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April 10, 2015

We Don’t Do Forklifts, But…

Knowledge is Power

As you may have noticed, one of the few things in the material handling world that DAK Equipment doesn’t sell are forklifts. Instead, we decided to focus on the design and installation of customized material handling systems.

That said, just because we don’t sell lift equipment doesn’t mean we don’t understand it. After all, to do an expert job in a warehouse or distribution center, we need to be able to design to the lift truck’s capabilities or help you select a model that will meet your business needs alongside the storage system.

Today I’ll be talking about what you need to know to select your lift equipment.

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April 10, 2015

It is Never Uncommon for a Warehouse Manager to Weigh the Options of Investing in New Pallet Rack Shelving or Buying Used Pallet Rack Shelves

Companies are seemingly always trying to cut costs in any areas they can, this includes in the warehouse or other storage facility. So it is never uncommon for a warehouse manager to weigh the options of investing in new pallet rack shelving or buying used pallet rack shelves. As with the purchase of  of any type of warehouse equipment, the purchase of used equipment can be either a money-save or a costly mistake. This all depends mainly on whether or not you have taken the time to do proper research.

Pallet rack shelving systems or cost-effective, safe storage solutions in most any warehouse. Both new and used pallet rack shelving provide simple solutions that keep work areas clear from clutter as well as keeping your employees safe and your stock free from hazards and other damage. But if you choose to buy used equipment, it is critical you determine the safety of shelving before it is utilized in your warehouse. In addition, it is important that the used materials you want to buy can be feasibly incorporated into your existing system. And even if it can be incorporated into your existing system, you really need to gauge whether the expenditures associated with it would be warranted. There is always the risk that because the shelving or other items isn’t specifically made for your system, it may not be a good fit. If this is the case, money is therefore wasted.

Lastly, used equipment isn’t likely to come with a warranty, which can be a huge pitfall. If a warranty is a big concern, new shelving then may be your best choice. When weighing out these options, your best bet is to consult with an expert. Give us a call and we can help.



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