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July 30, 2015

Why Small Items Shouldn’t Go On Pallet Shelves

DAK Equipment if often asked by companies in the Milwaukee, Green Bay and Pleasant Prairie areas what they can do to get more storage out of their existing space. Many Wisconsin companies are eager to avoid the cost of moving their warehouse and hope that by cramming a few more pallet shelves into their warehouse they’ll get the room that they need. When our expert teams arrive at their warehouse, many times we can identify the biggest space issue in your warehouse almost immediately: small items placed on pallet shelves. 

It’s tempting to place small items on those big empty shelves, but it can cause a lot of problems. Placing small items on pallet shelves isn’t making the most of your available space. Small items aren’t taking advantage of the overhead space on a pallet shelf, so you have huge gaps of space that could be used. Instead of looking for more square feet to place an additional pallet shelf, look for these gaps of space on your pallet racks. Are you using that space as well as you could be? Additionally, small items on these shelves are easily lost, slowly down your warehouse and driving up your waste costs.

DAK Equipment can help your Wisconsin warehouse make the most of your existing space. We can help you implement gravity flow and carton racks that keep small items in place while utilizing existing space to give you more storage. Discover more about how our project managers can transform your warehouse into the space you need it to be–without the cost of moving!


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July 27, 2015

What Role Will Your Pallet Racks Serve in the Future?

If you are a warehouse owner in Wisconsin, you know that technology is quickly changing how your warehouse operates. You may be handling inventory with RFID scanners, using robots to pick and pack, or utilizing complex algorithms to ensure your warehouse is staying stocked with exactly the right supplies. So what role will items like carton flow and selective pallet racks serve in the future of materials handling in your warehouse?

The truth is no matter how far out technology comes, we’ll still need a place to store our stuff. While technological advances can make picking, packing, ordering, and supply chain management easier than ever to handle, your inventory is really what it’s all about. Without inventory, you wouldn’t need a warehouse in the first place. That’s why you’ll want to continue to invest in this warehouse infrastructure; you’re likely to be using it for the foreseeable future, and starting with great pallet racks now can eliminate hassles in the future.

Technology is a great thing to implement into your warehouse when it’s something that’s going to help you process orders faster or keep your employees safer. Don’t neglect the basics, though, in favor of a new tech toy. Give DAK Equipment a call and we’ll help you strike the perfect balance for technology and infrastrutcutre in your Green Bay-area warehouse. We love helping warehouses like yours in Wisconsin find new ways to serve your customers better while increasing your bottom line. Give us a call today or use the form on our website to contact us today!

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July 24, 2015

Why a Carton Flow Rack Is Needed on Your Pick Line

Carton flow racks can be a great addition to any warehouse, but they are almost a necessity on your pick line. Any warehouse that’s dealing with picking inventory for orders can benefit from the addition of a carton flow rack. It can increase the accuracy of your picked orders, speed up order processing time, and save manpower. Here are some other benefits you should keep in mind:

  • Carton flow racks keep you organized. Your team will be able to see everything they need to quickly and accurately pick orders.
  • They are easily restocked. Just two people can keep your inventory going in and out, eliminating unnecessary waste spent on additional stocking manpower.
  • They can be expanded. Have a big project coming up and need more room? These mobile shelves can be easy added and expanded to give you exactly the space that you need.

Your employees will love that the carton flow rack you’ve added to your line makes their job easier. You’ll love that it helps you save time and money in your warehouse. It’s a win-win for everyone, including your customers who will get their orders sooner. It’s an option you need to look at right away, especially as your orders increase.

Want to explore putting a carton flow rack onto your line? Give DAK Equipment a call today. We’ll help you plan the logistics of adding a carton flow rack and can offer you a great price on the racks that you need. Call us at 855-863-0340 for more information and a quote on the racks you need today!

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