Truck Parts DC

This project included refining the work done by a consultant and engineering an automated conveyor system with sortation, data collection and order data download and upload capability.

Project Objective

Fleetguard had multiple distribution centers in the western United States, and was operating inefficiently with order  shortages and shipping delays. Fleetguard leased a newly-constructed high-cube warehouse in a Seismic Zone 4 area, and solicited bids for the design and construction of pallet rack, carton flow rack and an automated conveyor system for order picking. Although a preliminary design had been completed by a consultant, DAK Equipment & Engineering redesigned the DC, and details such as elevations and profiling were taken into account. DAK  engineered an automated conveyor solution for order picking using narrow belt sorter technology.


Project Scope

DAK Equipment & Engineering supplied all equipment, coordinated and performed all installation and programming, and provided additional advice on stock locations, order picking routes, and details to make this a fully operational DC. Rack installed included selective, hand stack, pushback, pallet flow and carton flow.


Project Data

Distribution Center for Truck Parts And Fleet Maintenance Products
Building Square Feet:                  120,000
Selective Pallet Positions:           7,300
Hand Stack Positions:                  5,400
Pallet Flow Lanes with brakes:   74
Pushback Pallet Positions:          684
Carton Flow Lanes:                      1,200
Conveyor Speeds (FPM):            60 to 200
Conveyor Sort Rate (max):         2,400/hr

Solutions Used:
  • Interlake Rack Systems
  • InterlakeSelectaFlo 2000 Carton Flow
  • Ermanco Conveyor (NBS-30 sorters, lineshaft, accumulation)
  • CDI Control Cabinet
  • TrueSort software
  • CSS pallet flow rails
  • Karnel crossover stairs
  • WeighTronox Scale
  • Carron Netting
  • Nashville Wire Deck



Built by Clique Studios