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March 12, 2015

Upgrade Your Facility in a Weekend

Ten Things to Know About Modular Offices

Now that the economy is finally getting back on track and warehouse and distribution center activity is moving into high gear, many facility improvement projects that were put off until “later” need to get done quickly and with as little disturbance to workflow as possible.

If you’re considering adding anything from more convenient restrooms to an engineering lab, modular construction should be on your radar.

Office with Inspection Area

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March 10, 2015

How to Properly Deal with Empty Pallets

If you are like most distribution centers and manufacturing operators then you probably have to deal with empty pallets, in some cases a ton of pallets. They clutter your receiving areas, and take up space you could be using for other purposes. Some of the pallets you store have splinters, some have nails protruding from them, an accident just waiting to happen. Still, you hold on to them for a period of time until you can ship them back out. But while they sit in your facility, they can create problems, so here are a few tips on how to properly store pallets.

Is there a single good reason to stack pallets on their sides? We don’t think so. After all, stacking them on their sides isn’t giving you any more room as they still take up the same amount of space. You see those empty pallets leaning against a building column or against a wall and never thought twice about it before. But they are just a trap waiting to be sprung. The dangers of tripping, snagging or falling are very real.

Even if you are stacking your pallets horizontally, you may be stacking them too high. Anything over 20 to 25 pallets high can become unstable and the risk of a collapse becomes even greater. And the higher the stack, all the more weight that will come barreling down on you.

Take a closer look at the pallets you have stacked in the corner of your warehouse. Even if they aren’t stacked too high, check to see if they are stacked neat. Pallets that are stacked haphazardly or pallets of varying sizes stacked together pose a threat. So stack your pallets neatly.

This useful information is provided to you by DAK Equipment, serving Chicago with pallet rack solutions since 1995.

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March 05, 2015

From Wholesale Pallet Racks to Entire Pallet Rack Systems, Chicago-Based DAK Equipment Delivers Solutions to Your Warehouse Problems

You may have heard an old saying spoken among warehouse managers; “If there is space available, somebody will eventually fill it”. While not profound, or even inspirational, it is never-the-less very true in nature. A warehouse with extra storage space is indeed as rare as, say, a Triple Crown winner or a modern-day Cubs World Series win. That is, it is not uncommon for a warehouse to be at peak capacity even during the slow season. Generally speaking, the types of space deficiencies are due to rapid growth, seasonal peaks, slow sales and planned inventory builds. To discover the proper way to deal with these space issues, you must first understand just what exactly creates them.

On the surface, it would seem to make good sense if you order an abundance of a product you know sells well. But you soon discover that even though the product moves quickly, it still spends a few weeks blocking aisles or just generally being in the way. You would be better off ordering less product more often.

The flip-side to ordering too much of the right product is ordering too much of the wrong product, or the product that doesn’t turn around as quick. If it takes a year to move 400 pallets of of a certain product, decrease the order and space will be free.

Steady growth, a changing environment and ever increasing service requirements all have one thing in common, they rob you your precious space. Your best move in these type of cases is in how you handle projected volumes. That is, you need a game plan on how you will be storing merchandise a year from now. It is best to be proactive rather than pulling out you hair desperately discovering more space.

From wholesale pallet racks to entire pallet rack systems, Chicago-based DAK Equipment delivers solutions to your warehouse problems. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call.


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