouse systems when we see them. And what we’re providing meets or exceeds that of the products from other companies we carry.


K3 Werks Is Compatible

No doubt about it, the teardrop rack systems is the most common form of pallet rack systems out there, and for good reason. It’s easy to assemble and locks everything into place nicely, and disassembling it isn’t a problem if the warehouse space needs to be optimized.

The ubiquity of teardrop racks made it the obvious choice for K3 pallet racks and matching warehouse system. K3 Werks is compatible with every teardrop brand that we carry, and is compatible with most teardrop brands period. This makes it incredibly each to incorporate K3 warehouse systems into your current configuration.


We Have The Variety

We didn’t jump into K3 Werks timidly; we didn’t just start with K3 pallet racks and work up from there. In fact, we offer nearly everything you’ll need in K3 warehouse systems, including K3 rack protection, sprinkler guards, wire decks, and more.

What if we don’t offer something you need? Well, thanks to the extensive compatibility of K3 Werks, you can always grab something from another company we offer. We’re here for you on everything you need to fill your warehouse space with equipment.


Let Us Show You What K3 Werks Can Do

When you consider K3 Werks, don’t think of it as a discount warehouse system. While the prices might be better, think of it as getting your warehouse products one step closer to the source. It might be a common saying, but “cutting out the middleman” really does save you money.

Ready to make the most of your warehouse budget? Check out our K3 Werks options right here!




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May 02, 2018

How Your New Pallet Rack System Is Going To Make Inventory Easier

No matter which pallet rack system you end up going with, it’s certainly going to make it easier to move your inventory around. Whether you choose first-in/first-out or last-in/first-out or some other combination, getting the right warehouse layout design and industrial storage racking will certainly make your space run more smoothly every day of the year.

Luckily, those efficiencies also carry over when it comes to doing inventory. Whether you do inventory once a year or only get around to it when the inconsistencies get to be too much, your inventory will almost certainly benefit from the addition of new industrial pallet racks. Here’s how.


New Pallets Pave The Way

If you’ve recently had new pallet rack shelving installed, that almost certainly paved the way to a more efficient inventory process this. If you’ve recently installed new pallet racks and invested in a bit of warehouse layout optimization, you probably got things in better order than they had been in years. It’s also likely that you got rid of some stuff that had been forgotten and was just cluttering up the shelves, which is going to make inventory easier on you this time.  


Get To The Inventory

One of the best parts about getting new shelving units is that you’ll be able to access pallets that much easier. With new pallet rack shelving, moving one pallet out of the way to see what’s behind it is going to be easier than ever. If your new pallets utilize wire decking or some other options that can easily be seen through, you might even be able to take inventory visually without having to move the pallets at all.


Keep The Number of Warehouses In Check

One of the most common reasons that businesses are looking for a new pallet rack system is that they desire a more efficient use of the space they already have. Having the right industrial shelving that matches your inventory needs can increase your storage abilities exponentially. This is especially true if you have damaged racking that’s unusable and just taking up space.

Instead of building a second (or third or fourth) warehouse, many businesses find that they can make do with the space they have. Not only does that make once-a-year inventory easier, but it certainly makes day-to-day inventory much more simple.


Find The Best Industrial Shelves For Your Needs!

At DAK equipment, we have the absolute best storage solutions when you need to make your warehouse as efficient as possible. From simple selective pallet racking to complex industrial conveyor systems, we have just what you need to make finding anything in your building as easy as possible. Not only that, but we can also create a detailed warehouse layout design so that every square foot is used as efficiently as possible. We’ll also install it all so that it’s as safe as possible.

We’d love to work with you to make inventorying your warehouse as efficient as possible. Contact DAK Equipment and Engineering today to get the process started!




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September 12, 2016

The Only Place that Fewer Steps is Better

A few years ago, wearable tech became a big deal. Devices like the Apple Watch were launched, giving us more ways to access technology other than through our mobile phones. One of the most popular devices to come out of the wearable technology boom was the FitBit. This small, rubberized bracelet does things like count how many steps you were getting in a day, monitor your heart rate, and even chart your sleeping patterns. Suddenly everyone who owned one was obsessed with getting in the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Anyone who worked around pallet racking systems is probably hitting that goal easily!


Is That a Good Thing?

dreamstime_xxl_48682856Well, it depends. While hitting your 10,000 steps a day is great for things like your cardiovascular health and weight loss, it might not be great for the health of your warehouse. That’s because how many steps your team takes each day is an indication of how efficiently they are moving throughout the warehouse. The fewer steps they have to take, the quicker they are getting orders out the door and to your customers. Of course, even in a moderately sized warehouse, 10,000 steps a day probably isn’t out of the question!


Monitor Those Steps at Work

While you don’t actually need your team to count their steps while on the job, it’s something to think about when it comes to maximizing efficiency. Could you be arranging your pallet racking systems in a better layout for productivity? Would a conveyor be more efficient to move products back and forth? Small investments and changes could result in greater productivity for your warehouse.

DAK Can Help Make a Plan

Our warehouse layout team can help make sure you have a warehouse layout that maximizes on your space and your manpower. Let us review your setup and give you some ideas to help make things run smoother! Don’t worry…if your team isn’t getting their steps in on the job, you can always organize a walking club at lunch!

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