Fortune 100

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Due to increased demand, a leading manufacturer of CDs and DVDs needed to boost the efficiency of their current raw material handling process.

Project Objective

The client’s objective was to hire a firm to procure, install and test a turnkey system. The equipment consisted of a three level pallet flow system with catwalks on levels two and three, a crane to transport the material from the pallet flow system to the processing area and a mezzanine to be installed as part of the processing area.

Project Scope

The original system was designed so the material would flow in one direction. Due to I- beams in the area designated for the new raw material handling system; it was impossible to have the material flow in one direction. DAK Equipment & Engineering redesigned the system creating an L-shaped flow around the I-beams.  Because the pallet flow was perpendicular to the crane, it was necessary to have the crane span the entire width of the pallet flow. Also, staircases had to be redesigned to allow access from the mezzanine to the catwalk. DAK Equipment & Engineering worked with engineers from Prest Rack to create the system that afforded minimum walking for employees while still adhering to building codes. The installation occurred over a three-week time frame, where DAK Equipment & Engineering coordinated all activities so that each piece of the system was installed without disrupting the installation of the  other pieces in the system, yet still ensured all pieces worked together.


Project Data

Raw Material Handling

Area Square Feet:              3,600
Mezzanine Square Feet:   840

Solutions Used:
  • Cranewerks 2-ton Crane with 60 foot span and 28 foot bridge
  • Prestrack Mezzanine and staircases
  • Interlake Pallet Flow Rack
  • Interroll Logix 2000 Pallet Flow Tracks



Built by Clique Studios