Wholesale Pallet Racks

January 06, 2016

A Good Warehouse More Than Wholesale Pallet Racks

Your warehouse or distribution center exists for one reason and that one reason is getting product to the consumer. This means that it’s extremely important to ensure that your pallets and products are handled with care as to deliver the goods to the consumer with quality expected from your brand and to keep costs in your distribution facility as low as possible. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, your premier wholesale pallet rack specialists, we understand these concerns because we’ve faced them ourselves. We are constantly working to improve our efficiency and improve the efficiency of our customers’ warehouse operations. So, how do you know where to get started? How do you reduce your costs?

Take a look a good look around at your warehouse and take notes of what you see. Do you easily find or see debris lying on the floor? Is your distribution facility using the correct lift trucks? Are your employees comfortable and are they being as productive as they can be? Are your operators properly trained to use the life trucks they’re using? All of these factors and questions are important to ask yourself when trying to better your warehouse operations and when trying to prevent your products from being damaged.

One of the most important factors from above is keeping your product and employees safe and in compliance with law. All warehouses and distribution centers need to be at least up to par if not exceeding OSHA standards – not only with physical warehouse safety features but also operator training. When your operators are properly trained and knows their vehicle’s capacity and stability, you’ll find that you have less damage and more product to deliver to consumers.

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January 05, 2016

Wholesale Pallet Racks: Keeping Your Costs Low

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we strive to provide you materials handling solutions that propels your business forward while keeping costs low. Whether you’re looking for wholesale pallet racks or conveyor systems, we can develop a solution that works in your favor. Warehouse operations exist for one basic reason: getting the product from the supplier to the consumer. As you know, this means that it’s extremely important that your pallets and products are handled with care and timeliness so that you can deliver the goods to the consumer with the quality they expect – and to keep you costs in your distribution center or warehouse as low as possible.

You may be scratching your head, trying to figure out how to keep your costs low while keeping your output efficient. Product damage is usually a direct result of some other form of damage in the warehouse – whether it’s pallet damage, rack damage, or even lift truck damage. All of these factors are important to consider when you’re trying to keep costs low. It’s imperative that you do regular¬†inspections to ensure that your materials handling systems are working exactly the way they’re supposed to.

There are a number of preventative measures that you can take to help avoid destruction of products and damaged materials handling systems. You can do everything from adding extra support on your racking system and warehouse design to providing pallets that are of better quality, to improving the ergonomics of your lift trucks and making sure your operators get adequate training and breaks.

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January 04, 2016

Wholesale Pallet Racks: Increasing Profitability With DAK

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we know that when companies are looking for wholesale pallet rack solutions, there are quite a few things to consider. Picking the right wholesale pallet racking solution greatly affects the profitability of the business operations over many years and the price is just one of the contributing factors. It’s DAK Equipment & Engineering’s attention to the big picture of total materials handling costs and the design of unique features into our pallet racking solutions which address these factors that has lead us to become one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of materials handling solutions.

DAK Equipment & Engineering offers you all pallet rack configurations so that you can offer the biggest selection of wholesale pallet rack solutions possible:

  • Selective Pallet Racks
  • Wire Decking
  • Double-Deep Rack
  • Push-Back Rack
  • Drive In/Thru Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Carton Flow Rack
  • Pick Modules
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Shelving
  • Mezzanines
  • Pre-Engineered Offices
  • Lockers
  • Wire Partitions
  • Green Systems
  • So much more…

DAK Equipment & Engineering works with you, analyzes your pallet racking needs, and helps you make an informed decision to maximize your storage space considering your operational goals. Our design capabilities yield benefits that you won’t find with a mere steel fabricator. Our AutoCAD systems allow for you see exactly what your materials handling system will be before it’s manufactured so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Our on staff project managers and design engineers are waiting to help you with your specific materials handling solutions. Contact us today for your wholesale pallet racking and all other pallet rack needs!

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