Industrial Controls Pick Module

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The worlds’ largest industrial automation company built a state-of-the-art distribution center in 1995, and by 2003 had outgrown it. Changes in distribution patterns, technologies and the economy led to growth beyond the facility’s capacity.

Project Objective

After wringing the maximum out of the existing storage space and pick faces, the customer still faced problems due to growth in the number of SKUs and daily orders shipped.  Electing to implement a new three-level pick module, the client required flexibility for future growth and change, rapid order throughput, and an installation that had a minimum impact on daily operations. A turn-key system was also required, which included secondary systems such as HVAC, lighting, utilities, trash systems, etc.


Project Scope

The scope of this project included complete design, supply and installation of the pick module. This included moving an existing rack system, building the pick module and all secondary systems (lighting, 120v utilities, sprinklers, HVAC, carton flow, shelving, staircases, trash systems, emergency lighting, etc.) Also included was the heart of the pick module – the conveyor system, The scope of the conveyor system included 8 pick zone modules with speeds up to 210 FPM, 32 motors, all programming, spiral conveyors for elevation changes, design and build of the control cabinet, programming, and cutting into and replacing a large section of the main existing conveyor trunk line to allow for new merge and diverts for totes and cartons.


Project Data

Distribution Center for Industrial Controls, Drives and Motors

Building Square Feet:       150,000
Approximate SKUs:           25,000
Pick Module Footprint:     36’ x 312’
Conveyor Speeds (FPM):  60 to 210
Total Pick Faces:                7,000+

Solutions Used:
  • Interlake Selective Rack System
  • Interlake Pick Module
  • Sylvan Deck Surface
  • Interlake SelectaFlo 2000 Carton Flow
  • Ermanco Conveyor (belt. lineshaft, accumulation, high-speed UBT transfers)
  • Ryson Powered Spiral Conveyors
  • Mettler-Toledo Scales
  • AccuSort Scanners
  • Allen-Bradley Control Devices
  • CDI Control Cabinet and Remote I/O Subpanels
  • Republic Shelving


Built by Clique Studios