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April 17, 2020

Find a Qualified Team for Your Racking Inspections

How long has it been since your last racking inspection? Regular racking inspections aren’t just a good idea; they are mandated by Federal regulations. Skip your annual pallet racking inspection and you could end up facing huge fines from OSHA, not to mention putting your company in jeopardy of major litigation battles for negligence. Annual inspections are required, but doing inspections more often can benefit your warehouse in a lot of ways.


Racking inspections help:


  • Lower the risk of injury within the warehouse. Damaged racking is in danger of failing, meaning it could end up bowing, bending, or even completely collapsing. Any product or employees who happen to be in the way when that happens are at risk of a major injury.
  • Decrease damaged product rates. When racking is damaged, it can result in damaged product if the racking fails. You’ll have to damage out those goods, losing money in the process and potentially slowing down the fulfillment of customer orders.
  • Prolong the life of your equipment. Just like all of your warehouse equipment, the better you take care of it, the longer it’s going to last. Regular inspections and repairs to your racking are part of taking care of it!


Our Inspection Team is Ready to Help

DAK Equipment & Engineering offers rack inspection services in Illinois and throughout the Midwest. We can partner with your warehouse to provide you with experienced racking inspections and repair services. We’ve been a trusted name in the warehouse industry for decades, so you can count on our services to deliver the quality your warehouse needs.


Our inspection team will perform a thorough inspection of the wholesale racking and equipment at your facility, including interviewing employees and examining gears and bolts. If we find a problem, we’ll help you fix it, and most of the time we can offer a repair solution that will help you save on the cost of a full replacement. Our services can save you up to half on the cost of replacement and often in a third of the amount of time, meaning not only do you save money, but you get your warehouse back to work faster.


If it’s been a while since your last inspection, or even if you can’t remember the last time you had a thorough inspection at your facility, we’re happy to help. Call DAK and let’s set up an appointment for one of our skilled, professional and experienced team members to come to your site. You’ll love how our inspection services help you save on replacement costs and prevent downtime on your production lines!


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April 06, 2020

Tips on How to Operate During Business Disruptions


As warehouse staff have been deemed essential during the COVID-19 disruption, many of us have continued to operate our warehouses and distribution centers, but perhaps at a slower pace. You may be asking yourself: how do we remain productive and profitable? Below are ideas that have helped customers like you who are trying to manage through the noise and take advantage of a disruptive environment.


  • Prepare for the future.

    Is your warehouse operating to its maximum efficiency? Is your layout allowing you the best storage of product? Have you thought about best use of vertical space? What about pick-ability of products? Now is the best time to have a complete overhaul of your warehouse while there is not a lot of activity. If you’re not sure what you should do to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, have a DAK Project Manager come in to consult with you. Our team members work with you every step of the way, from design to installation, and suggest the best options for your specific business needs. When the world returns to normal and your warehouse sees a surge in activity, you can feel confident that you have the most efficient operation.


  • Protect your investment.

    It is always smart to do routine safety inspections, but now is a great time to do an in-depth inspection and make any repairs or mass additions to your system while there is less activity in your warehouse. Check for any repairs that need to be made to your racks, add guard rails, assess handrails, and invest in safety and protection products for your racking. Column protectors, row guards, and sprinkler guards can give you peace of mind to take on day to day operations without needing to worry about accidents that can damage rack, inventory, and even endanger your warehouse staff.


  • Consider buying used equipment or consider leasing equipment.

    We’re all in the same boat: as business has slowed down, a lot of companies are seeing a downturn in availability of capital. Maybe investing in an overhaul of your system is not fiscally possible right now, but you still have options when considering making any adjustments or additions to your system. Consider buying used equipment or leasing additional equipment for a shorter period. DAK is able to offer both of these solutions! Call us at 630-516-1115 or request a quote.


These are challenging times, and we want you to know that DAK is here to help you continue to thrive even now.  The ideas above set you up for immediate and future success.  Should you have questions or might benefit from a conversation with one of our seasoned project managers, reach out to us! Our office staff, warehouse staff, and project managers are here and ready to provide solutions that work now and set you up for the future.


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