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September 23, 2016

Packing on a Mezzanine Deck

Warehouse Mezzanine in Use

You know that adding a mezzanine level to your warehouse can provide you with some much-needed space in your warehouse. But what can you actually use that space for once it’s there? Many warehouses are discovering that it makes a terrific packing area.


The Logistics of Putting Your Packing Area on a Mezzanine

Warehouse Mezzanine in UseThe first and most obvious issue of having your packing area on a high level is how to efficiently get products to that level to be packed. This is much simpler than you might think. Which method you choose is going to depend, in part, on how much product you are moving up there. Smaller quantities can use lifts that take carts from the warehouse floor to the packing level. If you have a constant stream of product getting packed, though, you won’t want to wait for a lift to go up and down. In that care, a conveyor belt may be the better option. In either care, a gravity conveyor can send the finished packages down to the dock doors to get out on the trucks as quickly as possible.


The Advantages of Packing on a Mezzanine Level

There are a number of advantages to putting your packing area on the mezzanine. It gives this important facet of your warehouse productivity in its own area dedicated to the task. It can help packers focus on their job. It also frees up space on the warehouse floor for more product or for other tasks, such an returns or assembly.


Explore the Possibilities with DAK

Even if moving your packing area up to a mezzanine deck isn’t the right choice for your warehouse, there are plenty of other ways we can help you maximize your warehouse space. Get in touch with the DAK Equipment & Engineering team for more ideas today!


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September 20, 2016

Taking Up Less Space with Your Conveyor Systems

Space in most warehouse is at a premium. Warehouse managers are forced to constantly assess their current space usage and look for ways to maximize it. Sometimes that means putting in a mezzanine level, rearrange their industrial storage racks, or going without new equipment that could take up too much valuable space. If you’ve been putting off the installation of a conveyor system because you are concerned it’s going to take up too much space in your warehouse, DAK Equipment & Engineering has great news.


We Can Help You Save Space

Industrial conveyor systems don’t have to take up a lot of room in your warehouse. There are several things you can do to get the conveyor system you need installed without sacrificing your space.


Use a manual system.

Some non-powered systems take up less space because you don’t have to make room for motors and command centers. Don’t write all powered systems, though; some are more space-efficient than you might think.


Elevate your conveyor.

Just like a mezzanine level can help make use of the space over your head, a conveyor system can do the same thing. Powered systems can provide lift to move products up from the warehouse floor, transport them across the warehouse, and take them back down to floor level again.


Consider what you are saving.

While you are going to take up some space with a conveyor, you may be saving space elsewhere. Are you eliminating pathways that will no longer be needed for human access? Are you eliminating cart storage by moving things automatically? You might actually be gaining space.


Contact DAK Equipment & Engineering to Find the Right Conveyor

If you’d like to explore the possibility of putting a conveyor system into your warehouse, talk to the experts at DAK Equipment & Engineering. We’re familiar with a variety of conveyor systems so we can recommend one that’s compact and meets your budget. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with some options for new industrial conveyor systems in your warehouse!

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September 16, 2016

How to Keep Your Industrial Storage Racks Clean

All warehouse managers know the importance of keeping your warehouse clean. From the conveyor belts to the mezzanine floor, keeping the warehouse clean is an important team effort. One of the often overlooked areas in a warehouse is your industrial storage racks. It’s just as important to keep these clean as any other area of the warehouse!


Advantages of Clean Storage Racks

  • Helps recover and prevent lost products.
  • Keeps your shelves organized for faster picking.
  • Creates a safer warehouse environment.
  • Lowers the instances of accidents and injury on the job.
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your equipment.


How to Clean Industrial Storage Racks

Fortunately, industrial storage racks don’t require much more than good organizational skills and systems put into place to keep them clean. The primary objective of cleaning your industrial storage racks should be to organize the products on each shelf so they are easy to grab for picking and count for inventory. Inventory is actually a great time for cleaning the shelves; double up on the job by having your counters take a few minutes to organize and wipe down the shelves before they move on with the count. A damp rag and some spray cleaner are perfect for cleaning most shelves. Removing sticky substances can help prevent damage, too.


Call DAK Equipment for More Industrial Storage Rack Tips

Whether you need new racks, want to make sure your current racks are laid out efficiently, or need repair work done, DAK Equipment & Engineering can help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about all of our industrial storage rack services and learn how we can help your warehouse run better than ever.

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