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April 21, 2016

When You Need Cantilever Racks in Your Warehouse

Cantilever Rack InstallationWhile not as prevalent as many other pallet racks in the materials handling industry, cantilever racks are certainly a useful item in the right circumstances. These racks consist of support beams that use arms to support items. You’ve most likely seen this unique storage solution in warehouse stores. So when are these the right solution for your warehouse?

Primarily, this is the right storage solution when you are storage multiple long items. Lumber, tubing, pipes, conduit and other difficult to store items can all be neatly stored on cantilever racks. The use of wire decking can expand the cantilever’s usefulness, too, and make it great for storing heavy objects of varying sizes, such as furniture. The open front design makes it easy to pick out the long merchandise for use or order fulfillment, too, so there is no need for your pick team to slow down to sort through a messy pile of items to find the right one. Everything will be nicely sorted on each cantilever shelf made with two or more supporting arms.

If you have a difficult to store item in your warehouse and are looking for a solution, cantilever racks might be it. If they aren’t, though, we’ll help you find a solution that is. Cantilever shelves are just the beginning of what we can do for your warehouse! Get in touch with the DAK Equipment and Engineering team to learn more about unique warehouse storage solutions that can fix all of your storage issues today.

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April 20, 2016

Make Industrial Storage Racks More Versatile with Wire Decking

If you don’t have wire decking on your pallet racks and industrial storage racks already, it’s an investment worth considering. This simple addition to the shelves in your warehouse offers a tremendous number of benefits, from safety to versatility in storage. It’s also relatively inexpensive, making it a small investment for your warehouse that can offer a big pay off. Here is why we recommend this addition to so many of our customers:

  • It’s safer for your employees. Adding wire mesh to your pallet racks and industrial storage shelves minimizes the risk of objects falling onto them from above when they are working in and around your shelves. If a worker is opening a carton above, the wire mesh will catch any merchandise or tools that may be inadvertently knocked aside.
  • It creates more storage options. Wire decking allows you to add shelf accessories such as plastic cartons and bins to hold smaller items. You won’t have to purchase additional storage for these smaller items; you can simply modify your existing shelves to work for all of your needs once you have the sturdy wire mesh platform to build on.
  • It can help with fire safety. Wire decking allows sprinklers and hoses to reach any fire within the shelves with it’s open mesh design. Other solutions, such as plywood, can actually fuel a fire while wire decking will not.

Interested in adding wire decking to the industrial shelves in your warehouse? Give the DAK Equipment and Engineering team a call today and we’ll help you place an order.

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April 19, 2016

Must Have Accessories for Industrial Conveyor Systems

2 Tier Shelving with industrial conveyor systems from DAKYour industrial conveyor systems can be so much more than a simple path guiding product through your warehouse! You can configure your industrial conveyor systems to do a lot when you have the right accessories. Here are a few must-have accessories you should consider adding on to your conveyor systems:

  • Gravity chutes. If you need to get items down from one level to another in your warehouse, gravity chutes are a great addition. Spiral chutes take up less floor space than a traditional angled conveyor, though they won’t handle merchandise as gently. Gravity chutes are fast and relatively easy to add onto your existed system, or can be used on their own.
  • Belt cleats. These simple spacers help move smaller items up an incline on your conveyor belt, keeping the items in place and minimizing the risk of roll-off or damaging materials. Easy to install, but must be used with small items only.
  • Belt cleaners. Debris is the primary cause of conveyor systems going down or breaking. A belt cleaner can keep your system free from debris and cut down on maintenance needs.

What accessories you need will depend largely on what you are using your industrial conveyor system to do. You can talk to a DAK Equipment & Engineering representative to determine which items are best for your needs. We carry many of these items in stock and ready to ship to your location! Get in touch with us today for more information on these or any other conveyor system accessories you need!

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