5 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Warehouse is Important

Keeping your facility clean can have a bigger impact on your business than you may expect. Here are a few very good reasons not to let your warehouse become a mess.



If you’ve ever tried to work in a cluttered environment, you know just how difficult it can be to accomplish even a simple task. The same holds true for warehouse operations. If a forklift operator has to stop the forklift in order to move some trash out of the way, they’re being less efficient and probably getting pretty angry too. Even worse, if they’re trying to load a truck but a pile of broken pallets is in their way, your shipment could go out late. Keeping a clean warehouse is a certain way to increase efficiency every day.


Clean Begets Clean

People tend to treat a space as it is currently being treated. A well-maintained space is more likely to be treated with respect and kept clean. If you keep your warehouse cleaned, it is much more likely that the employees will take pride in the space and help keep it looking good.


Workers Prefer It

Employees want to work in a space that doesn’t make them shudder every time they come to work. Sure, they’re working in a warehouse, but they still want to work in a nice facility that isn’t full of bugs and other vermin. Keeping your warehouse bright and clean can lower your turnover rate and save you money in the process.


A Clean Warehouse is a Safer Warehouse

Safety should always be the primary concern of any warehouse, and keeping the warehouse clean is one way to keep employees safe. Keeping junk off the floor can prevent employees from tripping over it, and regular sweeping can prevent them from slipping on errant screws and bolts (and also alert them to failing storage racks).


Spills are another concern that could lead to big problems. The most common is an employee slipping and falling, which could lead to insurance increases and a visit from OSHA. Spills can cause forklifts to slide into pallet racks with such force that even rack protection might not help. Constant cleaning can identify spills before they become big problems.


Prevent Problems Before They Start

At DAK, helping you avoid problems is our specialty. If you’re ready for a conversation about how your warehouse can run more efficiently and more safely, please contact us.


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