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August 25, 2014

Advantages Of The Pallet Flow Rack System | DAK Equipment

DAK Equipment and Engineering has been serving their customers with excellent services for nearly two decades. As we approach our twentieth year, we look forward to at least another 20 more years of serving our community. Here at DAK Equipment, we focus on what we do well while we supply quality equipment and value-added solutions. We do this by building long lasting and ongoing relationships with our clients, only selling our products and services based on value and not on price. The value of a pallet flow rack system is insurmountable for our customers who need a first in, first out solution in their warehouse.

But what is a pallet flow rack system

A pallet flow rack system is a rack structure with  inclined rollers that pallets are loaded at the charge or input end and then flow down to the pick faces. These systems are available  up to twenty or more  pallet positions deep. 

What are the advantages of a pallet flow system?

1. The main advantage of a pallet flow rack system is  first in, first out stock rotation capabilities.

2. Pallet flow racking is ideal if you want to utilize the most space possible in a small area, like a freezer or cooler.

3. When you consider how much product you can store in a small area with pallet flow racking, the system is very cost-effective when first in first out is critical.

If you need a first in, first out solution for you warehouse with good stock rotation capabilities while reducing product handling, call DAK Equipment and Engineering and ask us about our pallet flow racking systems!

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August 25, 2014

Outdoor Storage? We Do That Too

Outdoor Structural material handling solutions from DAK

Village Ace Hardware in Sandwich Illinois had a problem.  The roll-formed pallet rack they were using for outdoor storage was old, rusting and becoming a hazard.

We recommended replacing it with structural galvanized selective rack for its durability and resistance to the elements which is an important consideration for Midwest winters.  Chris Amir, the Village Ace Hardware owner, liked our suggestion and we went to work.

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August 22, 2014

Ideal Solutions For Storage: The Pallet Flow Rack

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we’ve been committed to serving our customers with only the highest quality solutions and service for almost twenty consecutive years. After nearly two decades, we still hold true to the foundation that our company was originally founded on: to ensure that every step our company makes also takes our customers closer to their business goals. This dedication to our own customers’ success has allowed us to realize our own success while always putting the customer first. From pallet flow racks and conveyor systems, to green solutions and mezzanines, DAK Equipment & Engineering offers all the right solutions to help your business.

One of the many solutions we engineer and deliver to our customers is the aforementioned pallet flow rack. For a business looking for a first in, first out solution for their storage with the need to constantly rotate stock, this system is for you. Our pallet flow racks work similarly to a conveyor system within the rack itself. Pallet flow racks work by loading pallets at the input end and then flowing down included rollers or wheels. Our pallet flow racks will drastically increase your storage capacity by allowing your stock to build upon itself due to the fact that we can build pallet flow racks that give you 20+ pallet positions horizontally. That means that you can grow without always needing more space.

Reduce your product handling and rotate your stock as much as you need to through DAK Equipment & Engineering’s pallet flow rack solutions.

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