Pallet Flow Project

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Large Pallet Flow Project for Manufacturer of Acoustic Interiors of Automotive Vehicles

Project Objective

The U.S. premier manufacturer of high-quality acoustic interiors for the auto industry had just completed a large addition to their plant in Southern Kentucky. They were startled to discover that much of their new space was being consumed by materials required for the increased production that was the rationale for the addition. The company needed to save space and increase the flow of materials to the production floor.


Project Scope

DAK Equipment and Engineering quickly realized that the best approach for this company would require three different pallet flow systems, each designed to accommodate the different sizes of pallets and their varying weights. To make sure that the systems would work well, an extensive program of testing was undertaken in the test area of the company supplying the flow elements of the system. These tests were video recorded so that they could be shared with the customer’s senior management. Pallet flow racking can be precisely calibrated to the size and weight of the pallet, and therefore the degree of slope from the load end to the remove end can be established and flow throughout the system can be optimized. Also, pallet flow systems do not require any space for aisles except at the load and discharge ends. Therefore precious floor space is maximized. Since the system is both horizontal and vertical, additional flow lanes may be stacked on top of each other.


Project Data

The building addition was 350,000 square feet

More than 600 pallet positions were created

Two of the systems used skate wheel rollers and were three levels high.

One system was floor mounted and only one level high.

This system was designed using full rollers for particularly tall and heavy pallets.


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