Multi-use Modular Office

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A leading manufacturer of custom mold components and die casting needed additional space within the plant for a lunchroom, office space, and an inspection/testing area.

 Project Objective

The customer wanted to separate a space within the facility for office workspace, a lunch and break room for employees and an area for finished products to be tested and inspected prior to shipment.


Project Scope

Because of the tax advantages over a stick built enclosure, the speed and ease of installation, and the flexibility to move the building in the future if desired, DAK Equipment & Engineering recommended a pre-engineered office from Starrco.  The accepted proposal included six foot tall windows in the break room area to provide an open feel to the space and built-in electric and lighting.  An interior wall separates the break area from the office space.  Installation was completed without any disruption to the rest of the facility and was completed in one week.


Project Data

Manufacturer of Custom Components and Tooling

Building Square Feet:  24,000

Solution Used:
  • Starrco Modular Building
    • 24′ x 40′ x 9′
    • Field Installed Electrical Systems
    • Finish:  Anodized Silver Framing and White Wall Panels



Built by Clique Studios