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December 12, 2015

How Documenting Your Process Affects the Pallet Racks in Your Chicago Warehouse

When is the last time you created a thorough documentation of the process used in your Chicago-area warehouse? This documentation isn’t just for the benefit of new employees; it can be a fundamental tool to increase your warehouse’s efficiency. Documenting your process forces you to examine what you are doing and look for ways to make it better. This can affect everything from the number of pallet racks you have set up to the safety of your employees.

Don’t just rely on your knowledge when documenting the internal processes of your warehouse. Make sure you get employee input about the process that’s used–what they actually do may differ from what you perceive they are doing, and this can both help you identify problem areas as well as discover new methods that are better than the ones you had in place. Talk to both new and long-term employees for information, too. They both may offer unique perspectives on your process.

All of this should be done with the goal of creating a thorough documentation of how things are done within your warehouse. This documentation should be so thorough that if necessary, someone could step into your warehouse and keep it running based on your information. It’s also a great way to plan for the future of your warehouse. Using your current documentation can help you discover things you’ll want to do in your facility in the future: increase the number of pallet racks, install a conveyor system, or even install a mezzanine level for your pick line.

If you’d like help with the documentation process or have discovered areas that you’d like to improve, contact DAK Equipment in Chicago. We’ll help you get the equipment you need to make your warehouse run as efficiently as possible!

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July 18, 2015

Could Pallet Racks Create More Customer Purchases?

If you use pallet racks in your warehouse store, you need to look at those racks from the perspective of your customer. Your racks serve a utilitarian purpose in your store–to manage inventory until it is purchased by a customer–but they serve another purpose, too. To your customers, you pallet racks can be an indication of the quality of your store.

Customers are paying attention to these minor details, even if they aren’t doing it consciously. They are evaluating your business from the time they enter your parking lot or approach it on the street. Details matter and small details like the state of your pallet racks add up to a favorable–or unfavorable–first impression. If they like what they see, they are more likely to spend more time and more money inside of your store.

So what are your customers seeing? Take a minute to take a step outside and enter your store. Are your pallet racks well-stocked? Do they look clean? Are they damage-free? It can be hard to see beyond the everyday and view your store from a customer’s perspective, but it’s worth the effort. You may see some things that can easily be remedied to give a more favorite first impression.

If you see problem areas or areas that are ripe for improvement, give DAK Equipment a call. We’ll help you replace old or worn out pallet racks with something that will visually please your customers. Give our project managers a call at 855-863-0340 and let’s talk about how the right pallet racks can improve your store, bring in more customers, and increase your bottom line.


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July 12, 2015

Make Sure You Set a Schedule to Inspect Your Pallet Rack

We’ve written before about the importance of regularly inspecting your pallet rack system. These inspection can help you catch minor issues that could become major problems later on, and prevent the destruction of inventory as well as injuries to both customers and employees. You are legally required to perform these inspections, too, and they are probably a requirement to keep your insurance. So how often should you be getting your inspections done?

Most companies and warehouses need to have an inspection once or twice a year by an equipment supplier and manufacturer such as DAK Equipment. These once- or twice-annual inspections will be thorough and identify and repair problem areas. This should not be the only time you inspect your pallet rack, though. Be sure to schedule frequent, regular inspections done by yourself or a member of your team to check on your pallet rack between more thorough inspections. Don’t neglect to add an inspection after a collision between a forklift and a rack, too, to check for damage.

Take a few minutes to mark your calendar with both thorough inspections from a DAK Equipment team member along with more frequent sessions done in-house. Once you have your inspection calendar made, give us a call and schedule a time with our inspection team. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your racks are being regularly inspected both for the health and safety of your team as well as legal and insurance requirements. Call 855-863-0340 or use the contact form on our website to reach out to our inspection team.

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