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November 25, 2017

Everything You Need for Your Dock

DAK Equipment & Engineering is your go-to source for warehouse equipment, and that includes everything that you need for your dock. Your dock is an important hub in your warehouse. It’s the transfer station where items need to go out and come in safely and where transportation meets your storage. Optimizing your dock space can help you minimize the number of steps your workers need to take to get items safely in and out of the door, maximize quality control within the warehouse, and make receiving and shipping easier and more profitable than ever before. It might seem like a small area of your warehouse, but it’s likely the busiest and most important one.

Dock equipment should help you do all of the jobs of the dock safer and more efficiently than ever. We’ve helped warehouses across the country find the dock equipment that they need and we’re ready to do the same thing for you. No two docks are the same, but there are certain things we routinely recommend to warehouse managers to help improve their docking areas. Check out these suggestions and see if they might be right for your dock! If they are, you can purchase them by giving our team a call or contacting us through our website.

Great Items That Can Benefit Your Docking Area

Dock Boards

Dock boards are usually made of aluminum or another metal and often have bumpers along the edge to help guide equipment. They help create a small ramp for hand trucks and other equipment to get on and off of trucks or pallets. They make it easier and safer to load or unload trucks. We carry all sizes of dock boards, including the mini curb jumpers. Anything you can do to make getting items on and off of trucks easier is going to increase your productivity!

Dock Plates

These are similar to dock boards, but won’t have the additional structure of bumpers along the edge and are instead a flat piece of metal (usually aluminum). Like dock boards, they’ll have locking legs or other mechanisms underneath to give you the height you need to safely move product on and off of the truck. Talk to one of our project managers to determine if a dock board or a dock plate is the right choice for your space.


Protect your building from damage with dock bumpers. We carry corner, wall, and I-beam bumpers for your dock. Not only will bumpers help keep your building safe, but they’ll help prevent damage to trucks that are backed up too far, too. They can act as a guide for drivers to let them know when and where to stop. You’ll be glad you put them in place, and your drivers will be, too.


Give your workers a lift! Our motorized lifts make it easy to get up and down to load and unload equipment and materials, eliminate the risk of injury on ladders. Lifts can also make it easier for your team to load or unload inventory on higher shelves. We offer one-person and two-person lifts in numerous options so you can find the exact lift you need. Lifts can be used throughout the warehouse, too, making them an investment in the entire operation and not just the dock.


Light up your dock day or night and give workers the visibility they need to get the job done. Better visibility can lead to faster order picking and fewer worker injuries. It can even help eliminate strain injuries such as headaches and neck aches. The right lighting is a must for a warehouse, and the dock is no exception to this rule. Make sure you have the lighting you need for both day and night activities at the dock, too, so productivity doesn’t go down when the sun does.

Seal Shelters

Eliminate pesky drafts and moisture from your dock with air curtains and dock seals from DAK. Your dock is a major opening to your warehouse. If you don’t seal it properly, you could be leaving your inventory vulnerable to the elements as well as pests like mice and ants. It can also make it a lot more expensive to heat and cool your warehouse. Make sure your doors are sealed correctly to keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.

Strip Doors

Regulate temperatures without impeding the flow of traffic through strip doors. Strip doors are a great alternative to leaving a door open all the time or having a door that’s opening and closing constantly. Strip doors allow workers and machinery to move through freely, eliminating the time-wasting tasks of opening and closing a door frequently. They also allow visibility, so workers and machinery operators can see what’s going on beyond a doorway.

Trailer Jacks

If you are moving pallets around regularly at your dock, you need to get a pallet jack. Pallet jacks can help you move pallets quickly without the need for a forklift, giving more of your workers the ability to move items when needed and clear space without firing up the forklift. Pallet jacks are easy to operate and investing in a good one means you’ll have a reliable way to move pallets for the next decade or more.

Looking for More for Your Dock?


There are plenty of other dock accessories and equipment for sale in the DAK online store! Head over there and add what you need to your order for wholesale pallet racks. We’ll ship it all to you as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying the top quality materials and equipment from DAK! You need to make sure your dock has everything it needs in order to function at peak productivity; it’s the hub of your warehouse and the better it works, the better your entire warehouse will function.

Have questions about an item you see in our store or can’t find something you need? Give us a call at 630-516-1115 and we’ll get you the information you need or help you locate a product. Our project managers are available to help you overhaul your dock and increase your productivity and your bottom line!

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November 21, 2017

Advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking

Bolted Frame Bracing

North American material handling professionals have pretty much always accepted that welded pallet rack uprights are superior to bolted while our colleagues in the rest of the world have been building their frames with nuts and bolts for decades. Which is best? Let’s find out.

Bolted BridgeBolted structures are everywhere in both our personal and professional lives. From the buildings we live or work in to the bridges we drive over and the mezzanines and cantilever systems we install in our warehouses. So why are welded frames preferred?

One of the big reasons is that almost every rack manufacturer in the U.S. produces only welded rack, so it’s easier to get than bolted and the manufacturers have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

With that said, bolted uprights do have several advantages over welded:

  • Less Expensive: While the manufacture of the major components is pretty much the same between welded and bolted uprights, welding adds more labor and thus more cost.
  • Easier to Repair: With bolted frames, you can replace just the damaged column or strut but welded frames require custom repairs or replacement. Additionally, a bolted connection is easy to see, test and replace where a weld covered by paint may or may not be structurally sound after an impact to the upright.
  • Cheaper to Ship: Welded frames take up as much room as needed on the truck while bolted can be shipped knocked-down and assembled at the destination. This can make the difference between one truck or two (or more).
  • More Flexible: If you need a custom height, welded rack can be cut down, but involves cutting out a horizontal and possibly a diagonal brace, cutting down the columns and then re-welding the bracing. There are also limitations on what’s possible. Customizing bolted uprights involves cutting down the columns and adjusting the bracing as the frame is assembled, which is a lot easier and as a result, cheaper too.
  • Better for Seismic Applications: Like the buildings and bridges mentioned above, bolted frames can flex and give when the earth moves, while welded structures are rigid and can break.

bolt and lock nutMany people who aren’t familiar with bolted uprights think that the bolts loosen over time and need to be tightened back down occasionally. As you can see to the right, our K3 Werks frames are assembled with a serrated lock nut and once tightened down prior to shipment or the installer if shipped knocked-down, they are locked in place.

As you may be aware, DAK Equipment only stocks equipment from RMI certified manufacturers so you can be confident that you’re getting racking that’s been tested and meets all the current standards, whether the uprights are bolted or welded.

So which is best, bolted or welded? Well, that depends on your preferences but we think you’ll agree, a lot of the misconceptions about bolted rack just aren’t true.

If you’d like to learn more about our K3 Werks bolted uprights or have questions this post didn’t answer, please feel free to get in touch.

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November 15, 2017

Add Floor Mats to the Area Around Your Pallet Rack for More Comfort

We’ve worked with warehouses and material handling facilities all across the United States. And while many of these places are known for their productivity and efficient use of space, very few of them are known for their comfort. It might seem like a little thing that doesn’t matter in the bigger picture of operations within your facility, but comfort is actually something that you shouldn’t overlook or ignore.

  • Comfort can actually help increase worker productivity. When workers are happy, they get more done. They take fewer sick days and experience fewer injuries on the job. That means more orders going out the door and happier customers on the other end.
  • More comfort can help lower your expenses. Providing workers with additional comfort means fewer worker’s compensation claims from repetitive work injuries or back problems. That can help boost your bottom line in a big way with a small investment.

One small item that can make a big difference in worker comfort are floor mats. These are also often referred to as anti-fatigue mats, for reasons that we’ll explore later in this article. We have a huge selection of them available in the DAK Equipment & Engineering online catalog.

Why Mats Matter

There is a good chance that the floor in your facility is made out of cement. There are a lot of good reasons to use the material, including the fact that’s it is inexpensive and it’s easy to clean. Despite the advantages, though, the major drawback of cement is that it’s not great to stand on for eight, nine, or ten-hour shifts. But floor matting can provide the much-needed comfort underfoot. Not only that, but it can help workers feel less tired during their shift. The mats decrease the impact of the work they are doing, helping them continue their shifts with increased productivity and less fatigue; thus, why these mats are referred to as “anti-fatigue mats.”

The mats work by cushioning the impact of the worker’s feet on the cement floor. Because cement is so hard, there isn’t a lot of forgiveness for the impact of each step. Cushioning in the mats acts like shock absorbers on your car. It reduces the impact on the bones and joints. Many mats will also reduce the risk of slipping, which is another major concern in the warehouse environment and a culprit of many thousands of worker’s compensation claims every year. Cushioning isn’t just good for your worker’s feet, either. The benefits of good floor mats extend to knees, hips, and backs, too. Your team will notice the difference when you start using high-quality mats because they won’t be as sore and tired at the end of a long shift.

Some warehouse managers feel that workers can get the same benefits of mats by simply wearing padded footwear. While wearing the right shoes on the job is important, it’s not the ultimate solution. Workers who stand in place for long periods of time will experience soreness and fatigue in their legs, hips, knees, and feet no matter what kind of footwear they have on; but matting can help relieve those symptoms. Of course, the combination of great footwear and great floor matting is the ultimate comfort combination!

While these mats are great at increasing worker comfort, they are also great at keeping dropped items from breaking, reducing your damaged merchandise. Don’t forget that floor matting can actually be good for your cement floors, too. The concrete of your floor might be hard but it’s not invincible. Dropped and dragged objects can damage the surface of the floor, creating cracks and divots that can spread. Those can create dangerous hazards in your warehouse, putting worker safety at risk. It also means more repair costs coming out of your profits. The right mats can prevent drops and drags from damaging the concrete floor and keep it clean at the same time.

Good mats are easy to clean, as well. Simple sweep off the debris and use a standard mop and cleaner and they’ll look like new again. With regular cleaning, you should be able to use mats for years under normal, everyday usage. That makes them a great investment for your money!

Which Mats Are Right for You?

  • Look for mats that are made for your purpose. If you need to reduce slips, buy an anti-slip mat. If reducing worker fatigue is the goal, look for anti-fatigue mats.
  • Thicker isn’t always better. Some mats can be so thick that they can make your workers unsteady on their feet. Look for something that provides cushioning and support without being too soft.
  • Mats that are made for your busy environment. Many anti-fatigue mats have a sloped edging, which makes them safer to walk on without tripping on the edges. It’s also easier for machinery and carts to get over them.
  • Consider their placement. Some mats have drainage slots which are ideal for areas that might get wet and slippery. Other mats are better suited for entrances or in areas that need to be easily cleaned. Think about the environment your mats are going to be in and purchase accordingly.
  • Consider your budget. There are mats in every price range on the market. While you might be tempted to save a few pennies when purchasing your floor matting, the cheapest option is rarely the best one. It could end up costing you more in the future with an increase of worker injuries or repeated replacement costs.

DAK Has The Matting You Need

DAK Equipment carries a variety of floor matting you can use around your pallet rack. Check out Diamond Foot, Tru-Tread, Armorstep, bubble mats, and more. All of our floor matting is priced competitively and is easy to install yourself. Simply lay it down in front of your pallet rack and experience the difference great floor matting can make! Place an order in our online store and we’ll send it to you in no time. You can also get in touch with our project manager for additional information on making your warehouse a safer, more comfortable place to work.

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