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June 30, 2019

Why In-Stock Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems Are So Important

We’re sure it’s happened to you at some point in your life. You’ll need to purchase something — maybe for your warehouse, maybe something for your home — and you spend hours researching which one is the best one. Maybe you research a little at a time over many weeks, taking time to let the information soak in and reassess your exact needs. After all of this research, you’re finally ready to buy…only to discover that what you need has a month-long backorder. Maybe it’s out of stock because it’s new, or maybe everyone else read the same article you did and determined that it was the best option for them, too. But it still doesn’t change the fact that you were ready, but the supplier wasn’t.

Now let’s talk about pallet racking systems. If you’ve done your research and found exactly what you need, you don’t want to call up your industrial shelving supplier and find out that what you need is out of stock and might not be in for weeks…if it ever comes in at all.

Today we’re going to take a look at why it’s so important to work with a warehouse supplier who has the pallet racks and warehouse supplies in-stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Who knows, you might end up getting just what you need tomorrow. Maybe even today if you’re close enough! 

You Have Inventory Coming In

There are quite a few reasons why a warehouse can’t wait weeks for backordered pallet rack systems, and the primary one is inventory. If you have no pallet racks in place in your warehouse when the delivery truck arrives, where is it going to go? You could store it outside, but then what’s the point of a warehouse? The weather could destroy it, depending on what you sell. 

You might be able to temporarily store it on the warehouse floor, but then you run into three more problems:

  • The warehouse floor can only hold so many pallet racks, since warehouses are meant to be used vertically as much as horizontally.
  • Any pallets that are on the floor are just going to get in the way when your racks do arrive, making it much more difficult to have racking systems installed.
  • Putting the pallets on the floor means you’ll just have to take time and energy to move them twice: once into the warehouse, and then again after the racks are installed.

But wait, why buy the inventory if you don’t yet have a place to put it? The fact is, sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up. If you get the opportunity to purchase a large quantity of products at pennies on the dollar, you can’t afford to pass it up just because you’re low on pallet racks. When you order from DAK Equipment and engineering, the racking systems we have in stock can be delivered and set up by our crew in a surprisingly short amount of time. 

Of course, there are also situations when you’ll order your product and know that it won’t arrive for three weeks. If your industrial pallet racks are back-ordered for a month, you suddenly have a big problem on your hands.

You Have Robotics On The Way

As we discussed in this article, robotics are the way of the future when it comes to warehouse layout and management. If you have your robotics on the way but no racks for them to work with — they’re not going to work with your old pallet racks (or an empty warehouse!) — they’re just going to sit in the box and you have to wait for the racking system you ordered to get back in stock.

You Need Pallet Racks In Place…

…before everything else shows up. Warehouses are far more than just pallet racking systems. There are conveyor systems to install, mezzanine decks to construct, modular offices to assemble, and materials handling systems to get in place. But you can’t get those up and running until your pallet racks are in place. Since they’ll be taking up the bulk of your space, you have to get those in place before anything else.

If you have to wait on your pallet rack system to get back in stock at the distributor, it’s likely that your entire warehouse redesign is going to be put on hold. Do you want that? Of course not, because…

You Have Business To Do!

Internet shopping has made people more impatient than ever. In their day-to-day lives they’re accustomed to getting free shipping on just about everything, and that everything often gets to their mailbox in about two days. 

That impatience has probably affected you as well, because customers want it now! They don’t want to hear anything from you like, “Things are pretty disorganized in the warehouse right now because our pallet racks didn’t come in on time.” But if you’re sitting around waiting on your pallet racks to show up and having to juggle your inventory, you’re going to have to make excuses to your customers.

The fact is, you’re probably impatient, too. You don’t want to wait on your pallet rack…you want to get them in your warehouse and get back to business. It’s understandable, which is why we keep so many in-stock warehouse products at the ready when you call.

In-Stock Does Not Mean “It Will Be Here Soon”

When you’re looking for pallet rack systems, it’s important to remember just how important in-stock really is. In-stock means that we have it on-hand and ready to go. If something is backordered — even if it means that it’s scheduled to be in in just a few days — there’s no guarantee that it’s actually going to get to you on time. 

When you’re looking for warehouse equipment, nobody in the Midwest beats DAK Equipment and Engineering. We’re not just waiting around for our suppliers to get the racks to us; we have what you need in-stock so that you can order it and have it delivered in record time. If you need pallet racks now, we’re your supplier. Give us a call today to find exactly what you need!




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June 25, 2019

Warehouse Automation: High-Density Solutions 

Automation is a popular bullet point in most meetings across the United States when speaking about efficiency, safety, and high density in warehousing and distribution. In conversation, taking your warehouse fully autonomous sounds like the golden ticket to higher throughput, better inventory management, and return on investment — but implementing this kind of system seems like a daunting task, and that’s about as far as the conversation goes.

That’s where DAK Equipment & Engineering comes in. Our project engineers take the application from warehouse design phase to implementation to fully supported services, training, and maintenance. But first, let’s delve into what this application is all about!


Shuttle-Based Pallet ASRS 

Robotic pallet shuttles and satellites are autonomous vehicles that are capable of nearly infinite ramp and ramp down positions. This allows your product to be transported quickly and gently, with precision as accurate as 3 millimeters. The typical configuration includes one inbound finished pallets entry and one outbound finished pallets exit. It’s that efficient! 



  • One forklift driver takes product to inbound conveyor line 
  • Pallet conveyed to shuttle 
  • Shuttle conveyed to satellite 
  • Satellite conveys shuttle to bay position 
  • Satellite offloads shuttle into pallet position 
  • Shuttle offloads pallet into pallet position 
  • Shuttles are recycled throughout the entire application 



  • Outbound pallets are picked up by shuttle 
  • Shuttle loads onto satellite 
  • Satellite takes shuttle to outbound conveyor 
  • Shuttle offloads pallet onto outbound conveyor 
  • Pallet is conveyed to one forklift driver 
  • Forklift driver loads pallet into outbound truck 


When this system is done correctly, the only movement done by a forklift operator is loading and unloading a truck — decreasing the staging aisle by nearly 90%.


Primary Industries 

There are many industries looking at becoming completely autonomous with their materials handling systems, but the primary industry leaders are beverage, food, and cold storage, as well as paper and consumables. 


Food and Cold Storage 

  • Increased storage capacity 
  • Fewer production changeovers 
  • Reducing reliance on labor 
  • Increasing overall efficiency and safety of the warehouse 


Operating oversized, manual, and energy inefficient cold or freezer warehouses costs a lot of money. Taking the warehouse into automation can increase storage by 50-70% thanks to more efficient warehouse layout, reduces energy by 10-20%, and eliminates labor in freezers. 


Beverage Storage 

  • Flexibility 
  • Increase in speed and reliability 


Changing customer preferences have led to increases in SKU and products, package sizes, and demand. Fully autonomous solutions provide more throughput, requires less space, 100% inventory accuracy, and reduces dependency on labor. 


Paper Storage

  • Precision 
  • Speeds 
  • Safety 
  • Low cost of ownership 


Automated warehouse solutions can handle loads up to 4,500 lbs and accurately position them within 1/8”.


Pains Solved 

Warehouse efficiency is production and customer driven — so there are a lot of “pains” a warehouse can experience without the correct application implemented. Fully autonomous high-density solutions provides the efficiency needed to see the largest return on investment. 


  • Space: more pallet rack positions, less spacing between aisles, and staging areas. AS/RS take advantage of every inch of your warehouse, whether that’s the length, depth, width, or height. This saves costs in the need for large warehouse footprints, and can even help utilize an existing building more efficiently. 
  • Labor: reduction in labor and labor dependency. Automation works 24/7, 365-days a year. Co-collaborating with automation also makes the life of a warehouse employee easier, safer, and more efficient. Less aisle traffic, pedestrian traffic, and time for a truck to travel from A to Z adds on to the efficiency! 
  • Throughput: a little redundant, but throughput increases with added efficiency. Reduction in production change over and reduction in truck loading time gets your product in and out in “no time.”


System Configuration

DAK Equipment & Engineering will supply throughput analysis, inventory analysis, and supporting operation analysis. This includes initial site walk-through, computer-aided design layouts, and budgetary pricing for integration, equipment, and installation. 



  • Process improvements 
  • WMS/WCS Systems 
  • ROI Realization 



  • Design & Justification 
  • Implementation 
  • Testing 



  • Technical services 
  • Training programs 
  • Site monitoring 


In addition to initial project scope, DAK will provide any additional engineering and installation support, shuttle commissioning, and maintenance training. Supplying a turn-key application lowers risk of implementation, increases functionality, and provides customer satisfaction with the integration.


More Information

If you are interested in more information regarding this type of system, would like a site consultation, or have any questions, feel free to contact DAK Equipment & Engineering. We will provide you with a project engineer! 



(630) 516-1115 |

DAK Equipment & Engineering 857 N. Larch Ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126

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June 15, 2019

How Organization Can Benefit a Warehouse

Organization is one of those things that is simple for some and quite challenging for others. Whether you’re the owner of a warehouse or you’re a manager looking for ways to improve the space, organization is definitely something that you should be looking into. DAK Equipment is one of the leading providers of storage equipment for warehouses, so we have seen first-hand just how beneficial implementing an organized structure can be for these types of buildings. 

In today’s blog, we are going to touch on just a few of the advantages of implementing an organized security system in your warehouse. Let’s get started. 

Enhances Efficiency

One of the primary reasons that warehouses implement an organized strategy is because it has been proven to enhance the efficiency of the organization. Whether you’re looking for a particular product that needs to be distributed or you’re trying to determine which inventory needs to be ordered, having a system based on organization is going to help enhance the efficiency of your employees. 

Optimize Space

Warehouses are definitely on the larger end of the spectrum when talking about buildings, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be working to optimize how you’re utilizing your space. This is yet another advantage of incorporating an organized storage system in your building. Regardless of how many products you are going to be bringing into the warehouse or the number of pallets that you have at any given time, you know that you are making the most of the space available to you. This is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable benefits of organized storage systems. 

Promotes Safety

Warehouses can be dangerous workplaces if organization isn’t incorporated into the storage systems. While it may feel like you’re saving money by choosing to avoid pallet racks, the chances of an injury or accident happening increases quite a bit. Rather than risk the chances of an employee getting hurt, it’s best to invest in storage systems that will keep your employees from getting hurt. Aside from the actual organization system used in your warehouse, implementing some type of organization in your warehouse can also reduce the chances of injury because your employees will have a better idea of how to best complete tasks.

Improve Accuracy

If your warehouse is used as a distribution center, then you know just how important accuracy is. Whether you’re shipping directly from your warehouse or you’re loading semi-trucks to distribute to a physical location, the accuracy of orders is going to correlate with how pleased your customers are. That being said, having an organized means of storing your products is a must when wanting to improve the accuracy of your employees and your warehouse as a whole. Aside from sending products out, having an organized storage system will also help you with accurately ordering new inventory for your warehouse. 

Order from DAK Equipment

Everything that we’ve mentioned above is a crucial component of running a successful warehouse. That being said, it should be pretty clear why you’d want to figure out a system that promotes organization within your warehouse. DAK Equipment hopes to be a part of the solution that you incorporate in your building. How? The answer is simple; through the quality equipment that we offer.

DAK Equipment provides warehouses with the storage solutions that they need to put an organized storage system in place. Whether you’re looking to enhance efficiency or improve upon the safety of your warehouse, the equipment that we offer will help. DAK Equipment carries pallet racks, industrial shelving, wire decks, and everything in between. Take a minute and browse the variety of products that we have in-stock right now. Contact our team with any additional inquiries or questions you may have.

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