Safety Netting

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UGN Auto Valparaiso, Indiana.

Project Objective:

UGN uses large plastic pallets in one phase of their operation. After the pallets are unloaded, they are stacked on top of each other. Sometimes these stacks reached more than twenty feet high and over thirty feet long. In the previous few weeks before UGN contacted DAK E & E, a forklift operator had pushed a pallet off the stack and onto the floor. Fortunately no one was hurt, but someone might have been badly injured had luck not prevailed. UGN contacted DAK to solve their safety problem. DAK in turn contacted the premier safety netting company in the USA, InCord of Colchester, Connecticut. InCord is by no means the cheapest solution. They are ISO 9001-certified, and supply copious amounts of hardware along with their thick netting


Project Scope:

The strength of the cording and the plentiful hardware to secure the stacks of pallets were especially important because the stacks had no natural bracing, say, against a wall or within some other well-defined space. Instead, they were out in the open, and the pallets created a large potential danger zone. In addition to sourcing the right product for the job, DAK also chose an installation company that had experience solving this very kind of problem. The installer fit the safety netting to the building columns and joists without affecting their integrity.



No more accidents or even the possibility of an accident in this part of the facility. Storage space was maintained, as was access to the pallets. Productivity remained high—even while a safer work environment was established for everyone on the factory floor.


Project Data:
  • Building Square Feet 150,000.
  • Safety Netting Mounted to the ceiling joists at the top, to I-beams at the middle, and to the floor at the bottom.



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