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May 30, 2016

Overlooked Areas of Maintenance for Pallet Racks

Most pallet rack maintenance is fairly straightforward. It’s something that most warehouses do on a daily basis, so they have it down to a science–or think they do. No matter how much pallet rack maintenance you are doing on a daily basis, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your processes and see if there is something that you could be doing better. Here are a few commonly overlooked areas when it comes to pallet rack maintenance.

Minor Damage

When major damage is done, it’s almost always reported quickly because people understand that the potential for injury or an accident from pallet rack collapse could happen. However, they are more reluctant to report minor damage. This might be caused by a bump from a forklift, dropped merchandise, or simply human error. Let your team know there is no such thing as minor damage when it comes to your pallet racks and all instances should be reported.

Cleanliness Around Racks

As long as the racks themselves are clean and organized, you are in good shape, right? No. The area around your pallet racks is just as important as the surfaces of the pallet racks themselves. That’s because these areas are usually where employees are working, so any clutter, spills or obstructions present a hazard. That can lead to damage to your pallet racks, not to mention more on-the-job injuries.

Need more tips on how to maintain your pallet racks so they work harder and last longer? Get in touch with the DAK Equipment & Engineering team today!


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May 24, 2016

When Double Deep Pallet Racks Could Be Your Best Bet

Selective pallet racks are the most common racking solution you’ll find in warehouses, and for the majority of spaces, it’s one of the best solutions to their pallet storage needs. However, for other companies that don’t need access to all of their inventory 100% of the time, double deep racking could be a better way to go. It can save space without a lot of expense or inconvenience.

Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racks

Double deep pallet racks are exactly what the name implies; instead of a single pallet rack, these shelves go back two pallets deep. Essentially, it eliminates an aisle between each row of pallet shelving. This can increase your space by 65%, perfect for warehouses which are running low on floor space but don’t want to expand or move locations. If you don’t need access to your inventory all the time and if rotation of your inventory isn’t a huge concern, this is a very economical solution for your warehouse. You may end up moving items around more often when you need to get to items stored in the second row, but for the savings it can be a minor sacrifice.

Call DAK Equipment to Order Double Deep Pallet Racks

DAK Equipment has a great selection of double deep pallet rack shelving ready to ship to your location today. Give us a call or contact us through our website and let’s talk about the pallet racking solution your warehouse needs! Our team will make sure you get a system that meets your needs and your budget, so get in touch with us today.

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May 15, 2016

How Slotting Your Pallet Racks Can Help Increase Your Efficiency

Managing where inventory is on your pallet racks is as important as managing how much of it there is on the pallet racks. That’s because location within the warehouse can have a huge effect on how long it takes your team to process orders and get shipments out the door. Slotting is the process of determining the most efficient placement for your product within the warehouse. It can be a laborious process to get started, but the benefits are just too good to pass up.

For the majority of warehouses, slotting feels like too much effort. Instead, they simply make room on their pallet racks to bring in inventory and get it stored. There are a lot of issues with this sort of crisis-management style of pallet rack loading:

  • You are less likely to use your available pallet rack space efficiently. Instead, you’ll end up cramming items wherever they will fit.
  • Your picking team may have to travel further for items ordered more often because the layout hasn’t been considered.
  • You are more prone to losing inventory. Your system may say it’s in stock but you can’t find it on the shelves.

All of these are major problems for any warehouse. Slotting can greatly eliminate this kind of efficiency by making intentional choices about where you are placing your inventory within your warehouse. It can help your picking team work faster and give you better control over the inventory in your warehouse and increase efficiency by 20%.

Want to try slotting in your warehouse? DAK Equipment & Engineering provides slotting analysis for warehouses in the Chicago area and beyond. Give us a call today to learn more about our slotting analysis services and how they can help make your warehouse more efficient.

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