ICO Polymers 2 Story Building

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ICO Polymers, East Chicago, Indiana
Two-Story Internal Building

Project Objective:

DAK has provided its customers with modular offices since its inception more than twenty years ago. ICO Polymets, however, presented more than the usual challenges. They wanted to put their offices and managerial functions closer to the production floor and away from the “temporary” trailers that had been used over the years. ICO also wanted the new structure to serve as a corporate meeting room for out-of-town executives. Therefore, the structure needed to look “corporate” especially on the inside. They wanted 6,000 useable square feet on two floors and wanted essentially to use every available inch of space. To meet this challenge, DAK partnered with an expert provider of modular buildings and structures, SpeedSpace of Goshen, Indiana.

Project Scope:

In a surprisingly short time, SpeedSpace delivered six modules to the job site. The modules were carried by flatbed, two modules per vehicle. The modules on the first floor were designed to connect with each other so that occupants could not tell from the inside that they were not in a brick and mortar building. The top three modules also connected to each other and to the corresponding module below. Either floor could be accessed by an internal central staircase. When assembled, the structure cleared the exterior building ceiling by only a little more than two inches. The building that DAK assembled had a lot of cost-saving insulation as well as its own heating and air-conditioning system. Had it been needed, DAK could have supplied a kitchen, break room, and fully-plumbed rest-room facilities.

Project Data:
  • Building Square Feet: 6,000
  • Four executive offices on each floor and spacious passageway through each floor of the structure
  • A large conference room on the second floor
  • Modular Lighting
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning System

Built by Clique Studios