Auto Parts Custom Storage

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A Chicagoland distributor and retailer of auto parts needed help relocating and designing their distribution center.  The new facility had to be as efficient as possible and have work bench space integrated into the storage system.

Project Objective

The customer required  a bulk storage system in a custom color that included built-in work benches.  The system need to be installed on an extremely tight timeline to avoid interfering with normal business.  A combination “stock put away” and order picking conveyor was also requested but after careful analysis, DAK Equipment & Engineering recommended standard order picking carts instead.  The customer accepted this recommendation and saved $200,000.


Project Scope

DAK Equipment & Engineering designed, supplied and installed the storage system in the preferred custom color, and also designed the integrated work benches.    The system included 240 pallet positions, 20 work benches, and almost 16,000 feet of shelving.   With an eye to the customer’s future growth, the entire system was designed to allow for expanding to a second tier of storage using catwalks and a an upper level of shelving.


Project Data

Distributor of auto parts to service garages and eight company-owned retail stores

Building Square Feet:    40,000
Pallet Positions:               240
Shelf Levels:                     1,960   (96” long)
Work Benches:                20
Outbound Shipments:   400 shipments per day

Solutions Used:
  • Interlake Selective Rack
  • Nashville wire decking
  • Johnson-Doppler Resin-Dek
  • Jamco Order Picking Carts


Built by Clique Studios