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December 16, 2015

Your Wholesale Racking May be Joined by More Automation in the Coming Years

Has your warehouse started automating? If you haven’t, chances are you will within the next several years. The automated materials handling industry is expected to reach over $7 billion by 2019, a projected growth of 8.1% since 2014. That means more and more warehouses are going to be looking at automation as a way to keep up with the increasing demands of speed from the American consumer. Automation doesn’t have to be a vision of the human-free warehouse with robots zipping around a sterile environment, though; automation can mean a lot of different things, and it can work with your existing wholesale racking and pallet systems.

Many of our customers are automating their warehouses by making it easier for their teams to move merchandise from pick to pack areas, or simply reducing the number of touches that occur before the item is out the door. This may involve something as simple as installing a conveyor belt to move through your warehouse. The right conveyor system can move past your wholesale racking where employees place items ready to ship and out to your packaging area where they are loaded on the truck. You take the human element out of the movement, making it more consistent, less prone to errors, and increasing your warehouse efficiency.

Interested in learning more about integrating automation with your existing wholesale racking system? Give the DAK Equipment warehouse design team a call. We’ll help you find creative solutions to enhance your ability to meet the demands of your customers while helping your employees work more efficiently. Get a quote on our automation services today!


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August 09, 2015

Consider This Before You Buy More Wholesale Racking

If you are in the market to purchase more wholesale racking for your Wisconsin warehouse, DAK Equipment has everything that you need. But before you make that purchase, we have one important question for you to answer: Are you using your existing wholesale racking as best you can?

For most businesses, the answer is no. They may be using their existing wholesale racking to hold small items on large shelves, or they may be holding too much inventory, or they may not be utilizing a pick line like they should be. Many of the companies who approach us again and again for wholesale racking think that more shelves will solve their storage dilemmas when, in fact, a complete overhaul of their warehouse may be what’s really needed.

Fortunately, DAK Equipment can help with that, too. Our project managers can help you evaluate your current warehouse footprint and help you determine if you are using the space to its maximum potential. We’ll look for solutions like mezzanines, carton flow racks, and other materials handling solutions that can help you get more out of your existing space. We’ll even help you look at your current inventory system and determine if you are carrying too much inventory for fulfillment.

This service from DAK Equipment can help your Green Bay-area warehouse save money. You won’t need to invest in so much wholesale racking and you won’t have to move your warehouses location in order to create the space that you need. Call our Project Management team today and learn more about the DAK Equipment solutions that can help you get more from your current warehouse space!


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